NKOTBSB Karaoke By Sony Music @ Gardens Redbox

Sony Music Malaysia had organised a private New Kids On The Block + Backstreet Boys (NKOTBSB) Karaoke Night at the Gardens Redbox in conjunction to promote the NKOTBSB album..

That night, Tian Chad, Nigel, Fiona, Daphne, and I were there to relive our fond memories of the boy bands..

Daphne joined the karaoke contest in the Media Solo Category and the grand prize worth RM1,000 cash!

There were also the Public Solo Category and Group Category..

Other than cash prizes, the biggest of them all were 2 units of iBeats of ‘Beats by Dr Dre’ earphone worth more than RM500!

The iBeats’ tagline – “Hear What the Artist Intended”

  • iBeats™, the newest high performance in-ear headphones from the Beats™ by Dr Dre™ headphone line, makes the breakthrough Beats listening experience more affordable than ever before.
  • Specially engineered to reproduce high-resolution sound from the iPad™, iPod™, iPhone® and all portable music devices, iBeats™ feature a new sealed in-ear design that literally reduces external noise for a better music experience.
  • Solid metal iBeats™ construction provides durability and eliminates vibrations for incredibly clear, rock-solid sound.
  • Ultra lightweight iBeats™ are ideal for exercising and active lifestyles, and Monster’s super-convenient Monster ControlTalk™ headphone cable can be used with iPhone™ and iPod™ for music playback control as well as to take hands-free calls with iPhone® and many smartphones.

We were waiting for the party to kickstart and we were served with nice finger food :D

Some photos courtesy of Tian Chad..

*2 DJs from FlyFM to host the event*

Contestants get to choose their favourite song from either NKOTB or BSB and of course lyrics were provided because it’s a karaoke contest..

I enjoyed with most of the performances..Some were pretty good, some I could barely heard what they sang, and some were funny :P

I was a bit disappointed with their choices of song, where ‘As Long As You Love Me’ were sung for about 4 times by different contestants..

It’s quite a surprise that some other nice songs weren’t chosen, such as ‘Shape of My Heart’, ‘I Want It That Way’, and ‘If I Don’t Have You’, just to name a few..

In between breaks there were lucky draws..

I won some cash vouchers for Jusco and RedBox from it! :D

Tian Chad won some cash vouchers too..Fiona won a CK perfume from the lucky draw..

The biggest winner among ourselves was Daphne where she won herself the iBeats by Monster in the lucky draw!

In the end 2 contestants chose ‘All I Have To Give’, which is also one of my favourite songs from BSB..

Only one group sang ‘Step By Step’ by NKOTB and it’s no wonder to that coz some other contestants might be even younger than the NKOTB group!

I guess they were more familiar with BSB coz BSB is the modern boy band as compared to NKOTB, rose to fame in the late 80′s and early 90′s..

*Winners of the singing competition*

All is well and Daphne won the 2nd prize for the Solo Category, singing ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart’..

*Daphne with her prizes*

That night totaled up about 6 groups and about 13 solo contestants..

*Tian Chad, Fiona, Nigel, Kel Li, Daphne, and yours truly*

Everyone of us left the place happily for winning something from the event :D

STAR World Presents Lee DeWyze Live In Kuala Lumpur

American Idol Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze will be in Kuala Lumpur this coming 17th of May 2011 for a promo tour..

STAR World is proud to present another American Idol winner to fans in Malaysia so don’t miss this opportunity to watch him perform live in person on the 17th of May 2011 at Subang Parade (West End) at 4pm!

There will also be an autograph session for the public after his performance. So don’t forget to grab a copy of his new album, “Live It Up”..

*Image taken from Google Images*

Lee DeWyze will be here to promote his “Live It Up” album, in which he co-wrote all but one song on the album, has become the very first American Idol winner to have writing credit on a first single..

His first single of his debut album is “Sweet Serendipity” which is one of my current favourite, while his second single is “Beautiful Like You”..

