Unifest @ UCSI University

Unifest is one of the 5 events under Fiesta Numero Uno, organized by UCSIU’s Student Council..

It’s in the second year now where its maiden festival in 2009 saw Juwita Suwito rocking the university down..

Good thing was there’s no entry charges and bad thing was it’s open only for UCSIU students..Well, it’s bad for outsiders, of course :D

unifest ucsi uni cheras

Several bands played that night, some were students of UCSIU and other guests artistes including big names like An Honest Mistake and Seven Collar T-Shirt..

unifest ucsi uni cheras
*Sound check*

unifest ucsi uni cheras
*The Bananas*

I see a bit of resemblance of John’s Mistress in their music, not bad..

unifest ucsi uni cheras
*Dance routine by UCSI dance group*

Some slick movements done by the UCSIU Dance Club and indeed it never let the party pause for a second..

unifest ucsi uni cheras an honest mistake
*An Honest Mistake*

An Honest Mistake is no stranger in the local scene since they came into the scene back in early 2008..

First heard of them in No Black Tie and knew they would definitely make it big with the right guidance and all..

More bands and an interesting fact up ahead :)

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Say NO To H1N1 Scare

The pandemic influenza A(H1N1) scare is on the rise and never been better..

Death tolls around the world such as The States and some other places are on the rise..Sorry, I didn’t really update myself on the outbreak..

I just know that it kills, it’s another flu outbreak with the name of swine flu and also codenamed A(H1N1), the danger is now labeled Level 6 or something by World Health Organisation (WHO), and umm, etc etc..

The outbreak also has reached our shore and yes, the first case ever heard in KL was in Sungai Buloh or something, and I was at The Curve within that week..

As time past by, rumors spread and all, the flu eventually reached my uni, UCSI..Yeah you read that right..

Heard that a student and lecturer from the main campus, Taman Connaught were infected or suspected with symptoms of H1N1..

The moment some of the close friends of the suspected victim heard about it, some of us from the branch campus already took pre-cautions..


On the other hand, there’s no notice nor alert from the uni to warn us about the suspected case..

Think twice, it’s a bad idea to alert the students as it might cause unnecessary scares among themselves, causing classes to be halted for no reason..

Of course, on the positive note, those who were suspected to have infected with the flu have been quarantined..So it’s definitely fine and all..

Then 1 week after the suspected case in the main campus, it has reached our North Wing campus, said to be 3 of them..

Of course, they were quarantined already, long gone..

Funnily, after the news has spread to our campus, none of the people wear mask already..LOL~!!

IMHO, the suspected ones already being quarantined, there’s nothing to be scared of, until the next victim comes..

I know it kills, but from what you can see in the news, those who got killed are either toddlers or elderly people..

If you are an active and healthy youngster, teenager or young adult, there’s nothing to be scared of because good and strong immune system in your body can actually fight it off..

On top of that, those who were suspected of H1N1 infection have already been quarantined..

If you are really afraid of it, then you should be very afraid of your health, as in do more exercise and live a healthy lifestyle..

So umm, say NO to H1N1 scare, only if you think your body immune system is good enough..

I think mine fares pretty well despite my constant nocturnal life..What about you?

One Some Cafe @ Connaught, UCSI

Been studying in UCSI for 2 years and honestly I’m not a fan of cafe for my lunch..Some of it are overpriced and the food is so so only..

But, One Some Cafe is a bit different..Its menu are of different kind, well not really THAT different but yeah..Not bad I would say..

They have changed management during the semester break but fret not the food quality is still the same..

Read on and check out more as promotion is being offered for the new year of 2009~!!

*One Some Cafe*

One Some Cafe is just located on the first floor, above Beautrium Saloon, next to the yellow signboard mamak, Al-Barkath..

*The interior*

The interior is nice and simple..Quite ample of space..And it’s no smoking! How good is that..

*The nice drinks and the menu*

The white one is Honey Milk and the yellowish one is Honey..Both are quite nice..

It has varieties of dishes for you to choose from..Their signature cooking style to fried rice to noodles..

Noodles wise, they have claypot, varies from Tom Yam, Lou Shu Fun, and Soup..They also have XO Fried Bee Hoon Seafood Kuey Teow..

Fried rice, they offer Yong Chow, XO, Vegetarian, Thai, and Tom Yam (Siam)..

As for their signature dishes, they have Butter style, Kam Heong, Golden Salty Egg, Sweet & Sour, Ma Mik (Marmite), Lemon, Dried Chilli (Kong Pou), and Thai Style Mango..

For the signature dish you can choose chicken, fillet fish, or prawn..So yeah..It is somewhat halal here..

Oh, they also have steaks, fish fillet and chicken chop..Flavor wise, they have mushroom, black pepper, and creamy sauce..

Some snacks are offered too, like fried chicken wings, fried sausages, sotongs, prawns, spring rolls, and seafood tofu..

*Thai Fried Rice and Thai Style Mango Chicken Rice*

*Thai Style Mango Chicken Rice*

*Butter Chicken Rice and Tomyam (Siam) Fried Rice*

*Salty Egg Chicken Rice*

*French Fries*

All food are at affordable price ranging between RM5 – RM7.50 for rice and noodles..Steaks are all priced at RM9.90..Snacks are priced at RM3.90 – RM10.90..

Drinks are priced at RM1.50 – RM4, varies from smoothies to tea (Jasmine, Green Tea), and few others..

Now they are having New Year Promotion~!! Just print out the following discount voucher, flash it there, and you will get 10%..How’s that for a new year? Niceee~~

Of course, it is accountable for one receipt only..And actually it doesn’t matter if you separate it..It’s still the same anyway..LOL..

Opens at 10am – 1am on weekdays..11am – 1am on Saturday..Closed on Sunday..

The promotion valids only in January 2009..Download the voucher HERE..

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