St Patrick’s Day @ Sid’s Pub, Damansara Heights [Non-Halal]

In conjunction with St Patrick’s Day, Sid’s Pub had the few of us over to their 4th branch outlet at Damansara Heights for a food review session, all thanks to G2, GAB, and of course Sid’s Pub..

Just a small group of Wilson, Peter, Daphne, and I, we were greeted by Frank, one of the person in-charge of Sid’s Pub..I’ve got to know Frank at the Bangsar South branch and he’s known to be pretty friendly and warm to his customers..

The new Sid’s Pub has been in operation since August 2010 and it’s around HERE in the Google Maps..

Without further ado, each one of us was served with a pint of Guinness to toast for St Patrick’s Day..

On a side note, Frank told us that GAB has notified them that Sid’s Pub is the highest selling restaurant/pub/bar for Guinness (on the tap) last year..

As you can see, the set up of the pub is pretty much the same like other Sid’s Pub outlets..The only difference is the arrangement of the tables and seats..

Let’s cut the crap and make way for the food, shall we?

*Blue Cheese Mushroom*

Our starter would be Blue Cheese Mushroom..

First time trying the blue cheese, I love it..I know it has lots of types and some people didn’t like the smell of blue cheese, the one served here is pretty good, IMHO..

The toast goes pretty well with the blue cheese..Dip the bread in the blue cheese with a bit of mushroom, it makes my tummy growling for a starter..

Nice cheesy Blue Cheese Mushroom at just RM14..

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Merry Guinness Carnival @ Sid’s Pud, Bukit Tunku

Yesterday, 19th December 2010, I was at Sid’s Pub in Bukit Tunku for their Merry Guinness Carnival..

Got an invitation from GAB and thanks to G2 for informing me that I can bring few friends together with me..

The carnival started at 11am and ends at 6pm with some live band and magic show performances..But due to some business I was late and the performances were finished when I arrived Sid’s Pub at 3pm..

The Merry Guinness Carnival held at Sid’s Pub, Bukit Tunku is done ala high school Canteen Day where you purchase stacks of coupons and use them to buy food and drinks..

Some of the patrons even brought a picnic mat and just do as they pleased under the chilling moody weather..Everyone was there on a mutual interest, Guinness fest..

For a Guinness event, it will only be complete with Guinness, on the tap..Other than that, Strongbow is available too..

Since it’s a Guinness event, it’s sold for RM5 and Rm15 for other drinks..

Most of the food were marinated and/or cooked with Guinness, namely fried chicken, chicken hot dog, turkey kebab, and the delicious beef burger..

*Beef burger*

The Beef Burger was quite a delight..Without sauce it’s slightly dry so I’ve added a bit of chilli sauce and mustard for better taste..

The patty is kinda dry on the outside but it’s quite juicy on the inside, just the right amount of moist..The buns are quite fragrant that I can just eat it even without the patty..

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