Run Over The Line Divider

Well okay, I don’t know what those lines are called so let’s just say it’s called line divider..

You know, when you come to a diverging road on highway or any road there will be lines before you reach the divider..

Usually, lots of motorists like to cut queue on these line dividers and I really hate it because those who are in line are also in a rush and they have wasted time to queue up..

So in what excuse can you say that you are in a rush and I’m not?

On 9th of July 2010, I got bored when I was in line at the Bandar Tun Razak exit after Connaught‘s Giant, PJ-bound, some smart ass cut queue as usual..

That road is quite a hot spot for motorists to cut queue during lunch time and off-work hour..

So here’s an image I snapped on my mobile phone..

toyota wish cutting queue
*Toyota Wish – WPE 823*

Of course there were some escaped at that time and it just so happened that this Toyota Wish WPE 823 is the lucky one to be featured in here this time..

On the bright side, this Wish is not the only one I’ve captured coz I passby that road almost everyday..More to come in the near future..Cheers!

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