Paul van Dyk @ Zouk KL

Two weeks ago on 16th October 2009, the bunch of us went to Zouk to have a happy time with the former No.1 DJ, Paul van Dyk..

He was in town for the Speedzone event and I was hoping for a blast like what I had at Armin van Buuren‘s..

Glad that it was held in my favourite club of all-time, Zouk KL..

paul van dyk zouk kl
*The crowd start to build up*

We reached there around 10pm and the crowd started to build up already..As expected from the former No.1 DJ in the world..

As expected from my favourite club as well..LOL~!!

paul van dyk zouk kl
*L>R – Lih Yen, me, Nigel, Kelli, Joshua, and Ren*

That’s the time where they first met me in my new haircut..Damn, I miss meeting people with my long hair..Sigh..

I guess it’s just an early stage discomfort syndrome or whatever you call it..I’ll get used to it soon, very soon..

paul van dyk zouk kl
*The vibrant color in Zouk KL*

I bet the crowd got hyped up with an opening act by Terence C..LapSap from BarSonic too came down to check out the place..

paul van dyk zouk kl
*Paul van Dyk*

Rave party is definitely awesome but you will never get as close to the DJs as compared to playing in clubs..

It’s true that it’s much more happening at big rave parties like Recharge Revelations or the likes of it and not as packed as in clubs, but it’s about different atmosphere..

paul van dyk zouk kl
*Paul van Dyk in action*

I managed to get on the amps and snap around before being pulled down by one of the bouncers..

Here’s a clip that we have recorded during his performance..


Now I wish Moby and Blue Man Group to come to our shore..Oh, I heard that David Guetta is coming soon? Can anyone clarify this?

Heineken Green Room @ Zouk KL

Sorry for the lack of update..It was due to my finals, which is happening right now..

Well, two weeks ago, 1st of August 2009, it was Heineken Green Room once again at Zouk KL..

I’ve missed Green Room 2008, though I’ve heard some complains here and there due to the on-going renovation at that time, I still think it’s one of the greatest events..

It was one of Heineken’s big event and yes it was, with Filthy Dukes (UK) in the house with their indie-styled synthesizing..Reminds me of The Killer’s first album Hot Fuss..

All pictures credit to David..

*Filthy Dukes*

They played with keyboards, bass, synthesizers, very much fun..

Just as soon as they played their first song, I’m loving it already!

*The crowd in Zouk*

By looking at the crowd, moving their body to the groove, some even did some mild headbanging, I believed they enjoyed the band as much as me..

I’m not sure whether it’s because of Green Room or due to my absent at Zouk, the crowd was quite huge compared my last visit, which was Edison Chen’s visit plus Jess and Evelyn’s joint birthday party..

Well, sardine-packed crowd in Phuture is almost ascertain but I didn’t expect Zouk to be full..Zouk is because of Green Room, so it’s understandable..

The one I’m more amazed was BarSonic, usually only half-filled..I would say it’s the room where you can easily get a seat to rest from your tiring dances and pushes in Phuture..

*The crowd in BarSonic for LapSap*

But that night, there’s not even a single space to move around, let alone to find a seat!

Then at Velvet Underground, usually it’s crowded but I would not say it’s sardine-packed but that night, it’s damn freaking packed!

It’s like the whole of KL went to Zouk to avoid road blocks that were managed by the police force to crackdown the illegal gathering to protest ISA policy..

And from that huge crowd, I met lots of familiar faces and some faces whom I seldom see at Zouk..Very interesting indeed..

Even Ren came all the way to join us after the SuperBand’s concert at Bukit Jalil..

*Some of us*

It was definitely my last clubbing scene until I’m done with my finals, which is on 21st of August 2009..

And right after Green Room I was down with illness, which I myself suspected I was infected with H1N1, stim!

Til I’m done with my finals, see you guys in Zouk after that!

Graduation, Mines, Birthday, And Edison Chen

It was the day where all these 3 things happened in a day, Joshua’s convocation, Jess and Evelyn’s joint birthday party, and soft porn star Edison Chen was in KL, 20th June 2009..

The day started like this, was still sleeping around 10.30am that day..The night before, Joshua told me to be there around 11.30am..

So I got up around 10.40am to get ready and all coz TARC is just 15-minutes drive from my house, so yeah..

When I was brushing my teeth, a text came and I picked up my hand phone and read, “Come at 11am..Gonna end soon!”, or something like that..

