The Ugly Truth Premiere Screening

It’s a premiere screening of another chick flick..

Now that I think of it, chick flick is the category that I’ve watched the most, second to horror, if not more than that..

I don’t know why but I always relate my personal life in a way or another with most of the chick flicks that I’ve watched..Now I feel a bit sissy..

Anyway, I’m giving away 5 pairs of passes to the premiere screening of The Ugly Truth which is on 8th September 2009, 9.30pm at Cathay Cineplex Damansara, courtesy of Sony Pictures..

Just leave your name and e-mail as part of the comments and you are on the way to receive FREE movie tickets..

It’s a first come first serve basis, where first 5 commentators will receive a pair of the movie tickets!


The Ugly Truth, is a movie that I reckon to be a good movie, starring Gerard Butler (300, P.S I Love You) and Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up, Grey’s Anatomy)..Who doesn’t want to see the King Leonidas, ruler of Sparta in a chick flick? I’ll be the first in line!

This movie is very much related to the theory that I’ve been believing since Primary school days..Hatred between a man and a woman will eventually become love, in its own way, or something like that..

I’ve always thought that when you hate a person, you’ll always think of him/her..From there, it’ll blossom into love..Lovely~~


Well not that I know how the story goes and I’m definitely not giving out any spoilers..

To know the truth, you have to watch The Ugly Truth to find truth coz the truth is out there *X-Files theme playing in the background*..

Check out the trailer..


Watch the official trailer HERE..

Invitations will be sent out on 3rd September 2009 via email..Do check your email on that weekend..Set a reminder on your mobile if you are forgetful! :P

If you are the unlucky ones, do check out the blog stated in the movie poster for more ticket giveaways!

All the best baby~!!