Mei Ling And Tan Qian Photoshoot @ Taman Bukit Jalil

After a long hiatus due to my engineering projects of Digital Piano and IR Remote Program Code Reader and final exam, I’m now free for at least 1 month..

And speaking of busy, I didn’t really touch my camera for quite some time and Tony, Jason and I did some stress release by having 2 pretty coursemates from the Chemical Engineering major to have a photoshoot with us..

It’s fun to have them with us on a Saturday morning at Taman Bukit Jalil with few “country themed gardens”..

Here are some of the photos..

tan qian taman bukit jalil
*Tan Qian*

This is Tan Qian, hailed from China..She’s been staying in Malaysia for more than 5 years and speaks good local slang as well :P

mei ling taman bukit jalil
*Mei Ling*

Mei Ling, a sweet girl who seldom talks but once you’ve got to know her, she’s kinda chatty too..

mei ling taman bukit jalil
*I want you!*

Most of the photos were taken using Sony SAL-75300mm, zooming at full-range..

One of my habits of taking outdoor portrait photoshoot is using tele lens..The bokeh effect is one of the reasons..

You don’t even need a low aperture tele lens to get some nice bokeh and that will serve you pretty well as a starter at a more affordable price..

tan qian taman bukit jalil
*Abandon house*

There’s an abandoned house kinda place which I think it’s not supposed to be like that but it’s quite old and not well maintained hence the wrecked window frames..

Correct me if I’m wrong..LOL..

mei ling taman bukit jalil
*The dark moment*

This photo is to reflect her “darkest moment” hence the black and white style to further enhance the feeling in it..

mei ling taman bukit jalil
*Loneliness #1*

The feeling of being abandoned doesn’t feel good at all..

tan qian taman bukit jalil
*Loneliness #2*

The long-wait for someone seems to be very torturing..

tan qian taman bukit jalil
*Loneliness #3*

I must applaud Tan Qian for her anticipation in this photoshoot as she put up a great emotion on this set..

Jason requested her to shed some tears, not to the extent of crying out loud and yeah, she did it perfectly..

Just a slight teary eyes for this set and I can actually feel her when I was looking into her through the lens..

For more photos do head over to my Facebook album of Mei Ling And Tan Qian Photoshoot..

Street Photography – Jalan Ipoh

Two weeks ago went for a bit of so-called street photography session with the Alpha kaki comprising Wingz, Ho, and Tony..

Attended a Sony Alpha so-called workshop and our assignment was street photography, themed KL something something..Forgotten already..

So out we went shooting..Well, not something great or creative or unique because we were kinda lazy..

jalan ipoh

DBKL or not, I bet the people didn’t really feel their authority presence..

jalan ipoh
*Jalan Ipoh*

Was waiting for an empty street but it’s almost impossible on a Saturday morning..

jalan ipoh
*Traffic congestion*

I guess it’s quite a norm, what’s more a Saturday morning..

jalan ipoh

Is it JT or something else? I’ve forgotten what does the JT stands for, for I know it won’t be Justin Timberlake nor John Terry :P

jalan ipoh
*Use the pedestrian bridge*

Use the pedestrian bridge or pedestrian crossing is always the better choice but in Malaysia, we do it the Malaysian way!

jalan ipoh
*A home*

Don’t you feel grateful albeit wherever you are living now?

jalan ipoh

And that wrapped up our lazy street photography..LOL..We only walked around the same area for not more than one hour I guess..

Yes indeed it was a very lazy one, but it’s good enough for me to get my gears working again..

SONY Alpha Tutorials For Beginners – Yuin Yin Light Gothic Studio Shoot

Few weeks back, we Alpharians (Alphanatics) did another private photoshoot session with another friend, Yuin Yin as our model..

The theme was Light Gothic, as suggested by the model herself..She was inspired by the manga cum anime and even a live-action movie adaptation called Nana..

Nana Osaki, the protagonist in the manga, is a vocalist for for a goth rock band called Black Stones and the character is played by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima in the live-action movie..

Okay enough of fun facts..We used the studio in SONY Style, a SONY sales department shop in The Curve which has its own studio..

A white backdrop has been used to create a contrast with the model’s outfit of dark and gloomy theme, the goth..

In this entry, I’ll explain more on how I got the photos and how I set the settings in my camera as well as a bit of fun facts here and there for the beginners..

Also, it’s a bit of introduction to the SONY Style Studio, which in this photoshoot was the second time we’ve used it..

So without further ado, here’s the photos and a bit of story-telling..

By the way, most of the photos I’ve already post-processed (PP) aka photoshop on the curves and levels to sharpen its image..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot

This photo is shot at aperture of F5, shutter speed of 1/20″ but with ISO 800..

With the help of studio lights and studio flash the noise is not that visible to the naked eyes..

Of course, with a slight bit of post-processing (PP) on the curves and levels to get this photo..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot

This photo it seems like I’ve cut-off the background but it’s not..Like I said, the backdrop is white color so by lowering the shutter speed and with the help of high ISO, the white areas will become more white..

In photography term we usually call it over exposed or in other words, burned, pecah, bao kong (broken light), or anything else that sound similar to it..

This photo used almost same setting as photo #1, shutter speed at 1/20″ but F4.5, ISO 800..Slight post-processing (PP) to sharpen the image as well..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot

Some beginners might ask how to get the blurry effect just like the photo above..It’s very easy..The way to do it is just like compact camera’s macro mode..

In compact camera, by switching on macro mode, you just have to do a close up shoot and you’ll get the blurry effect..

In DSLR way, just zoom-in your lens and focus on one point on a close-up range..If you focus on the front part you will get the blurry effect on the back and vice-versa..

The blurry part in photography term is called bokeh, which actually is a Japanese word..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot

Another bokeh effect..Usually to get the bokeh effect, any range further than 35mm will create the bokeh effect depending on your focus point and your close-up range..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot sony dslr alphanatics
*#5 – Emo-fied*

The original photo is quite bland and not as sharp..As usual, a bit of post-processing on the curves to increase its brightness and lower the levels to increase its contrast..

The settings for the photo above is 1/6″ for shutter speed and aperture at F5.6..Focal length is at full 70mm on my kitlens for this close up photo..

Of course, with the Super Steady Shot (SSS), an Image Stabilizer function which is built-in in a SONY Alpha DSLR camera body, the chances of getting blurry photos are lesser as well, even at low shutter speed..

yuin yin light gothic studio photoshoot sony alphanatics
*Photographers at work..Kevin, Wingz, Alvan, and Ethan*

Other than the two studio lights that you can see, we also use SONY flash guns, those big flash lights that you usually saw attached to the camera body..

All of the photos above, none of the studio flash nor SONY flash guns were used..

More simple tutorials for beginners when you read on..

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