Sony Music will give one lucky fan a chance of a lifetime to show Lee around town! Tune in to Mix FM from Monday, May 9th for a chance at being Lee’s personal tour guide to Kuala Lumpur together with fellow Mix FM DJs, JD & Dilly..

Be the first caller through during the cue to call and tell Mix FM how you will show Lee Dewyze around Kuala Lumpur in the most creative way possible..

All successful callers win 2 VIP passes to the autograph session as well as his latest album..

*Image taken from Google Images*

Shall I see you guys at Subang Parade? :D

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010 @ Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium

On 14th October 2010, I joined the gang to the Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010, thanks to Sony Music and Marctensia, not to forget brought to you by DiGi Live..

When I reach Bukit Jalil, the traffic flow was kinda smooth but the crowd in and out of the Putra Indoor Stadium was overwhelming..

A news article reported there were 10,000 people attended the Glam Nation Tour..

Well first we were treated with Jay Sean’s “Down”, sung by Iqwal..


His singing was quite good and great on his feet movements..He did a bit of moonwalking ;) Not bad for a new guy..

*Dennis Lau the violinist and Daniel Lee the Idol*

Then, my uni senior Dennis Lau came on stage with his violin and Malaysian Idol Season 2 winner Daniel Lee, a combo for Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”..

At about 9pm, the lights in the stadium were off and there was Adam Lambert standing up on the stage all glammed..

Adam Lambert started off with “Voodoo”, “For Your Entertainment”, “Rabbit Hole”, and “Ring of Fire”..

Then he continued with “Fever”, “Sleepwalker”, and an acoustic version of “What Do You Want From Me”..

At this point of time I feel that Glambert is toning down his performance just a slight tad bit but his energetic aura still rocked the stage nevertheless..

A friend told me he saw an interview with Adam Lambert on E! News on Astro, saying he toned down his performance as a way to respect the Malaysian government or something like that..Kudos to that!

More details on the set list, more photos, and of course a video from the concert after the jump! *jumps* :P

By the way, photos credit to Sony Music..

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Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010 Is Here!

Adam Lambert, the runner-up in American Idol Season 8, second best to Kris Allen, is coming to Kuala Lumpur for his Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010 concert!

As for personal preference, I enjoy Adam Lambert’s vibrant and energetic performance more than Kris Allen’s steady yet mesmerizing performance..

Glad that I’m going for both, already went for Kris Allen’s showcase and now to Adam Lambert’s..Too bad I had to give Kelly Clarkson’s a miss :(

adam lambert glam nation tour malaysia sony music*Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia 2010*

As much as he’s always being known as, Glambert it is, I’m expecting something flashy and rock-styled from him, like we’ve seen in the American Idols..

The concert is happening on 14th October 2010 at Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil, brought to you Live by DiGi, and jointly organized by Marctensia and Sony Music..

The ticket prices range from RM103 to RM253 for numbered seats and RM193 (Rock Zone) and RM298 (The Pitt) for free standing..

Well I’ll be there in the Rock Zone as it’s closer to the stage and I want to rock it on with my friends! Very much feel like mosh pits now :P

You can purchase the tickets online at Ticketpro.com.my or Ticketpro counters namely Rock Corner, Victoria Music Centre, and Music Valley, in Klang Valley..

For more ticket outlets in Penang, Johor, and Sabah, you can check out Ticket Outlets in Ticketpro.com.my..

If you buy from those ticket outlets, probably you can consider buying Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment – Tour Edition album too!

*Adam Lambert’s For Your Enterntainment – Tour Edition*

By purchasing the Tour Edition album you will get a 10% off on the concert ticket OR get a 10% off on the album when you purchase the concert ticket, get the drift? :)

Four Your Entertainment – Tour Edition album that has 4 bonus tracks and a bonus DVD which includes Stripped performances, AOL live session and the making of the video for “If I Had You”..

