SONY Alpha Tutorials For Beginners – Yuin Yin Light Gothic Studio Shoot

Few weeks back, we Alpharians (Alphanatics) did another private photoshoot session with another friend, Yuin Yin as our model..

The theme was Light Gothic, as suggested by the model herself..She was inspired by the manga cum anime and even a live-action movie adaptation called Nana..

Nana Osaki, the protagonist in the manga, is a vocalist for for a goth rock band called Black Stones and the character is played by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima in the live-action movie..

Okay enough of fun facts..We used the studio in SONY Style, a SONY sales department shop in The Curve which has its own studio..

A white backdrop has been used to create a contrast with the model’s outfit of dark and gloomy theme, the goth..

In this entry, I’ll explain more on how I got the photos and how I set the settings in my camera as well as a bit of fun facts here and there for the beginners..

Also, it’s a bit of introduction to the SONY Style Studio, which in this photoshoot was the second time we’ve used it..

So without further ado, here’s the photos and a bit of story-telling..

By the way, most of the photos I’ve already post-processed (PP) aka photoshop on the curves and levels to sharpen its image..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot

This photo is shot at aperture of F5, shutter speed of 1/20″ but with ISO 800..

With the help of studio lights and studio flash the noise is not that visible to the naked eyes..

Of course, with a slight bit of post-processing (PP) on the curves and levels to get this photo..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot

This photo it seems like I’ve cut-off the background but it’s not..Like I said, the backdrop is white color so by lowering the shutter speed and with the help of high ISO, the white areas will become more white..

In photography term we usually call it over exposed or in other words, burned, pecah, bao kong (broken light), or anything else that sound similar to it..

This photo used almost same setting as photo #1, shutter speed at 1/20″ but F4.5, ISO 800..Slight post-processing (PP) to sharpen the image as well..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot

Some beginners might ask how to get the blurry effect just like the photo above..It’s very easy..The way to do it is just like compact camera’s macro mode..

In compact camera, by switching on macro mode, you just have to do a close up shoot and you’ll get the blurry effect..

In DSLR way, just zoom-in your lens and focus on one point on a close-up range..If you focus on the front part you will get the blurry effect on the back and vice-versa..

The blurry part in photography term is called bokeh, which actually is a Japanese word..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot

Another bokeh effect..Usually to get the bokeh effect, any range further than 35mm will create the bokeh effect depending on your focus point and your close-up range..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot sony dslr alphanatics
*#5 – Emo-fied*

The original photo is quite bland and not as sharp..As usual, a bit of post-processing on the curves to increase its brightness and lower the levels to increase its contrast..

The settings for the photo above is 1/6″ for shutter speed and aperture at F5.6..Focal length is at full 70mm on my kitlens for this close up photo..

Of course, with the Super Steady Shot (SSS), an Image Stabilizer function which is built-in in a SONY Alpha DSLR camera body, the chances of getting blurry photos are lesser as well, even at low shutter speed..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot sony alphanatics
*Photographers at work..Kevin, Wingz, Alvan, and Ethan*

Other than the two studio lights that you can see, we also use SONY flash guns, those big flash lights that you usually saw attached to the camera body..

All of the photos above, none of the studio flash nor SONY flash guns were used..

More simple tutorials for beginners when you read on..

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Rachel Studio Shoot @ Sony Style, The Curve

This was like…….(right-click on pic to see the date)……more than 2 weeks back..LOL~!!

Okay this is the first we shoot at SONY Style Studio, a studio inside of SONY Style shop at The Curve..

Invited Rachel -my junior in both secondary and university and also a cousin of an old friend- to do this photoshoot and I guess it was quite an experience..

Rachel is of Chinese-Filipino parentage, so her skin tone is slightly darker and we had a hard time to fix the backdrop color..

We use colored translucent paper a.k.a tang lung paper to do the job, by using the colored paper as filter on the flash..

*#1 – Rachel Muriel*

We tried to put a bit of color on the backdrop with color paper and it seems that blue color is a bad choice, indeed..

By the way, the shadow shown on the back drop is purposely done..Yes although some might say it’s quite a mistake to have shadow at the back but we find it fine..

*#2 – Mysterious*

Then we decided to take a short break while Rachel change her clothes, to flowery dress..

So we removed the blue filter and blast the flash on the white-yellowish backdrop to eliminate the yellowish color..

*#3 – The long wait*

We even used a bit of props, considering it’s SONY Style shop, so there’s lots of things that can be used..

At least, we got a nice couch..

