CNY Day 1 & Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

It’s first day of Chinese New Year and it’s always the same thing happened in Kuala Lumpur.

Woke up around noon, went out to the Chinese coffee shop nearby my house for lunch. The shop has never failed open for business every year during CNY from day 1 til 15th.

Being a true KL-ian who have no ‘hometown’ to head back, CNY is just another holiday for me, and probably the same to a lot of other KL-ians as well, apart from receiving angpows.

Anyhow, I think I’ll randomly start this girly stuff called Outfit Of The Day, shortformed OOTD. From what I see, not many guys, or probably very few guys, who would do this.

I guess I will do this just for the sake of showcasing my Uniqlo indulgence. For your information, guys do love shopping, too.

So here’s my first OOTD post.

*My sister and I*

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Thieves Start It Young On CNY Day 1

DISCLAIMER : The following is just my point of view of a normal Malaysian, and not from my race as a whole..There is not even a single racism sentiment and it’s all based on assumptions on why such situation/incident is happening..

Today, 3rd February 2011, Day One of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2011..I looked out from a house balcony and I saw an incident, which I think it’s pretty much an eyesore, at least it is to me..

Look at the pic and take a wild guess..

I bet you don’t see any irregularity in this pic and the sky was pretty blue and clear, how is that an eyesore?

Now, take a closer look..

A group of kids together with 2 ladies on their bike were taking away bags of goods from the Charity Recycle Box in Taman Kobena, Cheras..

Well obviously the “recycle box” is locked on the outside, but the kids are small enough to climb through the “entrance window”..

These kids actually ran through the bags in the box, threw them out, and started to scavenge the goodies, and the 2 ladies joined the fun by stealing taking away their chosen goods too..

*Other kids are hiding*

At one point, 2 policemen (actually 1 male and 1 female) were on their bike patrolling the housing area..Good job I must say, but they didn’t even bother to warn the kids and just let them continue do what they were doing..

The kids actually ran and hid when they saw the policemen coming their way..So I guess in their right mind, they actually knew or thought that what they were doing is somewhat wrong, or else they wouldn’t have hid..

If you ask me, I would say these kids are a bunch of future-to-be thieves..

Now they are looking for goods in the Charity Recycle Box, who knows next time they may move on to roadside snatching and/or daylight burglary..

I know some of you would actually question my stand or am I dumb to even say they are actually stealing from the Charity Recycle Box..

Yes, it’s somewhat a known fact that people actually donated stuff that they didn’t want anymore..In another words it’s called used goods..

So are you saying that there is not a single good Samaritan who actually donates new goods to the people who are in need?

Think about this situation, let’s just assume that some goods in the box are new and most of it are used stuff..They are for the people who needs them..

So by assuming these kids are from poor family, just because they resorted to take things from the recycle box, so it does make sense they really need those goods..So they are not fault if they take the goods..

If that’s so, is there any difference if I were to say that you actually agree to robbery or snatch theft or burglary, only if the robber or thief is poor?

Some may even argue that they are still young and naive..They need proper guidance and all..

Regardless of their age, stealing is still stealing..You stole a pen, it’s stealing..You stole a shirt, it’s stealing..You stole few thousands of ringgit from whoever it is, it’s STILL stealing..

This Mercedes actually stopped for a while to have a look..

My initial guess was the driver or people in it actually thought of donating some of their goods to the people in need..But once they saw the kids and few construction workers scavenging the bags, they drove away..

Who wants to put their goods in when they know their donations will NOT reach those who really needs them??!

Well if “stealing” things from the recycle box is not bad enough, the kids actually kicked and stomped on the goods that they didn’t take..

Meaning, there’s really nothing left for the people who really needs them..

Okay, some might also argue that the goods are meant to be given away so what’s wrong with them taking the loots away?

Let me ask you, if your sandals or shoes that you placed outside your house, would you be angry if they were stolen? The poor or in this case, the kids could’ve thought you actually don’t want the shoes already..

If you want them, you would’ve placed them inside your house, not outside..Does that make sense? Of course it’s not you dumbass! Stop being a hypocrite!

If your parcel doesn’t reach the recipient say, via Poslaju, you could’ve sworn and cursed that Poslaju is doing a bad job and all..

But if your donations didn’t reach the organisation who was suppose to handle all the goods because these kids were looting away the goods, you might not blame the kids..

There you go, hypocrisy..

The kids left with a smiley face and the construction workers had to clean the mess, while looking for stuff that they can use..

Talk about proper guidance, now I remember it’s not properly taught in schools..

The Moral subject only teaches you to be helpful, hardworking, be polite, be loyal, etc etc..From what I remember, they didn’t say that stealing is actually wrong..

They only teach you the good things, but didn’t say what’s wrong and what’s bad..

