Steamboat @ Tony’s House

Close to one months ago which is during the Hari Raya holiday, some of the ex-Form Sixers gathered around for a steamboat feast cum gathering at Tony’s house..

Thanks to Lay Koon and Tony for organizing this gathering..

I know one month is a long way but I was busy so yeah..Here’s my post..LOL~!!

wah kei steamboat
*Wah Kei the poser*

One of my buddies back in Form 6 times, Wah Kei..He is currently working in Intel Penang..Don’t play play..

A lot of them were unable to attend and a lot more weren’t invited due to the constraint time frame..

Those who attended were Poh Hong, Pay Shuen, Tai Chee, Xinyee, Lay Koon, Waimin, and few others whom I can’t really recall as I was busy eating my heart out..

*Cock tails and balls*

Yes, we have cocks, balls, and tails..How can steamboat be completed without the balls..

*So-called Abalone mushroom*

This is the ‘bao yu ku’, which I directly translate it to abalone mushroom..Is that the correct name for it? Please correct me if I’m wrong..

*More balls, crab sticks, and fishes*

Other than the balls, it would be nice if you want to feel healthy and grab some vegetables..

Steamboat is quite heaty so it’s also good to go with some cool such as carbonated drinks or beer..

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Grand Steamboat Garden @ Taipan, USJ 10

Last week I got an invitation from Wilson to go for a dinner at Taipan, USJ 10..When he mentioned it’s a steamboat buffet, I said yes without thinking a second..

Close friends would know that I’m a big-eater and there’s no way I would say no to steamboat buffet..Moreover it’s opened by one of Wilson‘s acquaintances..

Grand Steamboat Garden is situated in the middle of Jalan USJ 10/1F, along the same row as Standard Chartered Bank..

*Grand Steamboat Garden*

This steamboat restaurant has been operating for only 3 months and with the long rows of shops in Taipan, it’s not too weird if you’ve missed this restaurant..

On top of it, this restaurant offers somewhat halal food (haven’t got the halal certification) where the choices of food are pork-free..

I believe in most of other steamboat buffet restaurants you have to walk around to get your food and all? In Grand Steamboat Garden, it’s all about sitting down and eating only..

*Conveyor belt*

The Japanese restaurant style of conveyor belt keeps you from walking around..The only time you have to walk around is to get your drinks..It’s self-service anyway..

*The ambience*

The restaurant could accommodate up to 80 pax..The seats are spacious enough and it’s not your average steamboat restaurant..

You don’t have to fight for your food, you don’t have to squeeze yourself in the crowd, nor ask for waiter/waitress to serve you..

Other than the convenience of the conveyor belt and its ambience all, there’s another specialty that I don’t think you could get this anywhere, or very very rare..

Find it out with some mouth-watering food to be offered..Before you proceed, the price is somewhere less than RM30 for adults and less than RM20 for kids..Well I don’t know how they define adults and kids but that’s the way it is..

Call 03-56389201 or 012-3750236 for reservations and further details~!!

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