*#4 – Teh happy*

Now this was the first time we use the studio, we did lots of mistakes on the backdrop..Hope we can fix it in our next shooting..

*#5 – Laid back*

I could only post fit-size photo of hers because of the floor..There’s a black lining on the floor so the whole pic is not that white nor concentrated anymore..

*#6 – The new A230*

We used few props, the couch, new A230, a steel chair, and an old Cybershot digicam..We somewhat had fun shooting Rachel with the props in hands..

*Rachel and I*

Last but not least, here’s a photo of me and her..

You can view the full album on my Facebook Album, Rachel Muriel Studio Portrait..

I’ve another album coming up very soon..

Studio Shoot With Ivy – Blue Top

Okay, after the white top with red jacket, Ivy changed to her blue top and we played the flash with blue filter for some blue effect on the backdrop..

*#1 – The secret behind Ivy*

This pic gives people a bit of mysterious feeling behind the sombre effect..It’s like a lot of secret being kept within her for a long long time wtf..

*#2 – Grin :P *

Nice lighting on this pic..If only I can play with a bit of bokeh as well..

Continue on for more pics of Ivy in blue top..

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Studio Shoot With Ivy – Red Top

On Sunday, we had another DIY photoshoot at one of the sifus house..I must say he’s a very good host..

Anyhow, initially we’ve got 2 models and matters worsen when on Sunday morning at 10.30am, both models FFK-ed us..

If that’s not worse enough, we, 7 photographers already planned to meet at the designated area in Kota Kemuning at 11am..How’s that eh?

So I told Wingz that I shall browse through my MSN list and phonebook to see who’s available, as in immediately available..

Ivy, a very good friend whom I’ve known her for 9 years since I was in Form 4 and she’s in college at that time..Time flies, sigh..

I asked her help and fortunately she agrees to it..Sorry for the rush, heh..

She followed and we proceeded with the studio shooting..Here are some of my favourite shots..

Again, NO photoshop has been done to the photos except for resizing and watermark..

*#1 – When there’s a will, there’s a way*

I like the angle of this photo but the flash is a bit off..My first few photos turned out to be slightly underexpose due to my noobness..

*#2 – Happy go lucky*

When I started to get the drift, the backdrop seemed to be overexposed by lowering the aperture and also shutter speed, together with 3 flashes..

3 flashes that includes 2 speedlite flashes that were being reflected on the umbrella, and one direct flash from the camera’s built-in flash..

*#3 – You want a piece of me?*

This is one cheeky expression and I’ve got a candid of it..We called it “The Moment” photo..

*#4 – I can see through the barrier*

This is my favourite photo of all..Damn nice the overexposed backdrop..

IMHO, I’ve got a nice composition in this photo..Maybe that’s just me..Photography is very subjective and abstract to begin with :P

Do continue on for more pics..

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First Studio Shooting With Lisan

Today, I went out with Wingz and joined his Alpha kakis of minimuffin, Templar, mikestrok, buttercup, and hokc77, for a home “studio shoot” at Kota Kemuning..

They are all pros and masters of different areas in photography skills and it was a great opportunity to learn from them..The model of the day, was Lisan..

We had a DIY studio, a white backdrop, used SONY flashes as studio lights and using some proper photography unbrellas as diffusers..

It’s called STU or something, forgotten the real term for it though..

Since everyone is an Alpha user, it’s easier to set up the studio lightings by using infra-red trigger, the CLS way..

Okay, cut the crap and see the results, without any photoshop except for resize and watermark..

*The DSLRs, flash lights, and many other accessories*

Those are really sifu and masters, with all appropriate photography equipments readied..

Okay I might be a tad bit jakun since it’s my first time to be in a studio shoot..

*The 2 umbrellas, ellas, ellas, ellas*

See the 2 umbrellas? Those are the so called diffusers..I must warn you, it is damn bright and “burning”..


The one and only stylish-emo look that can pakai in my collection..

*In the hood*

This is one of my favourite shots, despite the not-so-smooth backdrop, I think the composition is one of the best in my collection..

That shows how bad my collection is..Sigh..

*She’s got the look*

Okay, never mind bout the backdrop, I think it’s not bad..If only I managed to “burn” the backdrop, it will be nicer..

*Flare in the face*

I know, this photo is actually a tad bit defected because of the flare..But I like the effect and the lighting very suit her face expression..

Now talk about abstract wtf..

Okay, my favourite photos among all, is this..

*Happy pi pi pi*

Damn nice right this pic? Hahahaha wtf..First time okay..

Anyway, practice makes perfect..We shall see again with the help of the sifus..