Global Guinness League of Excellence Award and GAB Brewery Tour

If you have noticed, more youngsters nowadays drink Guinness Draught at Irish pubs and bars..

I guess it’s that good and it wouldn’t be surprising because Guinness Malaysia has won the coveted Global Guinness League of Excellence Award (GLoE) for the 4th consecutive time in a row for brewing the best Guinness in the world!

Congratulations and thank you for the hardwork and effort to bring the best of Guinness to my fellow Guinness drinkers and I! :D

Guinness Malaysia had won the award in close competition involving 50 international breweries, including the top breweries in the America, Asia Pacific, and Africa, for consistently delivering great looking, great tasting Guinness every time, everywhere..

*GAB Brewery at Sungei Way, PJ*

Brought Daphne along and we were introduced and explained on the key ingredients and steps being used to brew a good quality of Guinness..

Key ingredients included roasted and malted barley which provides the foundation for the flavour of the beer, finest female hops, purity and softness of water is prized, and the famous Guinness Yeast descended down from Arthur Guinness’s time..

Then we were treated with a brewery tour to have a look on their packaging, from preparing the bottles in line to filling up the bottles with beer and putting them in carton stacks..

It’s was quite an interesting tour considering brewery tour is not something common like any bread factory for highschoolers..And too bad photo-taking was not allowed so yeah, everything has to be discreet :P

*Cans lining up*

It was really an eye-opener..Then we were taught how to serve a glass of Guinness Draught from the tap..

They actually showed us how to pour the perfect pint on few steps and even how to drink the pint of Guinness with confidence and pride!

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