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I’m not much of a radio listener nowadays after I’ve gotten my FM Modulator, a bit of CDs, and of course Youtube..So in a way I’m pretty much disconnected from current hits and top-chart songs..

I’m more of an “oldies” guy but not like very old songs like Elvis Presley and the likes but something of my era, the 80′s and 90′s where rock and alternative bands just entered the mainstream and boy bands were controlling the whole world!

You can check out the some of my favourites which I’ve blogged about in my Lyrics & Musics category..

It’s not the end of the world if you are not listening to the radio (which I know plenty of my friends don’t!), all thanks to social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, for example..

I would say so far the most interactive Malaysian-based music company in using social media tools is Sony Music Malaysia..

Sony Music Malaysia has its Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage..

Well if you think that nothing is free in this world, you are wrong, in this case..

Just hover around Sony Music MY Facebook Fanpage when you are free and you might stumble upon freebies give away!

Sony Music MY Facebook Fanpage have weekly prizes includes CDs, premiums, movie tickets, movie premiums, showcase passes and even “Meet & Greet” passes..

I’ve got CDs like Kasabian and Chris Brown from Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage, and also showcase passes to Kris Allen’s Showcase @The Gardens..

kris allen showcase the gardens

If you have been following my blog for the past couple of months you would have noticed that I had been giving Glee merchandises, the note book and folder..


All this merchandise I got it from Sony Music and good thing is SONY Music not only giving out Glee merchandises, but many more!

Here’s another catch..If you write a blog entry about this Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage, you’ll get to win 2 complimentary CDs of your choice courtesy of Sony Music Malaysia..

YES! Any CD of you choice but of course CDs from Sony Music and not from others ;)

Here’s a list of artistes under Sony Music umbrella if you need some references, Sony Music Artistes Wiki Page..

They have Alicia Keys, Boys Like Girls, Dave Matthews Band, Dido, Flow (Japan), John Mayer, Kat Deluna, Ken Hirai (Japan – OMG I want this!), L’Arc~en~Ciel (Japan – OMFG I want this too!), Lin Yu Chun (Taiwan), Rainie Yang (Taiwan), Tata Young (Thailand), Yui (Japan), and a long list of artistes from Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, US, UK, and many more !

Oh, it’s not copy-paste of my blog post but something of your own, something from yourself that shows you really like to be in the community of Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage to win freebies and all..

Once you have done that please leave your blog entry’s hyperlink/permalink in this entry’s comment section or in my blog (not the Sony Facebook Fanpage) and a VALID e-mail so that Sony Music Malaysia can contact you regarding your CDs..

And please, be a fan or “like” the Fanpage first before you go any further ;) All the best in getting freebies and so far, I’M LOVING IT!

Sorry “contest” is closed..Thanks for your participation :D

SONY Alpha Pro Shop @ Pudu Plaza, KL

SONY Alpha has its first Pro Shop in Malaysia and that has to be in Kuala Lumpur..

Studio Zaloon took the initiative to change its camera shop into SONY Alpha Pro Shop..

The official opening was somewhere in January 2010 and every now and then Studio Zaloon‘s owner, Mr Chin has been organizing outings with the SONY Alpha community..

studio zaloon sony alpha pro shop pudu plaza
*Studio Zaloon SONY Alpha Pro Shop*

The objective of the photography outings initiated by Studio Zaloon is to bring about Alpha photographers and also to share their knowledge among users..

I have never really heard of any DSLR community before, at least in the name of Nikon or Canon..

I reckoned that the Alpha community is a good idea for newbies to learn from the pros..

SONY Alpha Pro Shop, is named for its almost-complete range of SONY Alpha accessories (if you were to exclude SONY Centre), including camera body, range of SONY lenses, and many others..

studio zaloon sony alpha pro shop pudu plaza
*Studio Zaloon in Pudu Plaza*

That’s where Studi Zaloon located in Pudu Plaza..

There are two main entrances in Pudu Plaza and Studio Zaloon is just right opposite of the Chinese primary school Pik Chi or something..

Do check out at the Pro Shop if you are looking for SONY DSLR..

Sony A200 DSLR Test – ISO Performance

Ever since I bought my camera, SONY A200 DSLR on 9th May 2009, I’ve shot nearly 8,000 photos, or I should say used up 8,000 shutter count in 4 months..

From that amount of photos, I have a lot of bad photos that includes blurry photos, white balance testing photos, and also shutter speed testing photos..

From those tests, I’ve never thought of doing a performance test on my camera..

So from now on, I’m going to do some performance test with it as a guidance for myself and anyone who wants to explore in SONY Alpha DSLRs, or just plain DSLR..

It is strictly warned that it’s just a very brief guide to DSLR noobs and those trying to get their hands on a DSLR as based on my knowledge ..