After such long story, my point is that these kids are very wrong and I’m utterly saddened when the adults actually joined them to search for the goods..

The adults know it’s wrong and they should have warned them instead of join-in the party..

What have the society come about? The Government still think the rakyat are able to cope with the expensive livings? Get real people..

It’s a fucking eyesore for me on CNY Day One..

Homecoming – Non-Spoiler Review

It’s the time of the year again and lots of Chinese New Year (CNY) themed movies are showing on screen now and/or soon..

If you are a close friend of mine, you would know that I don’t usually watch Chinese movie in the cinema, what’s more a Singapore or local production..

But this time, many thanks to UIP for the pair of tix to Homecoming ‘gala premiere’ where Daphne, Joshua, Nigel, Kel Li, Bryan, and I watched together with the casts, namely Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Ah Niu, Afdlin Shauki, Rebecca Lim, Jacelyn Tay, Huang Wenhong, and Koe Yeet..

*Taken from Google Images*

The movie plot sets on 1-2 days before CNY where all of the characters try to rush home for reunion dinner in the spirit of balik kampung..Hence the title Homecoming..

Mark Lee plays a famous chef and his dialogues are all very punny and funny when he mixes Cantonese and Mandarin..Koe Yeet plays as Mark Lee’s daughter..

Jack Neo is cross-dressing as a housewife, Karen Neo, and Ah Niu plays as her son..

The story focuses on Mark Lee who can’t have reunion dinner with his daughter, Jack Neo and the son Ah Niu rushing to KL to have a reunion party with the family, and newly-wed couple Huang Wenhong and Rebecca Lim realize the importance of reunion dinner with the family..

The angle changes from time to time among the 3 events but overall it’s actually inter-connected in a way or another..

All I can say is that if you know me well you would know I can hardly speak Mandarin and sometimes understanding it..

This movie primarily conversed in Mandarin with a little of Cantonese, English and also Malay..With my little understanding of Mandarin and with the help of subtitles, I actually laughed throughout the movie, no kidding!

The jokes are mostly from Mark Lee’s puns, Ah Niu’s character as a rebellious son, Jack Neo’s character of a typical Chinese mother/housewife, and a some very subtle jokes about current events about the actors/actresses..

*L>R – Huang Wenhong, Ah Niu, Jack Neo, Mark Lee..Image taken from Google Images*

If you know local news very well then you would most likely be able to catch the jokes..

Afdlin Shauki actually played quite a role in this movie as a taxi driver and at some point I think his acting is much natural for his character as compared to other local productions..

IMHO, the movie have a very obvious message to the viewers regarding the importance of reunion dinner and family ties..

I actually teared at some scenes, which I think I could somewhat relate myself in that situation..

As compared to lots of modern Hong Kong CNY movies which are quite silly, I think this movie fared pretty well and we could relate ourselves in the balik kampung spirit..

I would give the movie a FANTABULOUS 8/10 for its jokes and puns, and some touching moments..

P/S – Don’t ask me if Homecoming is better than the other local CNY movie or the other way round..I’ve mentioned, I don’t usually watch Singapore or local productions so I can honestly tell you this is the first Chinese movie of Singapore or local production that I’ve watched, and I love it!

Here’s the trailer for the movie Homecoming, directed by Lee Thean-jeen..

Happy Rabbit Year to everyone who is celebrating CNY directly or indirectly due to the public holidays..Hehehe..


GAB Chinese New Year Campaign Launch @ Grand Palace, Pavilion

On 10th January 2011, Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) launched its 2011 Chinese New Year Campaign, Celebrate Together With The Best..

It was a rainy day and glad it stopped in time because GAB had prepared a stunning grand performance consisting of 9 Dragons and 99 Drums outside of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur..

*The awesome crowd*

The event was hosted by Angel Wong aka Chui Ling and Goh Wee Ping (correct me if I’m wrong)..

It was a stunning performance by a group of children from various acrobatic schools..

*The 99 Drums*

The 99 drummers whom I think were mostly primary school kids..It was a great effort from their hard work and practices..

*2 of the 9 Dragons*

The 9 Dragons were too pretty impressive, whom I think are slightly elder, maybe in the age of lower secondary..

*Acrobatic stunt*

Thinking that Malaysia has some world-class winning Lion Dance troupes, it’s not surprising to see these kids performing such stunts in front of the large crowd..

Consumers can look forward to GAB’s special promotions of the availability of a 26-can special festive pack of Tiger, Guinness and Heineken at selected hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide..

After the big-scale performances and inaugural launch of the GAB 2011 Chinese New Year Campaign, we proceeded to Grand Palace Restaurant in Pavilion..

*GAB VIPs lou sang*

Newly appointed Marketing Director of GAB, Ms Yap Swee Leng, gave an opening speech , she said, “Chinese New Year trends may come and go, but the tradition of reunion and gathering amongst families and friends is still the most important custom for Chinese during this festive season.”

