GAB Chinese New Year Campaign Launch @ Grand Palace, Pavilion

On 10th January 2011, Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) launched its 2011 Chinese New Year Campaign, Celebrate Together With The Best..

It was a rainy day and glad it stopped in time because GAB had prepared a stunning grand performance consisting of 9 Dragons and 99 Drums outside of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur..

*The awesome crowd*

The event was hosted by Angel Wong aka Chui Ling and Goh Wee Ping (correct me if I’m wrong)..

It was a stunning performance by a group of children from various acrobatic schools..

*The 99 Drums*

The 99 drummers whom I think were mostly primary school kids..It was a great effort from their hard work and practices..

*2 of the 9 Dragons*

The 9 Dragons were too pretty impressive, whom I think are slightly elder, maybe in the age of lower secondary..

*Acrobatic stunt*

Thinking that Malaysia has some world-class winning Lion Dance troupes, it’s not surprising to see these kids performing such stunts in front of the large crowd..

Consumers can look forward to GAB’s special promotions of the availability of a 26-can special festive pack of Tiger, Guinness and Heineken at selected hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide..

After the big-scale performances and inaugural launch of the GAB 2011 Chinese New Year Campaign, we proceeded to Grand Palace Restaurant in Pavilion..

*GAB VIPs lou sang*

Newly appointed Marketing Director of GAB, Ms Yap Swee Leng, gave an opening speech , she said, “Chinese New Year trends may come and go, but the tradition of reunion and gathering amongst families and friends is still the most important custom for Chinese during this festive season.”

GAB VIPs gathered for a lou sang session to kick start the CNY dinner of the night..

More yum seng and food session..My first lou sang session of the year :D

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Image Makeover By Ana Consultancy @ TANGS

Few weeks ago, I had attended a consultation session regarding image makeover..The image consultant is none other than Ana Cheong, of Ana Consultancy..

Ana, an image consultant, helps the people who sought after her service to know themselves better and translate the inner strength into the outer image without changing your much of their own personality..

Before the personal consultation, Ana had studied a bit of my personality..So during the consultation, I can see that Ana had put a deep thought on interpreting my personality and how to improve it to suit back myself..

*Putting a deep thought*

The whole consultation is about knowing myself better, from image to communication skills to body language..

Knowing one self better is where I realized which path I should follow best and how to improve my communication skills and some simple knowledge about body language..

*Trying out a new image*

After her study, here Ana was giving me an outlook of what I should do to my image at this stage of my life..

I must say I’ve learned a lot in this consultation and am able to express myself better than before, be it in image, communication skills, or body language..

Two weeks after the personal consultation, few other people and I were in a joint “workshop” to see result of “before and after”..

*The bloggers makeover group*

Attendees were Joshua, Rebecca, Iza, Huai Bin, Thomas, Jamie, and yours truly..

Before I continue, a huge thanks to TANGS Pavillion for the sponsored venue, a private lounge for us to change and make up and all..

TANGS too offered Personal Fashion Styling services and they were a big help! :D

*Before makeover*

So all of us got a “before shot” before we get changed and transform into a new person on the outside and yet same on the inside..

As usual, I went to the workshop with my favourite jeans, sneakers, and a stripe collared T-shirt..

After that we got into changing rooms and tried on few sets of pre-selected apparels where Ana and her assistant Catherine had chosen for us as a result of the makeover..

*The apparels*

Once again, thanks to TANGS Pavillion for letting us try on those clothes..

Read on the whole entry to see the final result of our makeover..Stimzzzz~~~

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Nuffnang Ogawa @ Pavillion

Last week on 12th August 2009, Ogawa brought about a group of bloggers for a get-together dinner to introduce its new massage chair..

First we were treated with dinner at TGI Friday’s in Pavillion, buffet style..

A brief introduction by Robb and Ogawa rep about what can be expected on that night..Sounds fun..

*Thomas sharing his thoughts*

After the dinner, the whole bunch was split into 2 groups..One group headed to the Ogawa shop and another stayed to play some games, which I was in the second group..

*Ogawa EyeTune*

The two eventual winners, Pamsong and JunJun-Riko, walked home with an Ogawa EyeTune, an eye massager with a built-in MP3 player..

