Unifest @ UCSI University

Unifest is one of the 5 events under Fiesta Numero Uno, organized by UCSIU’s Student Council..

It’s in the second year now where its maiden festival in 2009 saw Juwita Suwito rocking the university down..

Good thing was there’s no entry charges and bad thing was it’s open only for UCSIU students..Well, it’s bad for outsiders, of course :D

unifest ucsi uni cheras

Several bands played that night, some were students of UCSIU and other guests artistes including big names like An Honest Mistake and Seven Collar T-Shirt..

unifest ucsi uni cheras
*Sound check*

unifest ucsi uni cheras
*The Bananas*

I see a bit of resemblance of John’s Mistress in their music, not bad..

unifest ucsi uni cheras
*Dance routine by UCSI dance group*

Some slick movements done by the UCSIU Dance Club and indeed it never let the party pause for a second..

unifest ucsi uni cheras an honest mistake
*An Honest Mistake*

An Honest Mistake is no stranger in the local scene since they came into the scene back in early 2008..

First heard of them in No Black Tie and knew they would definitely make it big with the right guidance and all..

More bands and an interesting fact up ahead :)

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