Lee DeWyze Music Showcase Live In Malaysia 2011 @ Subang Parade, KL

Lee DeWyze was in town on 17th May 2011, a public holiday in Malaysia where we celebrate the Wesak Day, to promote his “Live It Up” album..

The music showcase followed by an autograph session, proudly brought to you by Astro STAR World & Sony Music, was held at Subang Parade..

The American Idol is definitely one good talent and I enjoyed his acoustics..

Lee and his keyboardist showed some pretty good works and it made the crowd asking for more..

The crowd started to build-up even before Lee turned up and more curious on-lookers on top floors got attracted to the screamings and of course, nice voice with nice music..

I bet there were quite a number of new fans of Lee DeWyze on that day..

Other than Lee’s voice, the only other stuff I heard was from the crowd shouting “Lee I love you!” or a long stretch of “Leeeee ~!!!!”, I mean many of them..

The 90-minutes showcase ended with an encore of ‘Sweet Serendipity’ and an autograph session..

The queue was quite long and it’s good to see Lee make the effort to try to talk to each and every one of the people in queue but of course the tight schedule didn’t permit him to do more..

Thanks to SONY Music Malaysia, I was able to meet him in person in the backstage before the showcase with Joshua and Daphne..

Here’s the encore to his pretty awesome showcase, ‘Sweet Serendipity’..


More photos in my Facebook Album – Lee DeWyze Showcase..

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