That’s all and I hope to see whoever who is going to the concert, Glambert yo!

For more info, do visit Marctensia.com or Adam Lambert Facebook event..

For more music info, do visit Sony Music Facebook Fanpage or follow them on Twitter @sonymusicmy..

Edited : 5.30pm-6pm for “Glam It Up”

For all Adam Lambert’s concert goers, be prepared to come all “glammed-up” as 5 lucky fans with the best glam look for the night will stand a chance to get an autographed Adam Lambert Glam Box as well as to meet Adam backstage..

In order to participate in the “Glam It Up” contest, just get all “glammed-up” and have your photo taken at the official photowall, stationed at the main entrance, by our designated photographers between 5.30 to 6.00pm..

On top of that if you are one of the lucky 5 chosen winners and also a DiGi subscriber, you and a friend will automatically be upgraded to DiGi’s zone to watch the concert**.  (**The upgrade of tickets is not applicable for “The Pitt” zone ticket holders)

For fans who comes between 6.00 to 8.00pm, you can still get your photos taken and be included in the “Glamberts Hall Of Fame” photo album which will be uploaded on Facebook after the concert..

To view your Glam photos, just go to Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/sonymusicmy). You can also share your photo with your friends by tagging yourself..Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the “Glamberts Hall Of Fame”..

Love In Disguise And Wang Lee Hom – Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi

Watched Love In Disguise, a movie starring Wang Lee Hom, soundtrack by Wang Lee Hom, and directed by Wang Lee Hom..All thanks to Sony Music..

Like them on Sony Music Facebook Fanpage and follow them on Twitter @sonymusicmy! Of course do check out their website at Sony Music as well..

I can tell you that it is my first time watching Mandarin language movie in cinema..I’ve even watched Thai movie twice in the cinema!

Anyway, back to the movie..I kinda love Wang Lee Hom‘s songs so in this movie I actually expected to hear lots of it..

*Image taken from Google Images*

Love In Disguise is about Du Ming Han (Wang Lee Hom), a famous popstar artiste who found his soul-mate in a car accident..

Apparently his soul-mate, Xiao Qing (Crystal Liu) is a music student who plays the guzheng and that attracts DMH..

DMH disguised as another person to hide his famous identity and enrolled into the music academy to get to know more about Xiao Qing..

DMH’s interest in Xiao Qing slowly developed into love but Xiao Qing has another love interest..

So the love story sets in from there..

Story wise, it’s quite a typical love story with an expected storyline..

IMHO, the downside of the movie is its poor dialogue, a very typical style in most of Taiwanese drama which I didn’t really like..

Anyhow, I always hear laughter from teenagers, laughing away at those dialogues, nevertheless..So, perhaps it’s not my cup of tea..

Overall, the message is there just that I feel it’s a bit lacked in both visual and dialogue presentation, especially the typical exaggerated silly acting ala Taiwanese drama..

It could be a good movie, if not great, if the script is more matured than just targeted at young audiences..I bet Wang Lee Hom could fare better in his next movie, should he directing another one..

Here’s a trailer of Love In Disguise..


I’m giving it a moderate 5/10, just because the theme song is freaking nice!

Here’s a MTV and pinyin lyrics of the theme song, “Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi” (All The Things You Never Knew) by Wang Lee Hom..


Wang Lee Hom – Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi (All The Things You Never Knew)

hu die zha ji ci yan jing
cai xue hui fei xing

ye kong sa man le xing xing
dan ji ke hui luo di

wo fei xing dan ni zhui luo zhi ji
hen kao jin huan ting jian hu xi
dui bu qi wo que mei zhuo jin ni

ni bu zhi dao wo wei shen me li kai ni
wo jian chi bu neng shuo fang ren ni ku qi

ni de lei di xiang qing pen da yu
sui le man di
zai xin li qing xi

ni bu zhi dao wo wei shen me hen xia xin
pan xuan zai ni kan bu jian de gao kong li
duo de shi ni bu zhi dao de shi

