First Short Haircut After Keeping It For 5 Years

Yes, as some of you might have heard or already know that I have cut my hair short, real short..

It makes a difference between cut the hair short and trim it short..Trimming is like to tidy up the end part of the hair where long hair tend to have split ends..

I cut my hair NOT due to any sudden heartbreak or any extreme particular reason but just one simple reason, that’s I’m now training in an engineering firm..

Just a 3-months training and I’m cutting my hair short, which I’ve kept for 4-5 years..That’s how dedicated I am..

On one fine day, the day before I went to Langkawi, I had my haircut, and thanks to Wilson for spending his time taking photos for me at the saloon..

jenkinyat yatz haircut
*That’s how long my hair is*

The last time I trimmed my hair was in early November 2008..

One year after that, I’m going for an extreme makeover wtf, for good!

jenkinyat yatz haircut
*That’s Andy the hairstylist*

He’s tying up my ponytail with rubber band because I want to keep that precious ponytail of mine..

And not to brag about it but, lots of girls have been asking me to give them my ponytail wtf..

Did I really cut it? Go on and see for yourself..See to believe..

jenkinyat yatz haircut
*There goes my ponytail*

In this pic I looked like a ‘run dog’, direct translation for traitor during the olden Chinese Dynasty rulings where all the males have ponytails..Think Wong Fei Hung..

jenkinyat yatz haircut
*Cut cut cut*

This is my last ever Sadako (The Ring) look-alike, which I don’t look like her anymore..So short my hair now..

jenkinyat yatz haircut

At this moment I actually looked a bit like a Japanese, with that kinda hairstyle..The not-long-not-short hairstyle..

I might opt for this hairstyle after my training, or maybe keep it long again..Who knows..

jenkinyat yatz haircut
*The end result*

Okay this is the end result of my haircut and I definitely know I look damn gay and lala here..I know..

I’m trying to get used to it either, not only you..Now my head is lighter that I’ve lost my aerodynamic accuracy when I played futsal the other day..

jenkinyat yatz haircut
*My ponytail and Andy*

Apparently, I didn’t really feel sad at all..On the other hand, I feel that my hair is not short enough..

Well you see, I’m a lazy person so I lazy to style up my hair, what’s more that I’ve not styled it for the past 5 years..

If I were to cut it short, I’ll make it real short that I don’t have to worry about it if I’m on a rush..

But I promise that I won’t look like this anymore..

jenkinyat yatz haircut
*Wilson and I*

Many thanks to Wilson again because I have trouble asking for people to help me video record and take photos during my haircut commotion and all..

It’s sad but i have no regrets..It’s already decided ever since I took up engineering course..

jenkinyat yatz haircut
*Bye ponytail*

Bye bye ponytail..Hello new world..

Don’t worry, it’s not only you..I myself too need time to get used to my hair..

On a side note, I bumped into few friends in Zouk and said hi to them but they barely recognized me and just walk off like that..

Talk about the lost identity..Sigh~~~

37 thoughts on “First Short Haircut After Keeping It For 5 Years

  1. howzan >> sorry la..sleepy when i was writing that time..
    KY >> sleepy!
    Elaine >> which part you love? :P
    J@son >> jom!
    yienyien >> like lala :(
    Angel W >> ahahaha
    CL >> yes i did keep it :D
    eiling >> hahaha
    samanthacje >> i hope you do ;)

  2. wow~
    can’t believe you keep your hair till that long. even longer than jen’s hair~~

    don’t you feel relief after get your hair cut?
    anyway, you look great n smart with short hair.

  3. How on earth can I recognise u on the street or in the club dude ?? hehehe

    But change of hairstyle is indeed fresher you la..
    U look young again
    can go for 18th AGAIN birthday too

  4. Bobson >> LOL..yeah he wanna potong
    Terri >> glad you understand me ;)
    kim >> stim lea :P
    gilbertzai >> yawor..
    Ruby >> everyone tak kenal me dy :(
    ICEMAN >> next time la :P
    jen >> not really relief but not sad also :)
    sharon >> do you like me now? LOL :P
    eklern >> ahahahahaha :D

  5. belle >> wtf
    Kenny Ng >> ahahah nola..not so hardcore..
    wen pink >> of course you say like that coz you scare my hair longer than urs! :P

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