New Zealand Natural Giveaway Promo Sales

The New Zealand Natural (NZN) ice-cream is here to give you guys some surprises..

I’ve been to their dessert workshop and had lots of fun playing with dough and all..

Now NZN is planning to giveaway some serious shit, i mean ice-cream for the lucky people..

*New Zealand Natural ice-cream giveaway promo*

So, what is this promo is all about..It’s all about your birth year..

Yes, just flash your IC to them and you’ll get FREE JR ice-cream (1 scoop) and 50% off a LARGE ice-cream (3 scoops)..

Okay, there’s no such thing as getting FREE things all the time..It’s all about being lucky..

NZN will choose the lucky year of the week, let say 1979..If you are born in that year, of course, you get to get a free Junior ice-cream and 50% off a Large ice-cream..That’s the trick to it..

And to add a good news in this good news, the buyer, of that particular chosen birth-year, get to buy the 50% Large ice-cream of unlimited stocks~!!!

Meaning you can buy for the whole kampung if you managed to carry all of it~!! YAHOOOO~!!! *throw confetti*

What you need to do in order to know the lucky year of the week?

Just become a fan of New Zealand Natural Facebook Fan Page and check the fanpage update every Monday..

As for example, today is the last day for this week’s lucky year, which is 79~!!


But then again, like I said, FREE things don’t come easily..

The FREE Junior ice-cream (1 scoop) only applicable to the FIRST 50 customers of the day at one outlet..

BUT, the 50% off for a Large ice-cream (3 scoops) is applicable to ALL customers of the chosen birth-year..

Meaning, if you see one fella buying the ice-cream with his IC, just request the fella to buy another one for you..Muahahahahaha I iz EVIL~!!!! XD

Else, to make yourself feel better, drag a friend of yours, whom born on the chosen birth-year, to buy it for you..

Coz if you ask a stranger to buy it for you, he/she might decline to do so..You are stranger to him/her anyway *shrugs*..

Yes, the MOST IMPORTANT thingy is the Identity Card (IC) of the lucky person whom born in the lucky year~!!

Oh and most importantly, you get to enjoy the ice-cream after work when you are stuck in the jam and all..Why?

Because the promo only valid from Monday to Friday and from 5pm to 7pm~!! Isn’t that great or what?

During lunch time you don’t have to queue up for shits and ended up didn’t eat anything except melted ice-cream..

This promo runs from 6th April until 29th May 2009..Promo valid at all New Zealand Natural outlet except Bangsar Village and Queensbay Mall..

To know more about the location of its outlets, check out New Zealand Natural website..

But, I can tell you that there is outlet in KL Convention Centre, Suria KLCC, Gardens, and also Desa Park City..

A bit of hint again..The lucky birth-year for the coming week starts with number 8..80′s baby keep your fingers crossed~!!!

Remember to check out NZN Facebook Fanpage on Monday before you off work~!!!

15 thoughts on “New Zealand Natural Giveaway Promo Sales

  1. panda >> if it’s not yours you can still bring your friend! :D
    Brenda Wong >> no worries..the promo until end of May 2009 ;)
    drewnity >> MCB~!!
    SASHA >> hope you get it then..else you can still bring your friends ;)
    dorayen >> oh is it? too bad then :(
    Wendy >> if it’s 88 i can still ask you to buy for me..LOL :P

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