Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

On Saturday, 14th April 2012, the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach was packed with more than 40,000 party goers, many of whom had managed to secure exclusive invites from Tiger’s website, Facebook page, as well as nationwide promotion at Tiger outlets for the Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012..

Due to overwhelming demands, Tiger had also given out additional 1,000 exclusive passes on 12th April, and all were snapped up in less than 2 hours!

The heavy downpour in the evening didn’t deter the people to go all out to have fun at all! I would say it’s probably due to the venue, Sunway Lagoon, a surf beach and water themed park, wet or not here we go!

The festival kickstarted with a blast, starting with Paul Wong and Wong Ka Keung of Beyond fame to get build up the hype from the beginning..

It’s all the familiar songs from the Beyond-era such as ‘Amani’ and ‘Gwong Fai Sui Yuet’..The 80′s babies would definitely know and sing along with Paul Wong..

A-Lin came off after that to perform some slow numbers and yet to keep the crowd well-entertained..

The strong 40,000 crowd from the dried-up surf beach all the way to the lockers area at the back..

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Tiger Asian Music Festival Is Coming Back In 2012!

Asian music fans, get ready to soak in the ultimate urban street themed music celebration, as the Tiger Asian Music Festival (Tiger AMF) 2012 is set to bring the house down on this coming 14th of April 2012 at Sunway Surf Beach..

The Tiger AMF is back for the second year where the 2011 festival was a blast, with almost 20-artistes from Malaysia, Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and Taiwan, performing for 12-hours at the MIECC..Check out my Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 post HERE..

In 2012, although the artistes line-up are not as many as 2011, they are not your average artistes and are more focused with the street-themed music festival..

Straight from the street to the beach, urban music lovers can expect a night filled with electrifying and high-octane collaborative performances by some of Asia’s most talented artists, while immersing themselves in the unique street-themed festivities brought alive by Tiger..

This year we have..


A-Lin has achieved rapid commercial success across the Mandarin-speaking world since her debut in 2006..Her natural talent has led some to call her the next A-Mei..

Like A-Lin, A-Mei is a Taiwanese aborigine of Amis descent, and arguably the most popular singer from Taiwan..A-Lin herself has admitted that A-Mei has greatly influenced her and frequently covers A-Mei’s songs when she performs..

*Chang Chen-Yue*

Rock singer Chang Chen-Yue first became popular thanks to his 1998 hit song ‘Ai Wo Bie Zou’..But he’s not just a singer: this multi-talented Taiwanese entertainer is also a songwriter, guitarist, dance DJ and actor..

The Tiger Asian Music Festival will reunite him with rapper MC Hotdog, with whom he has previously collaborated on two hip-hop singles..

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MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010 @ Sunway Lagoon

Two weeks ago on 31st July 2010, MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia is back!

Was there with Daphne, Joshua, and Satkuru..Found our way to meet up with Ginny, Vivien, and Natalie..

We got our passes courtesy of Nuffnang yay!

We reached Sunway at about 5-ish-6pm and it’s freaking packed already..The queue was pretty long and we managed to slip in at the front row, cutting our queuing time by approximately of at least 1 hour..

When we were about to show the security our passes, the sky started to give us a heavy downpour, really heavy one..

The organiser was pretty smart to provide the party-goers disposable ponchos..So I kept a few just in case..

So we entered with the poncho on and the party was about to begin with Asia’s VJs taking the control of the stage..

Namely VJ Utt (Thai), VJ Juju (China), and 2 more others whom I can’t really remember coz I don’t have cable TV so yeah, I don’t really watch MTV :P

All the following photos are taken from MTV World Stage Official Website, unless stated..

*The crowd with their ponchos*

The event kickstarted with our very own local pop-rock outfit, Bunkface..

Although some might be bored (people like me :P ) of their songs and antics but it’s undeniable that Bunkface has got the talent to get the crowd moving and a good warm-up before international acts kick in..

*Bunkface getting energetic*

Another thing getting the crowd moving is because of the songs..Bunkface‘s songs are kinda “household” to any music lover who supports local music..


The crowd started to sing along as their songs are pretty familiar to any Malaysian due to its wide publicity and catchy tune and lyrics..


After Bunkface, the crowd took some rest before the Korean girls group Wonder Girls came on stage with their sexy outfits..

IMHO, they speak pretty good English as compared to many other Korean artistes..


Honestly, I don’t know any of their songs other than “Nobody”, but I was pretty entertained with other songs as well..

They were in their signature “Nobody” golden outfit and the crowd started to clap hands, lift up one of their legs, and pointing the person in front of them, you get the drift..

*Singing “Nobody”*

After the Wonder Girls, the event was going down the drain for a while, no pun intended..

It took slightly more than an hour for Tokio Hotel to perform due to “technical difficulties” and the non-stop rain..

Continue on for more of Tokio Hotel, Katy Perry, and my lenglui date ;)

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MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia Is Back

The second installment of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia is back where last year’s one ended with a blast at the very same venue, Sunway Lagoon..

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010 is one of MTV’s most recognizable and eagerly anticipated events..This global series reaches over 550 million households worldwide and features the hottest music artists performing at unique locations around the world.

Music fans in 162 countries are transported to front row seats somewhere in the world to experience their favorite recording artists live.

mtv world stage malaysia 2010
*MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010*

I’ve got an opportunity to go for the very first MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia in 2009 but I snubbed it due to my exam and I’ve definitely missed one of the greatest event/concert being held in Malaysia..

Last year’s MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia featured The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Raygun, Boys Like Girls, Kasabian, Pixie Lott, and of course local outfit Estranged..

So this year I’m not going to blow the chance and am definitely going to Sunway Lagoon and enjoy my weekend to the fullest this time around..

The artistes line-up is quite an awesome one with local artiste Bunkface, internationals with Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel, and Korean girl group Wonder Girls of the “Nobody” song fame..

The thing is, MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia is one of the very few events where its passes are money can’t buy! It’s either you win it, win it, or win it!

But with Celcom Xpax, you can get an exclusive money-can’t-buy passes by reloading RM50..

  1. Type and send MTV to 28881 and wait for a confirmation.
  2. Reload RM50 upon receiving confirmation SMS and wait for your mobile voucher.
  3. Once you have received the mobile voucher, redeem it at the Ticket Hotline office at NO. 96B, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. 03-77251177


Play MTV World Stage Challenges on Xpax/S.O.X./U.O.X. Facebook pages and be one of the special few who walk away with EXCLUSIVE XZone passes.


Download Call Me Tones from Channel X and stand chances to walk away with these cool prizes. More details at http://bit.ly/9vppKp

Just follow the instruction and stand a chance to win cool prizes!


Download Katy Perry “California Gurls” Call Me tones..Type CMT<space>83987 to 22990..


Download Tokio Hotel “World Behind My Wall” Call Me tones..Type CMT<space>83465 to 22990..


Download Wonder Girls “Nobody” Call Me tones..Type CMT<space>83971 to 22990..

So either you find a way and wait to win a pass, or wait no more, do it the Xpax way..

I’ll be there and see you guys there yo!