Tiger Crystal Beer To Go With Laundry Bar Menu @ The Curve

Tiger Crystal, a limited edition brew is making a comeback during this festive season, for a limited time..

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate to be invited for a food tasting session at Laundry Bar at The Curve, thanks to G2 and of course Tiger..

It’s a food-pairing meal where Laundry Bar recommended few sets in their menu to complement the Tiger Crystal..

Laundry kickstarted with 3 appetizers..First off, we were served with Spicy Clams Diavolo, sauteed in spicy clams broth..

*Spicy Clams Diavolo*

The Spicy Clams Diavolo (RM23.90++) was a good start, tasted kinda spicy, thanks to the dried chili and chili flakes, and slight bit of sourness from the lemon slice..

*Mini Pizza Pepperoni*

Then came the Mini Pizza Pepperoni (RM32++), made with tomato sauce and spices..It was meant to be slightly spicy but I guessed the spiciness of the clams overwhelmed the pizza’s spiciness..

The thin crust made the chewing sensation of beef, cheese, and tomato sauce pretty awesome..I had at least half of it, and it’s just appetizer!

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Tiger Crystal Facebook Photo Contest – Winner To Stay @ ICEHOTEL, Sweden

Tiger Crystal, the limited edition and distinctively refreshing brew from Tiger is back for the festive season and this time  around, with an exciting opportunity to win a rare experience to stay in a hotel made entirely out of ice and snow, the incredibly unique ICEHOTEL in Sweden.

Recommended by author Patricia Schultz as one of the 1000 Places to See Before You Die,   ICEHOTEL, situated in the small village of Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, is the world’s first ice hotel ever built. The largest ice hotel in the world, it is solely made out of 10,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of pure snow harvested from the picturesque Torne River.

Standing firm from only December to April each year, it goes through a rebuilding process from scratch each year. Each room is uniquely designed and the hotel offers amazing art, nature, accommodation and gastronomy experiences for the guests, totally different from what they have experienced in ordinary hotels.

Similar to the exclusive ICEHOTEL, Tiger Crystal which is only available during festive season, provides distinctively refreshing moments for consumers who are looking forward to try something different than the usual beers.

The easy drinking lager is refreshingly crisp, with full-flavoured characteristics that come from its unique ‘Cold Suspension’ brewing technique. This proprietary technique filters the beer at a crystal cold temperature of -1 degree Celsius to lock in the most desirable flavors and aromas inherent in Tiger Beer.

Sean Koh, Marketing Manager of Tiger said, “At Tiger, we constantly seek ways to bring even more innovative and refreshing drinking experiences to our consumers who are constantly on the lookout for something new and Tiger Crystal, with its smooth and refreshing taste, is exactly the perfect complement for the festive mood.”

He added, “Just like the refreshingly different experience that only a  Tiger Crystal can deliver, we are proud to offer our consumers an out of the ordinary experience through this ICEHOTEL consumer contest which has never been done by other brands in Malaysia.”

Tiger Crystal brings this once in a lifetime opportunity to its consumers through its “Refreshingly Different” Tiger Crystal Facebook photo contest. All they need to do is upload a photo of their most refreshingly different Tiger Crystal moment. The grand prize winner will walk away with a trip for two to the fascinating ICEHOTEL in Sweden. Contest begins on 10 November 2011 and will end on 10 December 2011.

To find out more about Tiger Crystal and the “Refreshingly Different” Facebook photo contest, kindly log on to www.facebook.com/tigerbeer.