Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011

Formula One come and go like a gust of wind, heavy news headlines of strong contenders every new season and winners are no longer the usual suspects of the red colour, if you get what I mean ;)

Formula One (F1) was almost as boring as attending a History class when Mika Hakkinen retired from F1, until 2009 F1 champion Jenson Button joined McLaren Mercedes in 2010 and teamed up with the youngest world champion so far, Lewis Hamilton..

Check out the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship Race Calender..

*McLaren Mercedes team mates – Jenson Button (L) and Lewis Hamilton (R)*

Johnnie Walker, the World’s number one Scotch whisky, which is one of my favourites, and global partner for Formula One team McLaren Mercedes, once again will be bringing Malaysians the ultimate VVIP after-race party experience to Kuala Lumpur, the Black Circuit Lounge..

*Step Inside The – Black Circuit Lounge*

This highly anticipated event is an inside-look at the glamorous lifestyle of global racing that Johnnie Walker has privileged access to and of course to bring that experience to normal citizens like me :D

On Saturday April 9th 2011, Johnnie Walker will once again organizing the Black Circuit Lounge, an official race party of the Malaysian Grand Prix and host the crème de la crème of Malaysian society where party-goers will be treated to V-VIP privileges and a high-flying lifestyle by the likes of McLaren Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and of course other drivers..

I’ve been to a few small-scale Black Circuit events few years back but I bet those are definitely not anything like this Black Circuit Lounge which I think any party-goer would die for it, just saying..

I’ve been visiting Sepang International Circuit since 2001 and the following 2 years for the Malaysian Grand Prix and never got sick of it..I’ve stopped for some time due to tight schedule and also a hectic life in this city of KL..

Been seeing F1 drivers come and go, new generations came and conquered the podium while the senior drivers giving the young ones some hard times and of course retired at some point of time..

What amazes me about the lifestyle of an F1 driver, is not only their lavish lifestyle where it only involves luxurious parties with their famous girlfriends like Jessica Michibata (Button’s girlfriend) and Nicole Scherzinger (Hamilton’s girlfriend), but also their down-to-earth and low-profile lifestyle, too..

I remembered few years back, I saw Jenson Button walking around KLCC with a cap, plain tee, and a pair of jeans, just like any other foreigners in the shopping mall..

*Jenson Button*

I wasn’t surprised with that because he looked just like a normal person whom just decided to walk around the mall alone..Yes, he was alone without any bodyguard, maybe with one or two friends..

People could’ve easily recognized him as Jenson Button if they were into F1 and surrounded him for autographs, from a small group will eventually create quite a scene and the crowd would certainly grows in number..

It’s that kind of low-profile situation I was talking about, without bringing any bodyguard or the technical team and get up-close with the crowd without any fear, like how they race about in every track around the world in a season-calendar..

*Lewis Hamilton*

I don’t know how many of the F1 drivers really can do that but at least I’ve seen that, and also Rubens Barrichello, too walked around the Golden Triangle where I was lucky enough to serve him when I was working in a retail store in the then KL Plaza, in 2004..

If given a chance, I guess I deserve to be part of the Johnnie Walker experience because Formula One is a stylish and sophisticated sport and it makes my adrenaline rush..

Some people uses ear-buds when they were in the stands watching their favourite team or sport but hey, that defeats the purpose of watching the sports live in the circuit..It makes my heart skip a beat with all the engine sound when they passed by in front of me..

One can see, an F1 car which can easily costs up to millions is so easy to assemble and of course at the same time, fragile to even minor accidents..So it’s not easy to drive an F1 car..That itself makes it an interesting sports already!

*Jenson Button (blue helmet) and Lewis Hamilton (yellow helmet) in their F1 car*

Of course, I would love to be part of it because Johnnie Walker is one of my favourite whisky brands and it is the world’s leading Scotch whisky, that has partnered with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes (VMM) because they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership..

Just like the Johnnie Walker tagline, ‘Keep Walking’..But in this case, I have to say ‘Keep Racing!’..

Not to forget, Johnnie Walker has a cool and inspirational campaign with the Black Circuit Lounge that allows you to experience the fast pace lifestyle of Formula One..

Don’t you think black itself is already cool, like how people always associated new trendy-color with the tagline like ‘green (or any other colour) is the new black’?

Another reason for me to be part of the Black Circuit Lounge party is that I need to get away from the hectic city life for a while and to get on track with the new F1 season already..I’ve missed out a lot!

Even Lewis Hamilton is inviting us to join the fun!


Visit Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook Page and stay tune to contests to be part of the Black Circuit Lounge experience..

Last but not least, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!

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