I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

Once upon a time, far far faraway in the galaxy, there was a magical crystal-ish ball, the Dragonball, they called it..

The ball has stars on it, from one star up to seven stars..That makes it 7 balls altogether..

*The Dragonball*

The wonder of Dragonballs, fret not..It’s not that it will make your balls turn into Dragons, but you can make a wish with it, that’s if you have collected all 7 of them..

Little did people know, the Dragonballs were originally from the Hueco Mondo, where the evil Lord Piccolo is born..

He plans to rule the universe by collecting all of the 7 Dragonballs and to make himself the ruler with 7 balls..Aren’t you scared now?

*Lord Piccolo with one of the Dragonballs wtf*

Yes, whenever you place your face near to it, the Dragonball shines just like a witch crystal ball..Then it will show you the face of your soon-to-be-not-so-favourable partner..

One day, one of the balls went berserk, for no reason, and left Hueco Mondo..

Its final destination, the planet Earth, full of weird people, different skin colors, corrupted politicians, hunger for power and land in the Middle Earth, and sick nation that worships used female panties wtf..

Out of no where, no time, no reason, no turning back, the ball hit Yatz’s balls..Yes, it hurts..

*Yatz with the ball..No not his ball..The Dragonball*

Supposedly, the Dragonball is red-orangie in color..After it fell into Yatz’s hand, it turned into purple color..Well, god knows why *shrugs*..

I don’t know, maybe purple signifies purity wtf..Yes..Yatz’s heart is damn pure okay..He don’t watch gory stuffs like Saw series..He don’t watch JAV porn stuffs like Tora-Tora Gold series..

He don’t watch unrated stuffs like Harold & Kumar’s Escape From Guantanamo Bay nor American Pie : Beta House..

Yes..I think it must be his purity, as clear as crystal wtf..

If you are familiar with any olden days martial arts movies, the lead character will eventually found a master of kung fu manuscript and learn the highest level of kung fu..

It happened to Yatz as well..The kung fu manuscript appeared just like that from that one single ball, projected to the air in a hologram style..Stylo mylo I tell you..

Then Yatz started to learn Kame Hame Ha from the manuscript..

Well, for a pro starter like Yatz, it didn’t took much time for him to master the skill of controlling Qi and manipulating the Qi’s shape..

Some people called it Qi..Some people called it Chakra..Whatever suits you best..

By manipulating the Chakra Qi’s shape, one can form the Chakra Qi into any shape that he/she desires..

Just like that someone from another comic, who has the Wind element and forming his Chakra Qi into blade is like eating kacang putih, Yatz too has the Wind element of Qi..

And his Wind element is no joke..It’s the ultimate level of Wind element users, where his Wind came out from the arse hole..Some people call it Fart..

As pro as he is, Yatz kept his Wind power in his body and fusioned the Wind with his body system, where the Wind is flowing everywhere in him..

From there, he learned how to release the Wind power from his palm, that’s where Chakra Qi manipulation comes into play..

*Kame Hame Ha from Yatz, the Wind element user*

Like I said, Yatz’s heart is as clear as crystal, thus the Qi a.k.a Wind a.k.a Fart that came out from his hand shines like a blood diamond..

He was so frustrated because the glow of light wouldn’t do anything good..It will not kick bad people’s asses..It will not slice Hollow nor Arrancar into two..

Nor it will bring down the organization of Akatsuki..With the help of Freeza, Cell, and Majin Buu, the Akatsuki Org is impenetrable wtf..

Fearing the Earth would fall into the hand of Akatsuki, Yatz mastered his Kame Hame Ha in less than two semesters..It’s already very fast, compared to many people have to finish it in a 4-years course..

The time comes..

*The real deal of Kame Hame Ha*

Now that Yatz has mastered the skill of manipulating his Fart into a ball-type of cannonball, the most tragic incident has come to town..I mean, Earth..

Lord Piccolo came to Earth with his imaginary friend side-kick a.k.a Personal Assistant, Son Goku, to retrieve the lost Dragonball..

*Lord Piccolo (well hello? differentiate the color of the jacket will ya?) and his imaginary friend side-kick Son Goku*

Will Yatz ever save the Earth from being destroyed by the evil Lord Piccolo?

Will evil Lord Piccolo able to retrieve the Dragonball and rule the universe with 7 dangling balls?

Will Yatz’s artsy Farty Kame Hame Ha able to shoo Lord Piccolo away from the Earth?

Watch Dragonball Evolution in cinema near you~!!! KAME HAME HAAAAAAA~!!!!

PS : No photoshop editing at all, except for the Kame Hame Ha Fartball fireball..All Dragonballs are real thang..


33 thoughts on “I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

  1. Jeff >> i don’t think Chow Yun Fatt would want to see this..LOL

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