hu die zha ji ci yan jing
cai xue hui fei xing

ye kong sa man le xing xing
dan ji ke hui luo di

wo fei xing dan ni zhui luo zhi ji
hen kao jin huan ting jian hu xi
dui bu qi wo que mei zhuo jin ni

ni bu zhi dao wo wei shen me li kai ni
wo jian chi bu neng shuo fang ren ni ku qi

ni de lei di xiang qing pen da yu
sui le man di
zai xin li qing xi

ni bu zhi dao wo wei shen me hen xia xin
pan xuan zai ni kan bu jian de gao kong li

duo de shi ni bu zhi dao de shi
wo fei xing dan ni zhui luo zhi ji

ni bu zhi dao wo wei shen me li kai ni
wo jian chi bu neng shuo fang ren ni ku qi

ni de lei di xiang qing pen da yu
sui le man di
zai xin li qing xi

ni bu zhi dao wo wei shen me hen xia xin
pan xuan zai ni kan bu jian de gao kong li

duo de shi ni bu zhi dao de shi

SONY Music Facebook Page

I’m not much of a radio listener nowadays after I’ve gotten my FM Modulator, a bit of CDs, and of course Youtube..So in a way I’m pretty much disconnected from current hits and top-chart songs..

I’m more of an “oldies” guy but not like very old songs like Elvis Presley and the likes but something of my era, the 80′s and 90′s where rock and alternative bands just entered the mainstream and boy bands were controlling the whole world!

You can check out the some of my favourites which I’ve blogged about in my Lyrics & Musics category..

It’s not the end of the world if you are not listening to the radio (which I know plenty of my friends don’t!), all thanks to social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, for example..

I would say so far the most interactive Malaysian-based music company in using social media tools is Sony Music Malaysia..

Sony Music Malaysia has its Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage..

Well if you think that nothing is free in this world, you are wrong, in this case..

Just hover around Sony Music MY Facebook Fanpage when you are free and you might stumble upon freebies give away!

Sony Music MY Facebook Fanpage have weekly prizes includes CDs, premiums, movie tickets, movie premiums, showcase passes and even “Meet & Greet” passes..

I’ve got CDs like Kasabian and Chris Brown from Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage, and also showcase passes to Kris Allen’s Showcase @The Gardens..

kris allen showcase the gardens

If you have been following my blog for the past couple of months you would have noticed that I had been giving Glee merchandises, the note book and folder..


All this merchandise I got it from Sony Music and good thing is SONY Music not only giving out Glee merchandises, but many more!

Here’s another catch..If you write a blog entry about this Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage, you’ll get to win 2 complimentary CDs of your choice courtesy of Sony Music Malaysia..

YES! Any CD of you choice but of course CDs from Sony Music and not from others ;)

Here’s a list of artistes under Sony Music umbrella if you need some references, Sony Music Artistes Wiki Page..

They have Alicia Keys, Boys Like Girls, Dave Matthews Band, Dido, Flow (Japan), John Mayer, Kat Deluna, Ken Hirai (Japan – OMG I want this!), L’Arc~en~Ciel (Japan – OMFG I want this too!), Lin Yu Chun (Taiwan), Rainie Yang (Taiwan), Tata Young (Thailand), Yui (Japan), and a long list of artistes from Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, US, UK, and many more !

Oh, it’s not copy-paste of my blog post but something of your own, something from yourself that shows you really like to be in the community of Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage to win freebies and all..

Once you have done that please leave your blog entry’s hyperlink/permalink in this entry’s comment section or in my blog (not the Sony Facebook Fanpage) and a VALID e-mail so that Sony Music Malaysia can contact you regarding your CDs..

And please, be a fan or “like” the Fanpage first before you go any further ;) All the best in getting freebies and so far, I’M LOVING IT!

Sorry “contest” is closed..Thanks for your participation :D