Traffic Jam – Part 2, Votes And Camwhores

Now let’s continue on with Part 2 with votes and camwhores of the participating bloggers at Traffic Jam at Youth Malaysia ’08 at PWTC..

After all the boring and lonely moment, all the flashers were there after lunch and they made quite a scene there..

You know..With all the flashers around, anyone and everyone looks like a celebrity attending a press conference or appearing on red carpet..

*Skyler the poser*

*Me with Wenqi (L) aka Samantha Wong and Su Ann*

*Skyler and yours truly, Yatz*

For the two of the pics above I DID smile okay..Anyone that knows me will know..I can’t really smile in photo..

I’ll look unnatural and looks like a pervert if I smile ‘happily‘..

*Me and Michelle C*

*Michelle C and Hwei Ming*

*Albert and me wtf*

I’ve been wanting to take a broke back pic with Albert when I first know him coz both of us have ponytail..

3 of the pics above taken from Michelle C‘s..

Right at 4.30pm, the voting closed and everyone headed to 4th Floor’s Main Stage for the Bloggers Party..

*Queue-ing to check-in for the bloggers party*

*Goodie bags of Moji*

Everyone wants a Moji plushie..It’s quite cute alright..

In case you didn’t know..Moji is a virtual pet just like Neopets from iTalk Buddy..

I guess I’ll end the Part 2 here and will wrap up in Part 3 – The Finale, where the winners of the voting and the most promising Nuffnang blogger award were selected..

More pics to come..Stay tune..

12 thoughts on “Traffic Jam – Part 2, Votes And Camwhores

  1. pinkpau >> sorry le..not intended to..i’ll smile the next time i take pic with you k :)

    aprilcherrie >> wuahahaha..sorry le..forgot to take for you..

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