Street Photography – Jalan Ipoh

Two weeks ago went for a bit of so-called street photography session with the Alpha kaki comprising Wingz, Ho, and Tony..

Attended a Sony Alpha so-called workshop and our assignment was street photography, themed KL something something..Forgotten already..

So out we went shooting..Well, not something great or creative or unique because we were kinda lazy..

jalan ipoh

DBKL or not, I bet the people didn’t really feel their authority presence..

jalan ipoh
*Jalan Ipoh*

Was waiting for an empty street but it’s almost impossible on a Saturday morning..

jalan ipoh
*Traffic congestion*

I guess it’s quite a norm, what’s more a Saturday morning..

jalan ipoh

Is it JT or something else? I’ve forgotten what does the JT stands for, for I know it won’t be Justin Timberlake nor John Terry :P

jalan ipoh
*Use the pedestrian bridge*

Use the pedestrian bridge or pedestrian crossing is always the better choice but in Malaysia, we do it the Malaysian way!

jalan ipoh
*A home*

Don’t you feel grateful albeit wherever you are living now?

jalan ipoh

And that wrapped up our lazy street photography..LOL..We only walked around the same area for not more than one hour I guess..

Yes indeed it was a very lazy one, but it’s good enough for me to get my gears working again..