Stop Motion, Time Lapse On KL View

STOP MOTION FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

I guess most of you have seen my GIF images and all..All these while I’ve been planning something as big as this one..

It’s called Stop Motion or maybe Time Lapse, I’m not sure..I think Time Lapse best describe the theme of my project as Stop Motion often related to animations by using certain objects..

In this project, patience is the key to success..

Why so? Because for what I’m showing here is taken in 2 hours time, from 3pm to 5pm..And in that 2 hours time, 202 photos had been snapped, with each photo taken every 20-40 seconds..

The sky has been hazy for the past few weeks due to forest burning and all, and on that very day, 24th August 2009, Monday, the sky was bright and blue..

Got my camera readied on the tripod, set aperture to F10, adjust shutter speed accordingly to get constant exposure of +0.7..

So I started to press the shutter button on the house balcony for straight 2 hours..

Due to the exhaustion of the camera battery because I didn’t charge it up before I snapped, I’ve got 202 photos until the battery was dried up..

Then, opened my SONY Vegas Movie software, compiled all of the 202 photos, insert a nice song, voila! I’m done..

Enjoy the relaxing video with a relaxing song from Spirited Away OST, Day of The River, composed by Joe Hisaishi..

Oh, remember to watch it on FULL SCREEN MODE~!!!!


I know it’s not a perfect video but I must say I gave it a nice try, and it’s only my 3rd attempt, after the first two failed..

There’s still plenty of space for improvement..So I plan to charge up my battery and snap up to at least 500 photos to make up for my wonderful project..