So I sped all the way to TARC..Well, not that I don’t speed even if I’m not in a rush..

I was quite on time and it was like, a short moment thingy..So congrats to Joshua..I know, it’s like damn old story right wtf..

By the way, none of the photos below are taken by me because I just realized that my Adobe Photoshop is not anywhere around me now..

And the bad news is I just formatted my PC..I know, it sucks..

Photos credit to Nigel, Wingz, Jess, and Eri..

*L>R – Nigel, Kelli, Me, Joshua, Joshua’s friend, and David*

In the evening, I went to The Heritage at The Mines for a bazaar opening event with some mild catwalk thingy..

Went home after Joshua’s convocation and rested a while, before headed out for that event at Mines..

*Taken from HERE*

The catwalk thingy started around 8pm and ended around 9.45pm, just in time that I need to leave for Zouk..

Jess and Eve had a joint birthday celebration at Zouk, as in Velvet Underground to be precised..

There were like, slightly more than 30 of us were there to celebrate their birthday..

*Pic taken from HERE*

Okay, I was not in the pic because I was walking around from Velvet to Phuture to Zouk and back to Velvet and Phuture and Zouk and bla bla bla..

Met a lot of friends including Weng Yew, Jacklyn and her gang (as usual), Diane, Kenny Sia, and few others that I can’t really remember now, it’s one month already anyway..

It was quite a wrong date and unexpected, because Edison Chen and a few HK celebrities were in Zouk mainroom for their CLOT JUICE KL After Party..

A lot of people were there just to see Edison Chen and Sam Lee, part-time member of LazyMuthaFucka (LMF), a Hong Kong hip-hop/rap group..

Okay, sad to say a lot of them were quite jakun, all went there just to see the Gutterpost superstar wtf..

*Pic taken from Eri*

It was quite a night..

It ended with a boom when a girl, name Rachel came over to me and said hi to me while I was waiting for friends at Zouk’s jockey area..

Then I was like wtf? I don’t know her..She asked whether I am Jenkin Yat, I said yes! So she introduced herself as a friend of Daniel Lau..

Funnily, I didn’t know who is this Daniel Lau guy, whom she claimed I know him and he knows me..So I thought he might be a blogger, but she said he’s not!

Apparently he’s a musician for the group Edge of Fire, and because of that, I’m more confused than she was at the time..So I just said no, I don’t know who is Daniel Lau..

So I guess at that very moment she thought I was like very lansi because I don’t remember old friends..

Then I got so curious, I came back home and I did whatever I can to find out who is this Daniel Lau guy..

After much helps from Su Ann, I think I know who is this Daniel Lau guy already..

He was my junior back in Cochrane and TARC..Well, the reason I didn’t know him was, I never really knew his name, until now, which I won’t ever forget his name anymorewtf..

Yeah, we talked and all, but I’ve never really came across his name and all..Or maybe I did but I can’t really remember..

So Rachel, or any friend of hers of Daniel Lau’s, if you are reading this, let them know that I’m sorry, Rachel for embarrassing yourself and embarrassing myself too wtf..

Next time come up and say hi to me again yeah..LOL~!!

Now that’s all for a little update..

Loreal Star Search @ Zouk

Thanks to Kristine that Hikaru and I were able to go to Loreal’s Star Search at Zouk last Friday, 12th June 2009..

Not that I know any of the contestants but what the heck, it’s a free event which I suppose to be filled with lots of pretty chicks and all, so why not right?

*Liang the man*

Liang was the emcee, again..Met him like thrice in just 1 week, 2 in events with him as the emcee and once at futsal..

Oh by the way, I bumped into Vivien together with her boyfriend Dexter and her bestie Carmen..They were there to support Luiz, one of the finalists..

Well, I didn’t really snap any nice pics, was just trying out something with my cam in the event..

The event kicked off with the contestants doing a catwalk on the runway to greet their fans..

So I tried was, panning..Yes, I tried panning with using flash, only natural lights, that’s whatever lights there were in the club..

*One of the female finalists, Pauline*

Well not really perfect but yeah, still learning, and I think panning is quite fun especially on human..

That’s the only pic that I can share coz other pics are epic fail! LOL~!!

*Nice voice she has..I’ve forgotten her name*

She sang “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, acoustic style..She’s got a great voice..Should’ve just entered “One In A Million” or “Gang Starz” those kinda show instead..

