Instant Noodle – Yum Yum Tom Yum

Okay, I’m going to start up an instant noodles series, where the nocturnal me will be buying different different kind of instant noodles to feed my hunger at night..

First up would be Tom Yum flavor, goes by the brand of Yum Yum..

It’s my first time buying it and I seriously not a Tom Yum eater, what’s more loving it..I can’t really take sour food nor drinks..

But still, I’ve decided to be a bit adventurous and gave it a try..Bought this at Tesco..

*Yum Yum Tom Yum Shrimp Creamy Flavour*

So that’s how the packaging looks like..As usual, I eat my soup instant noodles with an egg..

First boil the soup..The put in the noodles..

*Noodles in the pot*

Cover the pot for about 30-45 seconds, then add in the egg and cook as you wish, whether mix it with the soup or without breaking the egg yolk..

I prefer to mix mine..Then cook for about another 1-2 minutes..

*The Yom Yum noodles*

Here’s the result..Like I said, I can’t take sour food nor drinks, not even a single bit..I hardly eat orange, imagine the seriousness..

My comment about this flavour? Not bad..I actually love it..Not really THAT sour, I can still take it..

Not too sure if Tom Yum should be more sour or this is the right taste but, it’s just right and nice to me :D


Can’t believe I actually like this Tom Yum..Now I can add one more soup flavour into my favourite lists of instant noodles..