A Gleeful Moment By Winning Glee Notebook

The winners for the contest are :

Jonathan Luke Raj

Esther Ng (goingkookies)

Azlan Lalan

Zakwan Fikri

Nurhazwani Azri

Congratulations to the winners and do check your e-mail and please respond to it so that I know you’ve received the e-mail..

Don’t miss out on Nigel Tee‘s blog on 5th April for the same contest if you’ve missed out this one..


I bet many of you heard of Glee, watched Glee, talked about Glee, and some went gee gee gee gee gee..Eeeee~~geli~~~..

Okay, enough of nonsense..As much or as little as you know, Glee is an American musical comedy-drama that is something much similar to High School Musical (HSM) kinda thingy..

Well from this statement you would have already knew that I don’t watch Glee (nor HSM) but I’m not outdated as it seems..

I don’t watch series nor drama to begin with (I only watch HK drama and Japanese anime) so if you tell me so and so character like another so and so character or whatever, sorry I catch no balls..

But like I said, I’m an up-to-date person, I listened to their OST, at least..

Hey, they won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, so I must give face to at least listen to its OST right..


In their compilation OST of “Glee : The Music, Volume 1″ is a whole bunch of old and new songs but sang by the casts of Glee..It’s a 17-tracks album with the following songs..

1. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
2. Can’t Fight This Feeling – REO Speedwagon
3. Gold Digger – Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx
4. Take A Bow – Rihanna
5. Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan
6. Taking Chances – Platinum Weird
7. Alone – Heart
8. Maybe This Time – Liza Minnelli
9. Somebody To Love – Queen
10. Hate On Me – Jill Scott
11. No Air – Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown
12. You Keep Me Hangin’ On – The Supremes
13. Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne
14. Bust A Move – Young MC
15. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
16. Dancing With Myself – Generation X
17. Defying Gravity – Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoworth and the cast of Wicked

The opening “Don’t Stop Believin’ “ by Lea Michele and Cory Monteith is quite a warm-up before you go further into the rest of the tracks..

I can’t really tell you which one is my favourite because some of the hit songs sound good in their own version if compared to the original singers’..

The whole compilation album is pretty good nevertheless..I like it a lot even though I didn’t watch the series..

You can also check out other songs that were being featured in the series HERE..

Now we’ve talked about one of the most talk-a-bout series up-to-date, it’s time for some serious business..

As the title says, you get to win a Glee notebook, as in a a bunch of note sheets in the form of a book and not the laptop kinda notebook, here..Right here..

And I’m giving 5 of the following Glee Notebooks courtesy of SONY Music Malaysia and Starworld..

No this is not any April Fools’ thingy..It’s for REAL~!!

glee-notebook-001*Glee Notebook*

*Glee Notebook*

What’s the deal to win it? Easy..

Just complete the slogan “I am the BIGGEST Glee fan because……..” and comment it in this blog entry, of course..

There’s no 20 words limit, no 140 characters limit, no speed limit, and no glee limit..

Say what you want..Shoot me with your long creative thoughtful comment..Please be very thoughtful coz I’ll be choosing the 5 deserve winner, thoughtfully..

BUT, of course you have to meet the following criteria or more professional, the terms and conditions for you to join/win the contest..

  • You need to have a VALID e-mail address for me to contact you should you win it..Provide your blog address (if any) and/or Twitter username (if any)..
  • BE A FAN of SONY Music Malaysia on Facebook at facebook.com/sonymusicmy..No facebook fan no glee notebook..
  • Do use the same name you are using for your Facebook when you comment in here..
  • Winners from Nigel, Ceddy, and Hsu Jen‘s blogs are not entitled to take part in here again..Fair and square right?
  • Most importantly, participants have to be a Malaysian resident..You know, staying in Malaysia..
  • The contest closed at 12noon, 2nd April 2010..Comments received after that tidak akan dilayan sama sekali will not be entertained..

So that’s it..If you like it, do follow SONY Music on Twitter (@sonymusicmy) for more giveaways in the future and I kid you not, they are giving away lots of stuff recently..

Most likely I’ll be announcing the winners via e-mail and a slight edit on the post before 12-midnight of 2nd April 2010..

So do check your e-mail to know if you have won it..ALL THE BEST!