Adjustment Bureau – Non-Spoiler Review

It’s weird that the few people I’ve talked to before the movie, they have no idea what movie is this, despite the numerous times of the trailer being shown in cinema..

When I tell them it’s the trailer of Matt Damon holding a girl’s hand (Emily Blunt) running around trying to escape from pursuers..

Then they go “Ooooohhh”..

That’s right, Adjustment Bureau is some kinda romance-thriller starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, is loosely based on Phillip K. Dick’s short story of “Adjustment Team”..

I saw the newspaper ads for this movie, it says, ‘Bourne Meets Inception’..I thought this movie should be a mind-blowing one..

Thanks to UIP for the pair of tickets again, and of course thanks to Kel Li for giving he tickets to Daphne and I :D

So the tagline ‘Bourne Meets Inception’ did give me a little bit of idea what to expect of the movie..

David Norris (Matt Damon), a young candidate running for the US Senate, meets highs and lows during the election and eventually loses out to the other candidate..

During his low time, he met Elise (Emily Blunt) and eventually they fell in love at first sight of some sort..

At this point of time, a group of people called the Adjustment Bureau appeared and they don’t seemed to belong to this world..

As the name of the organization suggests, it’s a bureau in-charge of adjusting people’s life to make them run as according to the bureau’s chairman’s plan..

The reason David Norris is in their plan because he could turned out to be someone very influential and powerful in the future and meeting up with Elise could ruined the plan..

So the bureau is trying their best to stop David and Elise meeting each other..

The plot continues from there and that how you got the movie trailer where David and Elise holding hands running around the city trying to escape from the bureau..

I would say the story is pretty interesting and yes, there is a slight similarity to Inception but of course not as mind-blowing as it is..

Given the plan from the bureau and also ‘chances’, it definitely shows that one has a lot to consider for the best of the future and at the same time, it may be something that you can consider much because everything is already planned by the ‘authorities’..

All in all, I would rate it at 8/10 for its great concept of the ‘adjustment bureau’..I could have given higher rating if not due to its sloppy ending..

Here’s the trailer of Adjustment Bureau..


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