My Dream In The Year Of The Tiger

Have you ever heard that people who was born in the Year of Boar (Pig/Babi/Chu/Snort snort) is very lucky (compatible/get along well/ngam key/stim stim) with those people who was born in the Year of Tiger *rawr*..

For me to be born in the Year of Babi Hutan Khatulistiwa, I shall make some wish in this auspicious Year of Tiger..

First and foremost, I wish to finish my study by next year as in May 2011 to be precised..I don’t want to drag anymore..

I want to work, earn money, go party, find chickedy, you get my story?

tiger event

But before I grad, my dream is to know more pretty girls in my Uni so that I could leave with no regrets, AT ALL~!!!

To know more pretty girls, I have to be standout among others which I doubt I can do it slumberly because I have lost my long hair, for months!

So to compensate that, I think by having a clean boy nerdy image would do the job..

fisheye jenkin yat yatz

In order to do so, I need some money so that I could refurbish myself to fit that condition..So money is of course my another dream..

But to get/earn money as easy as ABC, I need lots of lucks in this Year of the Tiger, I might need to visit Bangkok for some reasons *evil smirk*..

And again, to go to Bangkok, I need some moolah do fulfill my dream..

jenkin yat yatz luffy

The easiest way is of course none other than to win the RM 8,888 at the Tiger Run event organized by Nuffnang..

As a Chinese, the Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner, I think I shall flood myself with more Tiger Beer so that the Tiger luck is flowing in my blood whole year long..


tiger event

RAWR + RAWR + RAWR + RAWR + RAWR + RAWR + RAWR + RAWR = 8 guys drinking Tiger Beer~!!!!!

8 is an auspicious number for Chinese..Eight, lapan, 8, pat, hachi, pah, FTW~!!!