Awesome Beer and Pork @ Craft Brews, Mutiara Damansara [Non-Halal]

Craft Brews has become quite a significant name among beer drinkers, alongside many other what people called it beer cafe or restaurants nowadays..

If you have no idea what Craft Brews is, I bet you have directly or indirectly heard of Green Beer among your peers who like to drink..

Craft Brews is a brew house and restaurant located in Mutiara Damansara, right behind Tesco, The Curve..It’s at Menara Batu Kawan just right beside Lexus, or maybe Proton if I’m not mistaken..

The map is HERE and you can see it from the Petronas – Burger King joint..I love to hang out there for their Green Beer, Hoegaarden, and of course the ambient..

This time Craft Brews was the host and I was greeted by Ben, a young chap looked set to introduce Craft Brews to me and my guest Jackie with in-depth details..

craft brews mutiara damansara flying dog amber lager rogue amber ale
*Rogue and Flying Dog beers*

First off, we were introduced with bottled beers, namely Rogue and Flying Dog, both imported from the US..

Craft Brews is not your average beer cafe of sort, where serving uncommon beer is their trump card..

I bet you have never ever heard of Green Beer anywhere else in KL..Well at least I don’t..

craft brews mutiara damansara green beer
*Jackie with (from left) Czech Pilsner, Weizen, Monster Green Lager, and English Ale*

People come here is for its one of its kind beer, and I pretty like the concept..If I ever visit Craft Brews, I’m going for its not-so-common beer..That’s how special it is..

We’ve tried the Red Dot beers (namely the 4 beers in the photo on top) previously and actually Ben was pushing their US-imported beers, after much success of Red Dot (from Singapore)..

craft brews mutiara damansara flying dog amber lager rogue amber ale
*Flying Dog – “Old Scratch” Amber Lager*

This Flying Dog “Old Scratch” Amber Lager is just one of 6 other Flying Dog beers, which we would love to try next time..

I have never knew beer (or lager) can taste so good and smooth as this Old Scratch..If you want me to compare it with the likes of Heineken or Tiger or Carlsberg, there’s nothing to compare at all..

They are totally from a different league..Old Scratch is so smooth and not too thick that I wouldn’t mind to have it with my full meal..

It’s like a regular Hoegaarden drinker would tell you it taste nothing like the common beers..So does Old Scratch, it taste nothing like Hoegaarden as well..

The after-taste isn’t that hop-py or some people would refer it as the malt taste..I’m pretty fine with the “malt-taste”..

As for Rogue’s American Amber Ale, the hop is slightly stronger than Old Scratch but it has a strong fragrance of flowers..The after-taste is very complex in an interesting way..

For people who couldn’t stand the hop might be attracted to the flower fragrance as a sort of compensation to cover the hop taste..At that moment it made me think of pomelo’s after-taste, or maybe orange..

Both tastes great where I preferred Old Scratch to go with a full-course meal and Amber Ale for a plain football match..

Well it’s just me because it’s very subjective to one’s taste buds..Nevertheless, Jackie and I enjoyed both very much..

A little bit of fun-facts, Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager is an award-winning beer in the Great American Beer Festival where it was the 2005 Gold Medal Winner..

Nothing less from Rogue’s American Amber Ale as well..It was a gold winner in its class in 2006 World Beer Championship!

Okay enough of grandma story-telling competition..Great beers must be complemented with great food as well..

craft brews mutiara damansara complimentary soup
*Complimentary Soup*

First off, we were treated with a complimentary soup..No it doesn’t come with a set nor a “soup of the day” nor in the menu..It’s just plain complimentary soup and you could ask for it should you order anything from the “Mains” in the menu, if I’m not mistaken..

This one is no ordinary Bosch soup of sort though the concept is pretty look alike..It’s pretty thick with some diced carrots, tomato, pork, among other ingredients..It’s pretty good..

craft brews mutiara damansara spiced sausages in bacon skin
*Spiced Sausages in Bacon Skin*

This Spiced Sausages in Bacon Skin is totally one of my favourites in the “Savoury Grazing” page in the menu, alongside Caramelized Roast Pork which I’m going to tell later..

A bite of it will make the juicy fat of the bacon melt in your mouth..I definitely recommend this with a beer, perhaps Old Scratch or Green Beer..

Read on for more drooling pork galore that complements very well with your beer selection..

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