UEFA Champions’ League Final – Barcelona vs Manchester United

On 28th May 2011, the UEFA Champions’ League was first to be held on a Saturday instead of the usual weekday of Wednesday or Thursday..

Went to Sid’s Pub at Bangsar South to watch one of the most memorable football matches so far with my friends..

The match between Barcelona vs Manchester United would be awesome with a capital A..

The starting line-up was as following :


1 Victor Valdés

Man Utd

1 Edwin van der Sar

3 Gerard Piqué 15 Nemanja Vidic
14 Javier Mascherano 5 Rio Ferdinand
22 Eric Abidal 3 Patrice Evra
2 Dani Alves 20 Fabio
16 Sergio Busquets 11 Ryan Giggs
8 Andrés Iniesta 16 Michael Carrick
6 Xavi 13 Park Ji-Sung
7 David Villa 25 Antonio Valencia
10 Lionel Messi 10 Wayne Rooney
17 Pedro 14 Javier Hernández

All photos being used are taken from UEFA Champions’ League Official Website Photo Gallery..

*Starting line-ups*

The match kick-started and everyone was hoping for a good match as it was a match between Spanish champion and English champion at the Wembley Stadium..

Two years ago the two met in the Finals in Rome and Man Utd got whipped by a classy Catalan side but this year, Man Utd is back with a stronger side with stronger mentality..

The first 10-minutes Barca looked shaky as if their good form is jinxed by Man Utd’s good form..

*Gerard Pique challenges Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (white)*

For a moment I thought it would be a disappointing match because Barca had been making mistakes and shitty passes, very different from the passing-experts of Xavi and Iniesta..

Man Utd have been making waves of attacks and Barca looked pretty weak..I was dumbfounded..

*Park Ji-sung challenges Lionel Messi*

Fortunately, after about 15-minutes, Barca fine tuned their passes and they finally played the game on par with Man Utd, with their usual slick passes..

If that’s not enough, Pedro slotted in a goal on the 27th minute and it was a moment to cheer for..

*Pedro’s goal*

Seven minutes later Rooney found the back of the net to levelled on 1-1..

*Rooney’s goal*

It’s frustrating but it’s good to see a good fight from both sides at just 34-minutes, with almost an hour to go..

The first-half ended with Barca dominating almost 60% of ball possessions..

More photos and brief match coverage after the jump, like loads of it!

*Messi’s goal*

Nine minutes into the 2nd-half, Messi added one more goal for the Catalan side with a stunning foot work..Barca were up 2-1 at 54th minute..

*Villa’s goal*

Barca dominated throughout the match with accurate short passes and it’s one of the rare matches where you can see ‘Joga Bonito’ in a Final match..

At 69th minute, David Villa scored the third goal and of course the finishing blow to Man Utd with a lob and it passed through just above Van der Sar’s hand..

Barca went on to dominate the match with a massive 68% ball possessions while Man Utd’s efforts were put to waste with lacked of forms and bad finishing..

*Barca players celebrating*

The match ended with Barcelona won against Manchester United with 3-1 score..

It is Barca’s 2nd European Cup under the management of former Barca player Josep Guardiola, in 3-years..

I felt glad and happy, or should I say satisfied with the match, not because I’ve never liked Man Utd ever since van Nistelrooy joined them, but it’s because I was able to watch a match with such great performance display by Barcelona..

And so the winner of UEFA Champions’ League 2010/2011 is Barcelona! They won it hands down..

As of full-time, these are the substitutions made by both teams and yellow cards received..No red card was given though..


15 Seydou Keita

Man Utd

7 Michael Owen

5 Carles Puyol 8 Paul Scholes
21 Adriano 24 Darren Fletcher
20 Ibrahim Afellay 29 Tomasz Kuszczak
9 Bojan Krkic 17 Nani
38 Olazábal 8 Anderson
30 Thiago 12 Chris Smalling
Seydou Keita for David Villa (86) Nani for Fabio (69)
Carles Puyol for Dani Alves (88) Paul Scholes for Michael Carrick (77)
Ibrahim Afellay for Pedro (90)
Yellow Cards
Dani Alves (60) Michael Carrick (61)
Victor Valdés (85) Antonio Valencia (79)

Too bad that Josep Guardiola mentioned that he’ll not sign a new contract with Barcelona and he only has 1-year left in his current contract, which is season 2011/2012..

I would love to see more of the Barcelona team and to see them win the Champions’ League 3 seasons in a row, hopefully..

More photos to be shared!


*Dani Alves challenges Javier Hernandez*


*Barcelona players celebrating Pedro’s goal*


*Pedro being mobbed by fellow teammates*


*Rooney slot in the ball into the back of the net*


*Evra and Vidic hugging Rooney*


*Xavi evading Carrick’s tackle*


*Messi celebrating*


*2nd goal celebration*


*Villa celebrating*


*Man Utd players stoning*


*Messi and Villa hi-5*


*Players mobbing Villa for his goal*


*Javier Mascherano in delight*


*David Villa lob the ball into the goal*


*European Cup in hand!*


*Carlos Puyol and Xavi Hernandez*


*Players and staff congratulating each other*


*Players jumping in joy*


*Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney, and Michael Carrick still disbelieving*


*Paul Scholes wearing Andres Iniesta’s jersey*


*Lionel Messi kissing the trophy*


*Barca players lifting the Cup*


*Van der Sar bidding farewell as he’s retiring after the match*


*Barcelona players giving a round of applause to Sir Alex Ferguson*


*A fun group photo*


*Chicharito looks dejected sitting beside the bottle of champagne*




*Barca coach Josep ‘Pep’ Guadiorla*


*Barcelona players going on a street parade back in Barcelona*


*Massive street party*

It’s a rare match with such wonderful performance..I’m so lucky to have watched it live.. :D

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