Tutti Frutti – Frozen Yogurt

Tutti Frutti is a dessert shop selling frozen yogurt, started their business since 2009..

The master license holder of Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is none other than Naza Group, including countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, and Brunei..

As of now, Tutti Frutti has 42 outlets in Malaysia, 33 in Klang Valley..All these facts are taken from Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt official site..

Had my first Tutti Frutti experience some time ago at 1 Utama with Daphne..

There are 4 steps before you can dig into your cup of frozen yogurt..

Step 1 : Get cup size..

If you are a first-timer, don’t be deceived by the size of the cups..The smallest cup size will do..

Step 2 : Choose flavour..

When you pull the lever, do it moderately, as in the portion of your yogurt..If you are a first-timer and you are eating alone, do it half-cup full, it’s more than enough..

If you are sharing, you can fill up the cup but not over-the-top filling..You can also mix all the flavours into one cup..

If you are not first-timer, do as you wish..LOL!

Step 3 : Add toppings..

You can add whatever toppings you want..Try not to add fruit unless you really have to, coz fruits are heavy :P

*With nata de coco and chocolate chips toppings*

Step 4 : Weigh and pay..

The final part, weigh and pay..The price of your frozen yogurt depends on the weight of the stuff you have put into your cup..

That’s why for first-timer, do it moderately, don’t be greedy and think that you could finish it in no time..Remember, it is frozen yogurt! Not ice-cream!

If you fill up your cup over-the-top, most likely it’ll cost you in the range of RM10-15..


I had fun sitting there enjoying my cup of frozen yogurt with Daphne, and looking at first-timers filling up their cups..

Some paid up to RM20, for the smallest cup and it’s just for himself! And I guess he had a hard time finishing it..

This is what I consider ‘cup-filled’ portion..If I remember correctly it costs me around RM13..

Just remember to be moderate when you pull the lever and it’s all fine :D Enjoy your cup of Tutti Frutti then..

Let’s Go Now! MAS Photography Workshop

Last Saturday, 27th June 2009, I’ve attended the Let’s Go Now! MAS Photography Workshop at Studio V, One Utama..

Well I thought, since I got myself a DSLR I’ve not attended any formal photography seminar nor workshops..So I guess I should register and give it a go..

It’s a workshop collaborated by The Star and MAS..

*The V Studio at Rain Forest, One Utama*

The workshop turned out to be a very basic photography workshop, which I’ve known most of the things from fellow peers..

Just that this session is somewhat formal because it’s a workshop..LOL~!!

The workshop was conducted by Lai Voon Loong, a photographer and videographer for The Star..

*Lai Voon Loong, known as Voon*

So, I was taught and introduced what is shutter speed, aperture, Rule of Third, and, umm, ISO..

Weird enough, the workshop didn’t teach anything about white balance..I was surprise, very surprised..I must say that white balance is one of the fundamentals in photography..

When you know what’s shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and ISO, you are ready to play and learn on your own..

And actually I was surprise that almost half of the attendants really didn’t know anything about shutter speed and ISO, let alone Rule of Third..

*Kristine with her group*

Got to know Kristine was there as well..It’s good for her since she didn’t really know what photography skills is all about, after owning her DSLR for quite some time..

After the workshop, we were given a short period of time to shoot around and submit the pic as a material of a so-called contest..

The followings are my shots and it’s actually not that nice, so I just decided not to submit any of them..

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