God Of Carnage Sneak Preview @ PJ Live Arts, Jaya One

First of all, very much thanks to PJ Live Arts and Salina & Associates PR to invite the bunch of us from media and blogs to preview “God of Carnage” at PJ Live Arts Theatre, Jaya One last night..

Was there with Daphne and we definitely had a good laugh after a hectic week and the mount of stress and pressure..

“GOD of CARNAGE” is a 2009 Tony Award winning play which premiered in New York. The play at the PJ Laugh Festival will boast Malaysia’s own star casts of Will Quah, Maya Tan, Megat Sharizal and Lina Teoh..

*L>R – Megat Shahrizal, Maya Tan, Lina Teoh, and Will Quah*

Two young boys, a stick and some broken teeth are the catalyst in this tale of two families. Veronica (Maya), a writer and Michael (Megat), a company wholesaler, are parents to Henry..Annette (Lina Teoh), a wealth manager, and Alan (Will Quah), a lawyer, are parents to Benjamin. The two couples meet to discuss the misdemeanours of their sons..

I have to say the opening part was a bit shaky as I couldn’t really catch what they are discussing about where they were actually talking bout their sons fighting each other..

The conversation was a bit messy as the play were based exactly like the original one in Broadway, so the whole play is set in New York..

Strong English language were used and if you are not quite familiar with the set and the accent you might be the few confused one in the auditorium..

Fret not, the play was done very professionally and they really put up the work and effort in their face expressions and body language..

I bet you will start laughing on the expressions and body language then slowly pick up on the conversation later on..

Their acting was very convincing, IMHO, with the drunk expression, fights, and even something yucky that would really surprise you..

And I have to say it’s consider a rare occasion where you will see celebrities let loose and behave like a kid on stage apart from their supposed-elegant-look at events and all..

So a piece of advice, don’t sit in the front rows..Stay back a bit..You have been warned..

Well, it’s my first time to see a live stage play and it hits the right notes to me..I’m not sure if other plays were this good but I have to say I really like this play..

It’s like watching local sitcom ala “Friends” style, but live on stage in stead of TV..Great acting for a continuous 90-minutes with no intermission at all!

If you ask me, I would give it a rating of 8.5/10 for a first-time experience, plus all the acting especially on, urm, well I shall not spoil it..

You guys go watch it and have fun alright..The rating is solely based on my own opinion and yes I might have exaggerated it but it’s my first-time experience of watching a stage play..

“God of Carnage” have shows on 28th-30th April and 3rd-7th May for the 8.30pm show while 30th April, 1st May, and 7th-8th May for the 5pm show..

The ticket is selling at RM60 and I would say it’s worth the money for a 90-minutes breakaway..

IMHO, don’t bring your young kids with you or your “parents” image might get a little bit of setback..

So, just enjoy the show and do visit www.pjla.com.my for more information..