GAB VIPs gathered for a lou sang session to kick start the CNY dinner of the night..

More yum seng and food session..My first lou sang session of the year :D

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Chinese New Year 2010 And Meet-Ups

Chinese New Year 2010 was AWESOME-ly bored, as usual..

Being a true KL resident (grandparents, parents, relatives, etc were ALL from and still in KL) is quite boring because we didn’t really go anywhere other than visiting relatives..

Lucky that most of my close friends are all true KL residents as well..Staying in traffic-congestion-free KL is better than to get stuck in the jam going back hometown and coming back KL, anytime!

*L>R..Front>Justin, Mabel, Raven, Daniel..Back>Chew Shu, Bee Yan*

First we made Chew Shu’s house a pit-stop then we went for lunch..It’s like a routine thingy..

Every year we will gather at her house and start to get headache for thinking where to have our lunch..

*L>R..Front>Weng Soon, Lausanne, Chocolate, Justin..Back>Yew Hon, Chew Shu, Bee Yan, Raven*

And so we decided to make a move to Fusion something something at Sri Petaling..It’s somewhere around the shoplots nearby Hotel Sri Malaysia..

It’s a fusion of ramen, pasta, western, oriental, and much more style¬† where 2 or 3 of them fused into one dish..

So we ordered our food and drinks, and camwhored..

*Ramen Soup with Omelet*

This is my ramen soup with omelet egg and some sausages..Taste just like any nissin noodles but it is not bad..

Oh well should’ve tried something else..

*Lamb Chop*

If not mistaken this is a lamb chop, nicely done..The girl who had it was kinda full because there is the lamb chop, a fried Japanese-styled glutinous rice, and a bit of fries or something..

The taste wasn’t bad and most of the Western food were kinda of the same portion as the lamb chop and those who had Western were quite full, so they said..

Some photos after the jump and GIRLS do check out the bottom of this entry..

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Hari-Hari Mau Tiger Beer In Tiger Year With Feng Shui Master Joey Yap @ KL Live

It’s the Tiger Year in the the Lunar Calendar this year hence Tiger Beer organized an exclusive event to get its supporter to go “Hari-hari Mau”..Pun intended..

Thanks to Tiger for such event and of course thanks to Elaine for the media passes..

Other than media people and reps from Tiger, there were also some local celebrities and other VIPs, not to mention some pretty girls..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Group photo taken from Wilson’s*

My flash kinda gave me a hard time that night thus I have to leech other people’s photos..

So you see we have Chris Tock, Wilson, Thomas, Joshua, Jackie, Jess, Kate, Hikaru, Nadia, Flora, and Kristine with us..

tiger beer joey yap kl live tiger dance
*Tiger dance*

Since I was little, I’ve seen so many performances of lion dance, until somewhere Primary 6, that is..

After I’ve entered secondary, not much sight of lion dances during CNY in houses of the rich or so..

Only can see lion dances on new shops opening and/or big events with China-man bosses..And now, our local performers bring you the Tiger Dance, which is SOMETHING new..

tiger beer joey yap kl live tiger dance
*Tiger dance*

It brought back sweet memories, maybe due to my tipsiness after drinking few bottles of Tiger Beer..LOL~!!

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*The top people of Tiger giving a toast to the crowd*

Those were the top people of Tiger (M) giving a long “Yummmmmm Senggggggg” to the crowd and never fail, the crowd for sure would reply back with the same words..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*The exclusive crowd*

After the toasting and all, the organizer had some of the guests to go on stage and played some games..

They played a bit of trivia Q&A games involving Tiger Beer then went on with something nasty and sexy *roars*..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 3*

This is Team 3 with Thomas the sexy long legs tiger..LOL~!! *inside joke*..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 1*

This is Team 1 with Chris Tock and newscaster/host Will Quah in the same group..They were roaring into the year of Tiger..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 4*

Joshua was in Team 4 and they were toasting “Yum Seng” to the crowd hoping to win as the best team to roar their way into the crowd’s hearts..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 2*

And the winner goes to Team 2 with 2 members of local group Friends in it..They were doing beatboxing so yeah, it was kinda cool..

After the games event, Feng Shui Master Joey Yap went on stage to talk about adultery and relationships..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Joey Yap, taken from Wilson*

If you want to know whether you or your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse is or will be involved in affair with someone else or loyal to you, the signs are on your face, lips, side forehead, and scars or moles..

It’s pretty interesting..LOL~!!

Well, that’s all for the crap and if you want to see the Ti-girls (tigers), do check out Wilson’s blog at HERE..

Wish everyone has a prosperous Tiger Year and hari-hari mau minum Tiger Beer..