Don’t Lose It All – Episode 2

Here comes the last episode of Don’t Lose It All.

I think in the teaser video we saw that the long hair guy, Joe is getting pretty close with the girl, Amy, when she’s lost contact with her boyfriend, Nick.

It’s pretty bad to take advantage of a long distance relationship, what’s more if you are snatching it from your friend?

Some said love is blind, there’s no right or wrong in love, or love knows no boundary. But I guess taking all that into account, luck and fate pretty much have a fair share in it too.

Sometimes, try not to see things on the outside only. What if what you see or hear, is not real?

As shown in this Episode 2, it’s definitely not the choice of Nick’s to abandon Amy in the first place.

Like I said, I guess there’s no fate between them, or not? The ending seemed to be open-ended.

Anyhow, watch it for yourself here or find out what is it all about at

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