Singapore Trip – Singapore Flyer, Esplanad, Merlion

After our last stop at The Mint Toys Museum, we proceeded to the Singapore Flyer, said to be the world’s largest observation wheel standing at 165m from the ground..

Going around with Nuffnang and with the collaboration with Tourism Singapore, we were able to enter the Singapore Flyer for FREE~!!!

singapore flyer
*The Flyer*

If you really want to know the price, it is SGD 29.50 for adults, SGD 20.65 for children, and SGD 23.60 for seniors..

There are many other packages and you can check it HERE..

You can book the whole capsule for your own function, which of course will cost a bit of money if you were to do so..

singapore flyer
*On our way up*

This is a bit of wide angle which I’ve tried to get as much of the sky for a better effect..

It was about 5pm at that time and the sky was quite moody, hence the greyish-no-cloud sky..

singapore flyer
*River meets sea*

This is where the river (I suppose) meets the sea..

More breath-taking photos after the jump..

singapore flyer

The sunset created a silhouette on the buildings in Singapore City..

singapore flyer
*Sky up high*

The moody sky together with a filter of glass on the Singapore Flyer capsule, the effect is tremendous..I like it much, especially with a bit of editing on the color contrast..

After the Singapore Flyer, we headed to Esplanad, which is very near from the Flyer..

Esplanad is like a mall but due to time-constraint, most of us were busy taking photos at the seaside..

singapore esplanad
*Robb and Zach*

It just happened that both of them were staring at the sea and I just snapped it from behind..

singapore esplanad robb

This photo tells a great story that you can ever imagine of..Artistic photo is nice but difficult to get the right feeling..

singapore esplanad
*The conqueror*

I’ve addicted to such photo angle, which I shall call it “The conqueror” effect..

First tried it in Langkawi, now in Singapore..I’ve never missed any landscapes ever since..

singapore merlion

Night falls and we walked over to Merlion from Esplanad, which is about 10-minutes walk..

The view is kinda breath-taking but a tripod is needed for better photos..Maybe next time..

singapore merlion maybank fullerton hotel
*The concrete jungle*

With the Merlion as the subject, I’ve used the Maybank building, Fullerton Hotel, and many other unknown buildings as the background..

After spending almost an hour at Merlion, we headed to Bugis Street/Junction for dinner, which I shall continue in the next entry..

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