Singapore Trip – Part 1, Nuffnang Awards, URA, And Mint Toys Museum

About 2 weeks ago, 23rd til 25th of October 2009, I was in Singapore thanks to Nuffnang Singapore for the sponsored trip and also thanks to Tourism Singapore for the collaboration..

I know I’m a bit jakun but it’s actually my somewhat first time in Singapore..I’ve been to Singapore very very very long ago, that’s when I was in kindergarten and it’s my dad’s company trip..

Okay never mind bout the history and all..Back to Singapore trip..Here’s a bit of summary..

We left Asian Heritage Row, KL at about 9am..Reached Singapore at about 2.30pm if not mistaken..Waited at the hotel lobby of Link Hotel at Tiong Bharu..

Then off we went to Pan Pacific Hotel (if not mistaken) for the grand gala awards dinner..

nuffnang awards singapore akiraceo ginny
*Me, Ginny, Akiraceo..We lengchai and lenglui or not? :P *

Well if you ask me now, I couldn’t remember a thing except for Xiaxue winning the Region’s Best Blog, Most Influential Blog, and Best Original Blog Design..Congrats..

You can check out the other winners HERE..

IMHO, the Best Original Blog Design should go to Akiraceo because the whole layout is very original and is done by the blogger himself..

But I bet Xiaxue’s fans did a lot to make Xiaxue win every category which she’s nominated for and I doubt she designed the layout all by herself..

Anyway, the dinner was great and performance was good too..I quite like the magic show..The female magician was hot!

I think the rock band was a bit out of place, nevertheless I quite like their music..

Overall the event is nicely done considering the award it’s the first of its kind in this region, if you exclude Project Petaling Street previous dinners..LOL~!!

So the next day came, I reckoned that I should stick with the tour since it’s my first time in Singapore and most of the places that needed entry fees have been waived..So it’s a good idea to follow them..

singapore trip chinatown

Our first stop is Singapore’s Chinatown, very much cleaner and better looking than our very own Chinatown..

singapore trip chinatown
*Random pic #1*

Took some random photos to test out my street photography skills..Never tried before and it’s quite fun!

singapore trip chinatown
*Random pic #2*

This is one of the lots that I pretty like..

singapore trip chinatown
*Christine, WeiZhi, and Akira’s palms*

We went to the Chinese Heritage Museum or something like that..It’s actually in one of the shoplots in Chinatown..

The museum tells the story on how the Chinese ended being in Singapore and their olden days culture..

It also has a scary kitchen..Go check it out yourself if you want to know..Continue on for more interesting places wtf..

singapore trip chinatown
*Japanese-influenced temple*

We didn’t manage to enter this building which I assumed is a temple..I bet the interior architecture is quite the awesome also..

So we took a short walk from Chinatown, passed by this “temple”, and headed to URA!

singapore URA
*The road to URA*

Okay it’s not some phrase or the name of the monster that Ultraman Taro needs to fight with..URA actually stands for Urban Redevelopment Authority..

singapore URA
*Mini Singapore in URA*

This is what URA has to offer its visitors, a complete quick go-through of Singapore, where you would see miniature Singapore and many other things such as local tourist spots..

*Akira doing his thang*

We saw the automated glass door and we got so excited for God knows why..It’s not like we don’t have automated glass doors in Malaysia but what we usually see is the sliding ones..

So this one opening like that is like a rare item..LOL~!!

*CheeChing doing her thang*

Then we had Chee Ching doing it on the exit..LOL~!!!

singapore URA
*Me and the high rise URA building*

After the URA trip we had our lunch at the food court right opposite of this building, the Maxwell Food Court, which I’m talking about it in the next entry..

After lunch we went wandering around on Maxwell Road and taking street pornography photography to a next level..

*The Red Dot Traffic me*

Took this photo in front of a red building right opposite of URA building..It’s some kinda arthouse..

singapore huiwen elaynne
*Singapore Nuffies, Huiwen and Elaine*

A candid photo of Huiwen and Elaine in front of URA building..Okay it’s not so candid after all..

singapore raffles hotel
*Raffles Hotel*

After URA we went to Raffles Hotel, on Seah Street..Okay the main purpose we were there was because of Mint Museum of Toys, one of its kind in the world..

The sole owner is a Singaporean and he opened this museum allĀ  solely based on interest and hobby..

singapore mint museum
*The Floor Directory*

I must say his collection is, awesome, one of its kind, and importantly, EXPENSIVE~!!!!

Here is some of the collections..

singapore mint museum dan dare
*Dan Dare*

This is Dan Dare collection, a British science fiction comic hero, a very rare item to be seen in this region or so, as explained by the operation manager..

singapore mint museum tin tin
*A life-sized Tintin*

The museum also has a large collection of Tintin, a character of The Adventures of Tintin, a comic strip created by Belgian artist Georges Remi..

singapore mint museum
*Collectable items of Beatles and Monkees*

They even have some rare items on Beatles and Monkees..

singapore mint museum popeye the sailorman
*Popeye The Sailor Man*

Can you see the tags there? It’s written “One of four known to exist in the world”..The estimated value is USD 14,000..

That is just for that 1 small item as big as a KFC take away paper box..The collection in this museum here worth at least few hundreds of millions..

And do bear in mind, collectible items exhibit in here are just 10% of the owner’s whole collection..He still has a warehouse to store his remaining 90% collection..

Now you know what I meant for VERY expensive?

singapore mint museum
*Rest area*

The have an awesome rest area where the couches all costs few tens of thousands SGD each..It’s oh-so-comfortable that Robb and Zach fell asleep sitting on it..

Entry fee of SGD 15 is being charged and for other charges do check it out HERE..

singapore mint museum
*Me and Weiwei*

Okay I think that’s all so far..Shall continue the rest of the day in the next entry..

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