Luna Sea – Love Song (Final Act 2000)

Blogging continues albeit the kong-ness of my PC..

It’s another Youtube video, Love Song by Luna Sea..This song is unreleased when they are still together..

It is only released after their disbandment..

This song has a massive length of more than 7-minutes..It’s one of my all-time favourite Japanese songs..

I’ve to make a correction here, this song is the LAST song sung during the Final Act in December 2000 at Tokyo Dome, their very last concert..

I mentioned that Desire was the last song in the Final Act, which in fact is NOT..

To see all of them bid goodbye to one of the greatest and most influential Japanese rock band of all-time is so sad..

The atmosphere is so sad, fans crying and the band members all looked sad, too..

Anyway, enjoy..


*Luna Sea – Love Song*

hitori kiri janai shinjirarenai mada mayotte
kimi wo shirumade sou jibun sae mienakatta
hitori de aruita kizukanakatta kono mabushisa
subete to fureau koto sou nazeka kowakute

I miss you kimi no hitomi
I love you ukandeiru

chi wo nagashitsuzuke tatakaitsuzuke aruiteku
kimi to deau made sou shinjiteta nantonaku
kizutsukiattemo tsuyoku aishita tabi no tochuu de
mada owaranai yume dakishimeteitai kedo

I miss you itsu no hi ni ka sono kizu wo
I love you iyaseru kara

So kimi wo aishiteru Love song together
sou kimi wo hanasanai

hitori kiri janai shinjiteitai hanareteitemo
nee aitai toki wa kono uta wo dakishimete

I miss you itsu no hi ni ka kono yume wo
I love you mou ichido

So kimi to tsutaetai Love song together
sou kimi to itakatta
sou kimi wo aishiteru Love song together
sou kimi wo kono ai wo wasurenai

Love together

See, PC kong-ed but still has update..Hahaha..Not bad huh..

By the way, I’ve updated the Maximum The Hormone – What’s Up People┬ámusic video..

Initially the video was removed due to licensing matters..Now some other users have uploaded it again..Enjoy..

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