SONY Alpha Pro Shop @ Pudu Plaza, KL

SONY Alpha has its first Pro Shop in Malaysia and that has to be in Kuala Lumpur..

Studio Zaloon took the initiative to change its camera shop into SONY Alpha Pro Shop..

The official opening was somewhere in January 2010 and every now and then Studio Zaloon‘s owner, Mr Chin has been organizing outings with the SONY Alpha community..

studio zaloon sony alpha pro shop pudu plaza
*Studio Zaloon SONY Alpha Pro Shop*

The objective of the photography outings initiated by Studio Zaloon is to bring about Alpha photographers and also to share their knowledge among users..

I have never really heard of any DSLR community before, at least in the name of Nikon or Canon..

I reckoned that the Alpha community is a good idea for newbies to learn from the pros..

SONY Alpha Pro Shop, is named for its almost-complete range of SONY Alpha accessories (if you were to exclude SONY Centre), including camera body, range of SONY lenses, and many others..

studio zaloon sony alpha pro shop pudu plaza
*Studio Zaloon in Pudu Plaza*

That’s where Studi Zaloon located in Pudu Plaza..

There are two main entrances in Pudu Plaza and Studio Zaloon is just right opposite of the Chinese primary school Pik Chi or something..

Do check out at the Pro Shop if you are looking for SONY DSLR..