Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

On Saturday, 14th April 2012, the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach was packed with more than 40,000 party goers, many of whom had managed to secure exclusive invites from Tiger’s website, Facebook page, as well as nationwide promotion at Tiger outlets for the Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012..

Due to overwhelming demands, Tiger had also given out additional 1,000 exclusive passes on 12th April, and all were snapped up in less than 2 hours!

The heavy downpour in the evening didn’t deter the people to go all out to have fun at all! I would say it’s probably due to the venue, Sunway Lagoon, a surf beach and water themed park, wet or not here we go!

The festival kickstarted with a blast, starting with Paul Wong and Wong Ka Keung of Beyond fame to get build up the hype from the beginning..

It’s all the familiar songs from the Beyond-era such as ‘Amani’ and ‘Gwong Fai Sui Yuet’..The 80′s babies would definitely know and sing along with Paul Wong..

A-Lin came off after that to perform some slow numbers and yet to keep the crowd well-entertained..

The strong 40,000 crowd from the dried-up surf beach all the way to the lockers area at the back..

Homegrown hip-hop group ManHand to get the crowd back into the groovy mood as they were well received..

Jam Hsiao then came on stage to give the hyper 40,000 party-goers some top-notch vocal performances..

As a singer to be compared with top-class artist Jay Chou, Jam Hsiao definitely showed the crowd what he is capable of..

Chang Chen Yue (A-Yue), one of Taiwan’s biggest rock artists, had the crowd all hyped up and started singing along to ‘Ài de chi tiyàn’..

MC Hotdog did a colaboration with A-Yue and it was truthful to the concept of progressive and inspirational urban artists..

LMF came off last and as expected, the crowd were waiting for it..

As expected, they sang the Bruce Lee tribute song ’1127′ and also ‘Love Is’ in the absense of Sammi Cheng, whom they have collaborated the song with..

These are the more radio-friendly songs of LMF’s, missing out other tracks which carried much stronger message about the Hong Kong society and Government that aren’t so family-friendly..

All in all they have put up a great performance although I expected more..It’s still good, nonetheless..

The night ended with fireworks display and the crowd left with smiles on their face..

Surprisingly, the traffic flow was pretty smooth after the party ended which I’ve actually expected it to be chaotic..

More photos from Jason’s camera..

We were enjoying ourselves at the VIP B area..

With Kate and Hongkie girl Mann..

Two of my handful of best friends from university, Sharon and Jason..

This is just a quarter of the total crowd! It was totally massive!

Paul Wong, singing the old numbers from the Beyond era had the crowd singing along..

LMF taking the stage and proved to the crowd they have what it takes to rise up to fame from underground..

LMF had put up a very energetic performance and the crowd were the same, still jumping, mosh-pitting, and cheering for hours!

Fireworks went pew pew pew..

Now I definitely hope there will be the third installment of TAMF in 2013 and hope they’ll bring in a Japanese artist of some sort. :D

Check out more photos in my Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 Facebook Album..

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