TMNet Is A Jerk, Streamyx Is A Snail

Most of you guys might wondered, “Where the heck is Yatz tonight.??“..Or, “Why there’s no blog updates from Yatz recently.???“..

These are the thoughts playing in everyone’s mind whom has my MSN contact and reads my blog everyday (or perhaps each time I update it)..

Ok..Due to the STUPID FUCKING STREAMYX OF THE STUPID FUCKING SERVICE PROVIDER (TMNet that is), my Internet connection was at a crawl since Deepavali..

Can’t sign-in MSN Messenger even if the Internet is connected..

Even if I could signed-in MSN, I couldn’t surf the net because the browser isn’t working..

Even if the browser is working, the speed is hell of a snail speed wtf..

Even if everything is fine and all, it will disconnected all of a sudden..

Yaaaaar~!! I’m using a router and it got disconnected wtf..

When I logged on to and tried to click on the ‘Connect’ button 198564729193847 times, but to no avail, the line is still dead..

What kinda service provider of TMNet is this.????

Called the hotline (1300-88-9515) but no one picked up the phone..Let’s bombard the hotline once and for all..

So everyone is celebrating Deepavali and Hari Raya then crashed the whole system is it.???

Meaning you guys purposedly crashed the system and you are happy to look at our unhappy frowning face is it.???


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