*Jacklyn, Isabella, and Doreen (I think)*

Then bumped into more people..I know, it’s like the world is so small and all..

Apparently they know the eventual winner, Matthew Lim..

All pics after the jump are taken from Kristine..

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Hennessy Artistry @ Phuture, Zouk

Last Thursday on 4th of June 2009, came another installment of Hennessy Artistry of 2009..

The first one I went to this year was at The Loft and it actually wasn’t really that fun..Maybe because of the venue, The Loft..

Now that they brought Hennessy Artistry to Zouk, I felt being at home wtf..LOL~!!

All thanks to Nuffnang for the invites and I have to say it’s awesome to be a blogger..You ask why? See for yourself in a while..

Okay, the artistes this time around were homegrown DJ group, LapSap, DJ Yasmin, and Young Sixx..

Photos taken from Ren, Jess, Tallen, and Jack..

*Young Sixx, DJ Yasmin, and Xu and DJ Blink of LapSap*

Was there a bit early, around 9pm for the “Meet The Artistes” session..Food like sushi, bits of pizzas, and some cookies were served through out the whole session in Velvet Underground..

*Blogger closed area with Tallen*

Well, little did I know of the so-called VIP/media passes we got from Nuffnang was actually exclusively for bloggers..

The whole area was for us, bloggers..How awesome is that, right?

And according to Ren, some of the club-goers actually rant that they should’ve became a blogger to enjoy the privilege of being a blogger at the registration counter..LOL~!!

*Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Apple*

The highlight of the night, was the Hennessy Apple..It tastes very nice, no taste of Hennessy at all, only apple..

It’s like some kinda appetizer that makes you keep on drinking all the way without realizing how much of Hennessy you’ve actually consumed..

I guess they’ve rebranded their last year’s signature cocktails of Hennessy ShangHai, Hennessy Miami, Hennesy Paris, and Hennessy KL..

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4Play Feat DJ Noodles & Cat Got Your Tongue @ Zouk & Barsonic

Yes baybeh..If you want to get some amazing foreplay, get your ass up and pats off the dust, head over to Zouk this coming Thursday people..

This week’s 4Play’s highlight is where DJ Noodles, all the way from Taiwan, will be performing alongside Double the beatboxer..

*DJ Noodles, taken from Facebook event page*

She’s a so-called party queen and a great turntablist..Check out her Myspace @ DJ Noodles..

To add to the 4Play line-up it’s no other than resident DJ of DJ Goldfish, Luqe, and MC Point Blance themselves~!!

I must say 4Play is an awesome night where I’ve celebrated my 25th birthday there, thanks to my beloved friends~!!

Other than that, it’s another installment of Cat Got Your Tongue (CGYT) series, brought to you by Kinkybluefairy a.k.a Joyce Wong and Rudy of

Vibrant colour and kiddo is the theme for CGYT, where youngsters, or should I say youth gather around in colorful attire ala 80′s and Katy Perry style..

To add to its flavor, clubbers need to bring a toy to gain entry..Any toy will do, from plushie to Transformers mini toy..


Yes, colourful and toys are mandatory..No lame excuse but of course, take good care of your own toy..There’ll be no babysitter around to look after your stuffs..

This time around, CGYT will be partying with the DJ line-up of SalahWrong, Chaseylaine (of TAG) and iLLKiDD (of Vice Modern Disco)..

By the way, there’s free flow for girls on EVERY THURSDAY~!!!

A specially created bar to knock you out some yummy free drink between 11pm and midnite and also between 1am to 2am..No lame T&C nor any strings attached..

As for 4Play at Zouk, there’s members privilege (BEFORE 11pm) where you would gain free entry and sign in up to 3 guests~!!

Else, you want to look classy and perhaps to treat some hot chicks a couple of drinks, open up a bottle and here’s the catch..

Standard Admission Details:

Access Barsonic only: RM20 (F) / RM30 (M) inc one drink
Access all 4 rooms: RM28 (F) / RM 38 (M) inc one drink

Bottle admission (At the door):
RM 288nett / 4 pax

?: 03-2171 2075 (12pm – 6pm) or 0163323191 (after 6pm)
* 15% discount on BOTTLE purchase with more pax entry, only through reservation
* applicable to 21 yrs old and above

Check out their Facebook event page for more great deals~!!