Juice 7th Anniversary @ Euphoria, MOS

Last Friday, 24th July 2009, was the day Juice Mag celebrated its 7th anniversary at Euphoria the Ministry of Sound, at Sunway..

Thanks to Jess for getting the VIP tix for us and I guess most of us enjoyed much of the free-flow of Chivas, Vodka, and Martell..

But the free-flow ended around 11pm..That’s the most frustrating part..Sigh..

Anyway, here’s a photo of some of us who went to the birthday party..

*The blogger bunch, photo by Howard*

Before I talk about the not-so-much details of the party, a rare incident happened to me on the upper floor where all the VIPs were..

Just as the event kickstarted, I was skodeng-ing from the VIP area on the 1st floor..

Then suddenly a Chinese, full dreadlock hairdo, tapped on my shoulder..I took a look at him, he smirked at me.To be polite, I smiled back..

Then, he rested his arm on my shoulder like how a good friend always do..I didn’t really care coz it actually scared me a bit wtf..

I couldn’t take it no more, I asked dreadlock with mustache guy “Are you Michael Cheang?”..Coz he really looked like Michael Cheang, minus the dreadlock..

So I thought Michael Cheang actually put on a wig and tried to scare me off..

Not long after that, he said, “Shit, I thought you are my friend~!!”..

And as alert as I am, I straight told him that I think I know who he’s talking about..So he continued to describe how his friend looks like and all..

In reply, I told him I know everything about it, as in how he looks like and how we both shared the same features, long hair, specky, averagely tall, and our face does look alike..

Yeah, he’s no other than Chi Minh (or something like that) whom I’ve blogged about not long ago about my “twin” brother..

I’ve heard of people mistaken him as me coz they were asking me whether I was there at that time or here at this time or some other places at some other times..

BUT, this was the very first time people mistaken me and him..This is such a rare case..

On a side note, I don’t know Chi Minh personally but I guess both of us actually acknowledged each other’s existence..LOL~!! Creepy? :P

Ok that’s all I want to say regarding the rare incident..LOL..

*L>R – Joshua, Hikaru, Me, Ren*

With Joey G hosting for the night, it did get the crowd going with his awesome personae, and not to mention that the girls and gays go wild and gaga over him wtf..

There were performances like Adidas fashion show, DJ Goldfish, and few others whom I didn’t pay attention to..

Oh, and a bit of nipple slip from a female singer whom I didn’t even know her name..

Not to forget Chris Tock won a bottle of Absolut Vodka for Best Dressed..Besides that, PPC also won something in another contest but she’s just “one watch” shy to win a 3D2N trip to Langkawi..

Well, I guess that’s all I want to talk about the event coz after that it was all camwhoring with the party girls of Adele, Jacklyn, Bell, and their gang..

Much fun was after that at Ming Tien, with jokes from some crazy friends coz we were talking about roadblocks and all..

Police : Pergi mana?
Me : Depan..
Police : Dari mana?
Me : Belakang..

There were lots more that we couldn’t stop laughing while we were eating wtf..

But I guess that’s it..You need some Juice? *wriggle eyebrows*

I Want F&N Party For The Win

If you all have noticed in Innit, Huai Bin and Pamsong have been having war to fight for the FREE F&N PARTY~!!!

Yeah you heard me..IT’S FREE~!!!!!!!!! And the winner’s budget is allocated for like 26 people only..

Now Huai Bin, I’m helping you here to promote and giving you my support..So in turn, you know lah, must invite me okay? :P

It all started when he saw the ads in the newspaper or something..

Check out his crazy attempt when he bought like don’t know how many hundreds of cans of F&N drinks..

*Pics stolen from sixthseal.com*

Then his last minute preparation to ensure himself really gets a place in the finals or something..

All the best and remember to invite me okay..

DGMB Old School Party – Part 3, Being Kids Again

The old school party started off pretty well with all the food and toys..

To re-live the school moment, some latecomers got a shot right in the head and yes, we have not been doing that for more than a decade..

*Ketuk ketambi for latecomers*

Now Sheon and Joshua looked a bit wrong here coz they were seemed to be very happy for being punished..

*Aaron and I, the real deal*

Now this is more like it..Getting punished is not quite a good scene and of course, small kid cries a lot when being punished..And of course the fear of showing our face..

See Aaron‘s expression and me covering my face..

*Now this is a bit too much*

Chung Lern looked like a suspected rapist than being a late student..LOL..

*We listen to Captain Planet’s theme song*

Yes, that’s one of our favourite cartoons back then, Captain Planet where it has lot of environmental friendly messages..

We also listened to old songs from the likes of Inner Circle’s A la la la la long, Shaggy’s Mr Boombastic, New Kids On The Block’s Step By Step, Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, Spice Girls, Backstreet Gays Boys, All 4 One, and many more to name here..

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DGMB Old School Party – Part 2, Food and Toys

After we have introduced the people of the 80′s in Part 1, it’s time to introduce the food and toys of 80′s!

Well we have to scrutinize our closets, cupboards, paper boxes, etc etc..

And we even roamed the wholesaler hypermarket nearby my house for some old skool food, namely Tora, Ding Dang, MiMi, Choki Choki, NiNi, Hiro, Black/White Bubblegum, Poli Pongs, and many more..


*The toys*

*Hsu Jen with Ding Dang and Pam with Poli Pongs*

*More toys*

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DGMB Old School Party – Part 1, The 80′s People

It’s old school (read : skool) people y’all..That’s absolutely right..

We organized an old school party in conjunction with Halloween, but one week in advance of course..