I would not say it’s a tutorial as I’m not qualified enough for a tutorial..It’s just a simple test on my camera..

My SONY A200, equipped with its kitlens, a SONY 18-70mm, is sufficient enough for beginners like me, but I’m looking forward to expand my lens range already, after shooting for 4 months..

First off, I’ll test the most basic and easiest performance of all, the ISO sensitivity..

ISO actually stands for International Organization for Standardization, yes, it’s the usual ISO that we commonly know of, such ISO 9001, ISO 9002, etc etc..

As for camera’s light sensitivity, it is based on ISO 5800 for measuring the speed of color negative film..

Okay, enough of geek facts..Let’s get down to real business of SONY A200 ISO performance test..

sony a200 dslr iso-100 test
*ISO 100*

From here you can see the photo is considerably sharp as I’ve cropped it from its original size of 3872 x 2592, a full size of from the 10.2 megapixels body..

As you know, low ISO only works with good lighting and I took this pic with -0.3 BV (brightness value), shutter speed at 0.6 second, and F5.6 at 40mm focal length..

sony a200 dslr iso-200 test
*ISO 200*

When I pumped up the ISO to 200, the photo seems a bit grainy (noise) already but it’s still okay when you are in low light condition..

Aperture stays at F5.6, focal length 40mm, -0.3 BV, and shutter speed 1/3 second..

More on ISO 400 and above..

Continue reading

Stop Motion, Time Lapse On KL View

STOP MOTION FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

I guess most of you have seen my GIF images and all..All these while I’ve been planning something as big as this one..

It’s called Stop Motion or maybe Time Lapse, I’m not sure..I think Time Lapse best describe the theme of my project as Stop Motion often related to animations by using certain objects..

In this project, patience is the key to success..

Why so? Because for what I’m showing here is taken in 2 hours time, from 3pm to 5pm..And in that 2 hours time, 202 photos had been snapped, with each photo taken every 20-40 seconds..

The sky has been hazy for the past few weeks due to forest burning and all, and on that very day, 24th August 2009, Monday, the sky was bright and blue..

Got my camera readied on the tripod, set aperture to F10, adjust shutter speed accordingly to get constant exposure of +0.7..

So I started to press the shutter button on the house balcony for straight 2 hours..

Due to the exhaustion of the camera battery because I didn’t charge it up before I snapped, I’ve got 202 photos until the battery was dried up..

Then, opened my SONY Vegas Movie software, compiled all of the 202 photos, insert a nice song, voila! I’m done..

Enjoy the relaxing video with a relaxing song from Spirited Away OST, Day of The River, composed by Joe Hisaishi..

Oh, remember to watch it on FULL SCREEN MODE~!!!!


I know it’s not a perfect video but I must say I gave it a nice try, and it’s only my 3rd attempt, after the first two failed..

There’s still plenty of space for improvement..So I plan to charge up my battery and snap up to at least 500 photos to make up for my wonderful project..

Rachel Studio Shoot @ Sony Style, The Curve

This was like…….(right-click on pic to see the date)……more than 2 weeks back..LOL~!!

Okay this is the first we shoot at SONY Style Studio, a studio inside of SONY Style shop at The Curve..

Invited Rachel -my junior in both secondary and university and also a cousin of an old friend- to do this photoshoot and I guess it was quite an experience..

Rachel is of Chinese-Filipino parentage, so her skin tone is slightly darker and we had a hard time to fix the backdrop color..

We use colored translucent paper a.k.a tang lung paper to do the job, by using the colored paper as filter on the flash..

*#1 – Rachel Muriel*

We tried to put a bit of color on the backdrop with color paper and it seems that blue color is a bad choice, indeed..

By the way, the shadow shown on the back drop is purposely done..Yes although some might say it’s quite a mistake to have shadow at the back but we find it fine..

*#2 – Mysterious*

Then we decided to take a short break while Rachel change her clothes, to flowery dress..

So we removed the blue filter and blast the flash on the white-yellowish backdrop to eliminate the yellowish color..

*#3 – The long wait*

We even used a bit of props, considering it’s SONY Style shop, so there’s lots of things that can be used..

At least, we got a nice couch..

*#4 – Teh happy*

Now this was the first time we use the studio, we did lots of mistakes on the backdrop..Hope we can fix it in our next shooting..

*#5 – Laid back*

I could only post fit-size photo of hers because of the floor..There’s a black lining on the floor so the whole pic is not that white nor concentrated anymore..

*#6 – The new A230*

We used few props, the couch, new A230, a steel chair, and an old Cybershot digicam..We somewhat had fun shooting Rachel with the props in hands..

*Rachel and I*

Last but not least, here’s a photo of me and her..

You can view the full album on my Facebook Album, Rachel Muriel Studio Portrait..

I’ve another album coming up very soon..