Then it’s our group’s turn to try out the massage chairs! Wooo hooo..

*That’s me trying out Smart Mate and Jun trying out Sensual*

The one I’m trying, Ogawa Smart Mate, has Dual Action Massage Mode, which combines kneading and tapping actions together with simultaneous rolling actions to work on the body’s main reflex points..

It also has Air Bag Massage, a total of 10 air bags concentrated on the calve and leg areas and 2 on the seats to relieve aches and tiredness on the lower body and legs..The Vibration Mode also gives almost the same function as the Air Bag Massage..

Ogawa Sensual, is a massage chair that is targeted on patients suffering from myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism..

The massage chair has the benefits of prevents computer-related ophthalmic diseases, soothes osteoarthritis, and restrains neurasthenia, helps improve sleep quality..

Move along to see the newest massage chair in their product-line..

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FIABCI Prix D’Excellence Awards 2009 @ Pavillion

Two weeks ago, I got a job as a so-called freelance photographer for this FIABCI Prix D’Excellence Awards 2009 at Pavillion, Bukit Bintang..

Well not that I really know what was it about, to put it in general, Pavillion actually won the title World’s Best Retail Centre from FIABCI, a worldwide recognition body founded in France..

The event was suppose to be held in China (Shang Hai if not mistaken) but was then shifted to Malaysia due to the swine flu outbreak in China..

*The Centre Court before the arrival of the VIPs*

It’s said that there are lots of VIPs, such as the Minister of Federal Territories, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, and the acting-chairman of FIABCI if not mistaken….

Before the arrival of the VIPs, photographers were allowed to wander around to do their job, that’s to snap photos away..

*The VIPs*

Before the event started, guests were served with champagne and some finger food, which I had a bit as most of us, photographers, skipped our dinner as we were standing by at the venue..

Flocks of people crowded the area not knowing what is happening there, was quite amazed due to the presence of the photographers..

We had like more than 30 photographers covering the whole event..

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Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Launching @ Pavillion And La Bodega

The whole new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music was launched on 9th of January 2009, at Pavillion, Bukit Bintang..

A stage was being set up for performances and it was quite a hugegrand launching event..Media and bloggers were invited and it’s open for public..How’s that eh..

*The center-stage*

*Play, Share, Touch*

They even had a theme for attire and it was stripes, but I didn’t know about it..Oh well, a Nokia lanyard will do :P

That’s Robb, Nigel, Soon Seng, and Aaron on the top right pic..

Nokia had even invited Strike Force, a percussion band from Singapore to perform here in KL that day..

*Strike Force from Singapore*

*Power-pack performance*

Get ready with loads of photos..

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Secret Santa On Christmas Day @ Michaelangelo’s, Pavillion KL

After a chaotic wonderful booze party on Christmas’ Eve, I joined another gang the next day at Michaelangelo’s in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur for a Christmas Dinner cum secret Santa outing..

We did it last year at TGIF in Pavillion too..Was supposed to eat at La Bodega but it was damn packed..So we changed our route..

*The people*

Attendees were, Hikaru, Rames, Hiew, Junn, Jason, Ryan, Jed, Jen, Cherrie, Eunice, Kate, Jacklyn, Madeline, and ME..

Michaelangelo’s is another Italian restaurant, serve spagetthis, pastas, pizzas, steaks, etc etc..Like any other Italian restaurant..

I would say I was surprised with the price on the menu..It’s very affordable albeit its nice interior design, which I thought was a true fine dine restaurant..

Well too bad there is no food pics in this entry coz we were too hungry to take photos of the foods. We had our dinner at freaking 9pm okay..

But, I really must recommend this spagetthi that I had..I’ve forgotten then name as it’s in Italian..I only remember the descriptions, beef, mushroom, and olive oil..

It’s oh-so-yummy creamy and the portion is quite big, and creamy..The beef was damn nice and creamy..Did I say creamy?

If you want something different, try to order a pizza, I don’t know the name..The description is moon-shaped pizza..That’s all I remembered..LOL..

*The moon-shaped pizza and my beef spagetthi*

After eating,as usual, we did some camwhorings and all before our secret Santa thingy..Well, that’s the bunch of DSLR users we have..

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