A Quick Double Roti Telur Lunch

If you are a full-time student having holiday a.k.a semester break like me (a week ago), most of the time you’ll sleep very late, or perhaps VERY early in the morning..

As a result, waking up a bit too late for lunch coz day-time stalls/shops close around 3-4pm and night-timeĀ  stalls/shops haven’t fully operating yet, some not until 5pm..

Even if you still haven’t eaten your lunch at 5pm, something big portioned is not too good coz it’s nearing to dinner time already..

What’s the best lunch when this situation kicks in? Double roti telur from a nearby mamak stall is good enough..

roti telur
*Two pieces of roti telur*

You can make it double roti telur or a piece of roti telur and a piece of roti kosong..

It’s good enough to hold you til dinner at about 7-8pm..

Langkawi Trip – Part 5, Pulau Beras Basah And Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato [Day 2]

Right after the eagle feeding activity, our last destination for island hopping was Pulau Beras Basah, a place for some seaside activities..

langkawi pulau beras basah dale

That’s Dale posing for some nice shots..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah
*The jetty*

Boats of tourists were flooding the island in and out..Fortunately the beach stretch long enough to accommodate the people..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah
*The beach side*

Lots of people were swimming with their shirts on, which is not really a good sight for me and Dale..They should show more flesh and all, instead of clothes..

If you are bored of swimming, you can pay extra money for Banana Boat or Paragliding..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah banana boat
*Banana boat*

The banana boat is a torpedo-shaped tube that can accommodate 4-7 people..

There’s a trick to play this banana boat in order to stay put on the boat without falling int the sea..

When the boat swerve to the right, the person at the back most should give instruction to its crew to pressure the left side to make-balance the boat..

More photos of the beach and also nice mamak food..

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