So the cue was we’ll reminisce what we had been doing in the past, what we had eaten, what we listened, and what’s whatever we did in when we were in primary school and so forth..

And of course, for a better crowd control, this event was opened to invited guests only..

Introducing, the chocolate starfish people from the early 80′s, and mid 80′s as well..

*Nigel and Kelz*

The old skool rocka Nigel with his old skool Adidas jacket..He was the in-house DJ for the night too..And he put on great pushes mixes with awesome old skool songs..

Kelz the polite good girl pengawas (but why pengawas not blue shirt one ah?) who punished errant students wtf..

*David and Hsu Jen*

David the rugged pengawas who has his own style, for loosen tie, unbuttoned shirt, and didn’t tuck-in his shirt as well..

Hsu Jen the, I don’t know what she was..A school girl with lacy sleeves blouse and also short pants wtf..LOL..

*Jenifer and Jentz*

Jenifer the transfer student from the Land of The Rising Sun but with limited command of the mother tongue..

Jentz the always-ponteng-student..See that Ninja flowery shirt? He always keep that in his bag for his truant conveniences..

*Sheon and Sharin*

Sheon the student of private school Ralph Lauren Fashion (see his badge?)..I guess he got a culture shock when he arrived Subang, the land of nothing else matters wtf-I-don’t-know-what-I’m saying..

Sharin the REALLY old skool person because we planned an 80′s themed party and she came in 60′s and 70′s hippies kinda fashion..That’s old skool y’all..

*Chung Lern and Stephanie*

Chung Lern the tits-cover-up-rapist-drop-out-rapper wannabe..

Stephanie the private school student from no where..Just happened to passby and gatecrashed wtf..

*Me and Joshua*

I’m the primary school student but with my secondary school badge from the 70′s and also a Ketua Kelas (Class Monitor) badge from my Form 6 era..

Joshua is, nothing that you can imagine coz he’s more than meets the eyes wtf..


Now this is more than meets the eyes..See those popping eyes? Now this is Aaron, the school representative in sports..Why? See that Milo shirt? Only school athletes can get those shirt okay..

*Pamsong and Thomas*

Pamsong the Leo Club Lion-wannabe with her oh-so-heavy blazer with lots of I-don’t-know-for-what badges..But it doesnt matter coz the blazer belongs to Kelz..LOL..

Thomas the bookworm-cum-geek wannabe, who definitely need to be punished for wearing a polo T to school..

Next Up we’ll get to see the preparations of the old school party..

DGMB Mooncake Festival Party @ My House

Yes, this is kinda late because I was waiting for the photos from the others..

Then waste a bit of time to edit the photos..Amatuer like me need to spend a tad bit of time okay..

So it was on 12th of September, Friday, where friends came over to my house and celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival a.k.a Mooncake Festival in advance..

It was quite a nice coz that’s my very first time to hold a lantern after so many years..I think the last time I carried a lantern was somewhere Primary 3-6..

Photos contributed by David, Nigel, Joshua, and myself as of what you see on the watermark..

*Some of the early bird and slackers*

*Pamsong playing with my dwarf hamster*

*Sheng Mae too but she damn afraid of it..Tikus konon wtf*

*All left Aaron do the candle and old school paper lantern alone*

Then we proceeded to the playground just situated opposite of my block..There are slide, swings, tree, and many other useless things wtf..

*We play at the playground in the housing area*

*Clockwise from left – David, Kelli, Joshua and Aaron, Nigel*

*Hsu Jen and Sheng Mae with their lantern wtf*

After lighting all the candles in the old school paper lanterns, we decorated it on tree branches and on the swings..

*They do the lantern decorations*

Nothing is complete without camwhores and camgigolos..And also playing with fire and using slow shutter with DSLRs..

*Group photo and shadow photo*

*Thomas the flame thrower*

*Thomas showing his kung fu shadow skill*


*Me the lantern arsonist*

Well, that’s why old school paper lantern is not so user-friendly now..It burns easily and fire is not good for children..

With the technology and all, all modern lanterns are now battery-fied with the shape of tanks, rabbit, helicopter and all sorts of stupid stuffs..

Think they’ll come out with the shape of DSLR, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and PSP in the near future..

*Can you see the orb walking past Joshua?*

*Group pic 1*

*Group pic 2*

After all of the decent group photos and on high from all the burning candles and lanterns, why not some stupid pose wtf..

*All on high after all the candles and lanterns*

*Ass photo*

After some wicked and kinky photoshoots, we went back up to my house coz it’s getting a bit late and we didn’t want to make noise and cause furore in the neighbourhood..

*Like I say, they are on high*

Then Hwei Ming needed to leave for the night coz it’s getting late and he’s got curfew..So, we bade farewell to Hwei Ming coz he’s leaving to UK on Wednesday, 17th September 2008..

Yeah..According to him, he won’t be back for the next 7-8 years coz he’ll be taking the CSI-related (Crime Scene Investigation) course in UK..

Yes..He likes all those technologies and bio-chemicals and a potential to be the first Chinese-non-Cantonese-nor-Mandarin-speaking terrorist..

*Then we bid farewell to Hwei Ming*

*Well these are a bit gay-ish*

After he left, we proceeded our secret plan..To paste nice nice photos of us on the BIG BIG card we bought him..

The size is damn huge okay..Now that I think back, we should get him a compilation booklet of our photos..Easy to carry and mobilize-friendly..

*Composing the farewell card*

*Taa-daa~~We’ll miss you like mad Hwei Ming*

At about 1am, the people left and headed home coz all of them stay quite far away, from Kepong to Damansara to Subang to Klang..Damn far right?

Yes, I’m done with this already..Can rest now..