Hennessy Artistry 2011 Is Coming The Voodoo, Penang and The Opera, Sunway

HENNESSY ARTISTRY IS BACK FUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Yes people, the ever party franchise Hennessy Artistry is back again for its first party in 2011 after its awesome closure of 2010 in Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) featuring Kardinal Ofishal..

It’s happening in a span of 2 days from The Voodoo, Penang on 28th April to The Opera, Sunway KL on 30th April 2011..

This time Hennessy is back with a new logo, a brand new Facebook Page, and a new interactive Hennessy Mixing Zone to top its ever events in previous years..

Hennessy Artistry will feature new interactive zones which include the Hennessy iMix Challenge for iPad enthusiasts and Hennessy Music Mix Synth booths that encourages the blending of different musical genres to encapsulate the true spirit of Hennessy Artistry’s ‘The Global Art of Mixing’..

The Hennessy Interactive Photowall is also upgraded in 2011 to allow guests to enhance their photos digitally by choosing different visual backgrounds and shout out phrases such as “Hennessy Rocks”, “Show me the Hennessy” and “I Love Hennessy”..

All this being said, it’s all synced with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) wristband that allows partygoers to log onto their Facebook account, tag their photo from the Hennessy Interactive Photowall instantaneously..

Australian electro/house duo, Vandalism which comprises of DJ/Producer Andy Van (previously of Madison Avenue fame) and vocalist/songwriter Cassie Van is leading the artistes line-up..

Making their debut on the Hennessy Artistry stage, Vandalism has over the past two years toured across the globe playing in gigs in London, Miami, Ibiza, Moscow, Greece, South Korea, and Canada..

Malaysia’s very own up and coming rock sensations, Kyoto Protocol will be rocking the stage, combined their varied influences ranging from The Clash to Queens of the Stone Age to create an eclectic mix of punk, soul and electro..

Joining them at the party are two of the hottest female DJs in town, Miss Eva T and DJ Lizz..Together, they form Spinderella, a hip-hop, R&B, electro/house spinning duo that churns out tunes which are unique and fresh..

Passes to the Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ parties are by-invitation only..

To stand a chance to be invited to these two upcoming exclusive events, visit the Hennessy Artistry’s official Facebook fan page at www.h-artistry.com.my/facebook or follow H-Artistry on Twitter  www.h-artistry.com.my/twitter..

The party is STRICTLY open to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only and ID verifications will be carried out at the door..

Check out my previous posts on Hennessy Artistry..See you guys at The Opera!

Hennessy Artistry Opera Club, Sunway – What’s The Hype

So the event is tomorrow, 19th March 2010, everyone especially those who has never attended one or is going to attend for the first-time wonders what’s the hype about Hennessy Artistry..

Most first-timers don’t know what is Hennessy Artistry and they pop up questions such as -

“What is it about?”..

“What to wear?”..

“Anything special about this event?”..

“What are we doing at this event?”..

More and more silly and noob questions being thrown when it comes to BIG events like Hennessy Artsitry..When I say BIG means only people with invitations could attend, exclusivity rocks!

So back to the questions, Hennessy Artistry is all about bring about party-goers and party together with a style of its own..

Hennessy Artistry, its tagline “Global Art of Mixing” is all about mixology of music where East meets West, visuals, and cognac into a single entity with its unique and unrivalled trend..

Hence, the vast genre of artistes being invited be it R&B, pop, hip hop, rock, DJ, Chinese, and lots more..

Basically, in Malaysian term, we called it a clubbing event..So, dressed in your killer dress or handsome shirts or whatever you usually wear to clubs..

hennessy artistry
*Dress to kill, not really*

For god’s sake, ALL of the Hennessy Artistry instalments held in clubs anyway, except for the big ones at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club but hey, they have a dress code that is casual smart! Shorts  are prohibited ok..

FYI, this will be my first ever Hennessy Artistry after I’ve cut my hair..I used to bump into so many friends at Hennessy Artistry events but I doubt if they will recognize me this time *pouts*..

And lastly for social-party-goers, where is Opera Club? It’s just right in front of Sunway Pyramid..

*Taken from runwitme*

If you are coming from NPE or Federal Highway or LDP or wherever, right where you turn into Sunway Pyramid from the main road, you will see this 4-storey glass building..

Now that is Opera Club, right before the bus stop or main entrance of Pyramid aka Starbucks..If you know where is Coco Banana, it’s right in front of it..

Once again, the artistes for the first instalment of Hennessy Artistry 2010 will be DJ Sarasa (Japan), rockers Bunkface (Malaysia), DVJ G Mix (Malaysia), and beatboxer Shawn Lee (Malaysia)..

I’ll be there for the press conference and of course the party irself..Do say hi if you meet me =D

If you still have doubt or blur about Hennessy Artistry, do check out my previous entries on my Hennessy Artistry tag..