Singapore Trip – Singapore Flyer, Esplanad, Merlion

After our last stop at The Mint Toys Museum, we proceeded to the Singapore Flyer, said to be the world’s largest observation wheel standing at 165m from the ground..

Going around with Nuffnang and with the collaboration with Tourism Singapore, we were able to enter the Singapore Flyer for FREE~!!!

singapore flyer
*The Flyer*

If you really want to know the price, it is SGD 29.50 for adults, SGD 20.65 for children, and SGD 23.60 for seniors..

There are many other packages and you can check it HERE..

You can book the whole capsule for your own function, which of course will cost a bit of money if you were to do so..

singapore flyer
*On our way up*

This is a bit of wide angle which I’ve tried to get as much of the sky for a better effect..

It was about 5pm at that time and the sky was quite moody, hence the greyish-no-cloud sky..

singapore flyer
*River meets sea*

This is where the river (I suppose) meets the sea..

More breath-taking photos after the jump..

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Hainanese Curry Rice @ Maxwell Food Court, Singapore

After our URA visit, we went to Maxwell Food Court which is just across the road for a quick lunch..

Been hearing how sucky Singaporean food is if compared to Malaysian food and all, I had a hard time deciding what time eat..What’s more in a food court!

Walked around and scouted around, bingo! The stall with one of the longest queues..

There was only 2 stalls with the longest queue, at the time we (CheeChing, Jade, Jian, and I) arrived..

One is a ABC-selling stall..Another one is this stall, Hainanese Curry Rice..

hainanese curry rice singapore maxwell food court
*Hainanese Curry Rice @ Maxwell Food Court*

So I queued up..It’s actually some kinda mix-economy-rice kinda buffet style..

While queuing i can already heard people ordering their food in Mandarin and all *gasp*..

My turn, the boss asked in Mandarin, “Dine-in or take away?”..

I replied, “Two rice, dine-in”..One for me and one for Jian..

Then I just pointed at the things that I wanted..Looked at the price board, so I chose prawns, eggs, and pork chops if not mistaken..

Costs around SGD 3.50 each..Okay, not bad..Around the same price as in Malaysia if you don’t convert, that is..

hainanese curry rice

This is my garlic egg with fried prawns..

hainanese curry rice singapore maxwell food court

This is Jian‘s garlic egg and pork chops..

Taste wise, quite good! Perhaps it’s my initial expectation is being set to a very low standard, the rice is actually very nice..

Okay the curry is very nice and very appetizing..Made me want more of it..Okay I just got a big appetite..

Asked around other people what’s nice and what’s not..So I ordered carrot cake..

carrot cake
*Carrot Cake*

There is white and black carrot cake..Logically, black means with black soy sauce and white maybe lesser..

So I thought black would be nicer..Ordered a big one, costs about SGD 3.00..

Shared with the others..Umm, not THAT nice coz I expected something nice since I’ve asked around already..

It’s a tad bit sweet, perhaps it’s the black soy sauce..The girls didn’t really like it..Jian was full..Ended up I finished like 80% of the plate..

Now you know what to order? *winks*

Singapore Trip – Part 1, Nuffnang Awards, URA, And Mint Toys Museum

About 2 weeks ago, 23rd til 25th of October 2009, I was in Singapore thanks to Nuffnang Singapore for the sponsored trip and also thanks to Tourism Singapore for the collaboration..

I know I’m a bit jakun but it’s actually my somewhat first time in Singapore..I’ve been to Singapore very very very long ago, that’s when I was in kindergarten and it’s my dad’s company trip..

Okay never mind bout the history and all..Back to Singapore trip..Here’s a bit of summary..

We left Asian Heritage Row, KL at about 9am..Reached Singapore at about 2.30pm if not mistaken..Waited at the hotel lobby of Link Hotel at Tiong Bharu..

Then off we went to Pan Pacific Hotel (if not mistaken) for the grand gala awards dinner..

nuffnang awards singapore akiraceo ginny
*Me, Ginny, Akiraceo..We lengchai and lenglui or not? :P *

Well if you ask me now, I couldn’t remember a thing except for Xiaxue winning the Region’s Best Blog, Most Influential Blog, and Best Original Blog Design..Congrats..

You can check out the other winners HERE..

IMHO, the Best Original Blog Design should go to Akiraceo because the whole layout is very original and is done by the blogger himself..

But I bet Xiaxue’s fans did a lot to make Xiaxue win every category which she’s nominated for and I doubt she designed the layout all by herself..

Anyway, the dinner was great and performance was good too..I quite like the magic show..The female magician was hot!

I think the rock band was a bit out of place, nevertheless I quite like their music..

Overall the event is nicely done considering the award it’s the first of its kind in this region, if you exclude Project Petaling Street previous dinners..LOL~!!

So the next day came, I reckoned that I should stick with the tour since it’s my first time in Singapore and most of the places that needed entry fees have been waived..So it’s a good idea to follow them..

singapore trip chinatown

Our first stop is Singapore’s Chinatown, very much cleaner and better looking than our very own Chinatown..

singapore trip chinatown
*Random pic #1*

Took some random photos to test out my street photography skills..Never tried before and it’s quite fun!

singapore trip chinatown
*Random pic #2*

This is one of the lots that I pretty like..

singapore trip chinatown
*Christine, WeiZhi, and Akira’s palms*

We went to the Chinese Heritage Museum or something like that..It’s actually in one of the shoplots in Chinatown..

The museum tells the story on how the Chinese ended being in Singapore and their olden days culture..

It also has a scary kitchen..Go check it out yourself if you want to know..Continue on for more interesting places wtf..

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Indulge In The Uniquely Singapore Experience

Honestly, I’ve never been to Singapore..Okay, I lied..I went there once with my family when I was about 3-4 year-old..

Not to mention that’s my dad’s company trip..So my inability to recall my Singapore trip due to my age it’s almost I have never been there at all..

In conjunction with Nuffnang Blog Awards, I think I should be given an opportunity to visit Singapore at least once with fellow bloggers..

First of all, I would love to try the food which Singaporeans claimed very nice and delicious..

food republic suntec
*Food Republic at Suntec*

I bet Food Republic at Suntec City Mall could provide me the variety of food to feed my appetite..

Most importantly I hope the whole food court offers at least a tidbit of non-halal food, which I think it’s very likely to have..

Other than food, I believe the clean city of Singapore could also feed my photography indulgence very much..

east coast park singapore
*East Coast Park*

Located off the East Coast Parkway, this is definitely one of the many places to I would love to test my photography skills..

It’s a place where it opens from night until dawn (7pm to 7am), very suit my nocturnal lifestyle indeed..

Due to its operating hour, it would be a nice place for me to capture the essence of sunrise, something that I’ve longed to try..

civilian war memorial
*Civilian War Memorial*

Other than mother nature, monuments such as the Civilian War Memorial would also be one of the perfect place for photography..

But of course, there’s more other than just plain photography fetish..Don’t forget that I’m a nocturnal..

For instance, I would love to visit the nightspots in Singapore and experience it at least once in clubs or maybe bars or some alfresco chilling place..

Cafe Del Mar or St James Power Station in Sentosa Island is something I’m looking forward for some nice clubbing experience with DJs on the stage..

Perhaps I might also pay a visit to Zouk Singapore to compare it with my second home in KL, the Zouk KL..LOL~!!!

All infos and images are taken from Visit Singapore..

But what’s the fuss about Nuffnang Blog Awards and Visit Singapore? Click HERE to find out more..

Together we “Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience”..