Jojo Little Kitchen @ Kuchai Entrepenuer Park

Well, for no reason, I’ve got like don’t know how many so-called spam comments from valid commentors in my blog post about Miharja Pan Mee..

Not really spams, but, they discussed bout Kuchai Jojo Little Kitchen in my Miharja Pan Mee entry..Weird..

Anyhow, the comment thingy was quite effective wtf..So I went to try it out with both of my sisters..

If you know where is Kuchai Entrepenuer Park, then I shouldn’t be a problem to locate Jojo Little Kitchen..

It’s behind a row of shoplots nearby well-known shops like Winson Fish Head Noodle and Wingz Cafe..

*Jojo Little Kitchen*

If you are not familiar with the place, you might missed the corner shop with its not quite striking signboard..

But that’s not really a problem to them coz they have quite a lot of regular customers..

*The place and my two younger sisters, Min and Shan*

Then we ordered different type of pan mee..Didn’t really know what to choose, we just made random orders..

Other than pan mee they also sell other kinds of noodles and finger food..

Read on for more mouth-watering pics and pan mee..By the way, all of the pics in this entry are NOT photoshop, only resizing and watermarks..It’s all straight from my camera..

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Random Get Together

A routine Friday lunch outing at Super Kitchen with Wetwetwater and Jason has become somewhat a trend..

From inviting Aaron and David in the first place, then we invited Mike, KY, and suddenly the list go on with Kelli, Hwei Ming, Thomas, and Sheng Mae..

Not to mention, the whole of Nuffnang team were there too..Timothy, Nicholas, Robb, Yee Hou, Firdauz, and even new Nuffie Pinky!!

Additional to that was Su Ann, ChrisTock, and few more people..This is like the most random bloggers gathering I ever had..LOL..

This shows that bloggers are everywhere and anywhere we would like to be..Hahaha..

All of them came from everywhere, PJ, Damansara, Cheras, KL, etc etc..

*Mikeyip and Yapthomas*

*Wetwetwater and Jason on the phone*

*David enjoying panmee, Hweiming, and Kelli*

*Stones Aaron and Sheng Mae*

Didn’t managed to snap a pic of KY coz he was rushing back to office..

Thought of paying the new Nuffnang office a visit but we scrapped it coz it was raining in the late afternoon..

We blew water at Super Kitchen til 4pm..LOL..I can see another trend is coming through =P

Pan Mee @ Taman Maluri, Cheras

Well, as recommended by some comments in my old blogs, I went to try the Pan Mee at Taman Maluri, nearby Old Town..

Some said it’s the best that I should it..As a matter of fact this is my 8th Pan Mee entry..

*This is where the Pan Mee stall situated*

The Pan Mee is just under the huge umbrellas that you can see..

*Opposite of Old Town*

*Another shop that is situated on the diagonal opposite of the Pan Mee stall*

If you don’t know where is the Old Town in Taman Maluri, it’s just few rows before Maluri Inn/Hotel Maluri if you turn in from Public Bank..

*Soup base Pan Mee*

*The round type of Pan Mee*

You can order the normal torn type, shredded kuey-teow look-alike type, or this yellow-mee-rounded type..

*The dried Pan Mee*

*The chilly*

Most pan mee tastes quite the same..The answer to nice pan mee is the ingredients to make the soup, and also a nice hot flaming chilly..

The soup is quite thick compared to many places that I’ve tried..Nevertheless, it tastes fine for any noodle with think soup..

The dried one is rather different from anywhere else..Most pan mee used gravy of dark soy sauce that is cooked with mushrooms and minced pork..

But this stall is a bit different..It’s nothing close to dark soy sauce if you ask me..So I’m not sure what’s the ingredient but it tastes okay for me..

I especially like the minced pork as it’s quite easy chew..I guess it’s seasoned with tapioca powder..

They also have the spicy soup pan mee (ma lat pan mee)..But from what I saw in other stalls, I think this spicy soup is

So overall, it’s not the best that I’ve had and it’s not something to hoo-hah about..

If I’m not around that area, I wouldn’t purposely go there to have my meal..I would rather go to my favourite pan mee at Taman Miharja..

It’s easier to find parking there during peak hours and the distance is almost the same as Taman Maluri if I’m going from my house..

Plus the Miharja ones have nice cheap and tender pork balls to savor on..Where can you get additional pork balls of RM1 for 6-pieces? No where except Taman Miharja’s..

*Me and my sister finish everything in less than 15-minutes*

We had our lunch at 3.30pm and we were damn hungry..So, what’s your say?

Lim Kee Pan Mee @ Taman Taynton View

Now, here’s another Pan Mee entry from me..I guess Pan Mee is the main food in my food category..

Perhaps Pan Mee could be found everywhere in KL’s corner, no?

Okay, here’s Lim Kee Pan Mee at Taman Taynton View in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur..

You know, the same row with the famous Jin Man Fish Ball Noodle in Taman Taynton also..

*Restoran Lim Kee Pan Mee*

There’s one thing different with this Pan Mee compared to some others..

Lim Kee serve the usual Pan Mee and also Pork Noodle..Otherwise, you can have Pork Pan Mee fusion..

That’s actually Pan Mee with normal pork noodle ingredients, i.e pork balls, minced pork, etc..

*The soup based normal Pan Mee*

*Dried Pork Pan Mee*

*Additional Sui Gao (dumpling)*

You can add-on Sui Gao or pork balls, but with minimum of 2 pieces of Sui Gao which cost RM2, RM1 for each..

I’m not pretty sure bout the pork ball but I think it costs almost RM0.50 per piece, and it’s so so only..

With RM1, I could have 6-pieces of tender pork balls at Taman Miharja Pan Mee..So I always give Lim Kee’s pork ball a go and order Sui Gao instead..


The price is quite reasonable, not especially expensive..

A normal Pan Mee or normal Pork Noodle would costs around RM4 for small and about RM4.80 for big, if I’m not mistaken..

For Pork Pan Mee fusion would costs slightly more, somewhere RM4.50 for small and maybe RM5.30 for big..Couldn’t really remember the price..

I would recommend this for a try, if you are in for Pan Mee and Pork Noodle..

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Pan Mee @ Taman Miharja, Cheras (My Fave)

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Super Kitchen Pan Mee @ Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (Just opposite Kin Kin)

Pan Mee @ Super Kitchen, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, KL

CHILLI PAN MEE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Went to Super Kitchen yesterday with Wetwetwater, Jason and his friend (forgotten her name)..

This Super Kitchen Restaurant is just located opposite of Kin Kin Pan Mee..

I’ve became a chilli pan mee addict since I worked in Nuffnang..

A lot of friends asked me how to go to this place..I would say this road is a bit secluded if you are not familiar with Jalan TAR, Jalan Ipoh, or Dang Wangi area..


It’s very easy..Say you are heading to Maju Junction/Pertama Kompleks from Bulatan Pahang..

Before you reach Maju Junction traffic light, there’s a Pizza Hut on the left side of the road..

So when you enter Jalan TAR from Bulatan Pahang, keep to the left lane and spot the Pizza Hut..

Turn in at the Pizza Hut and you will see Kin Kin and Super Kitchen at the back of the main road of Jalan TAR shoplots..

*Restoran – Super Kitchen – Restaurant*

They are selling the same thing as Kin Kin, that’s chilli pan mee..

But they have more varieties in the menu, ranging from fishball noodle, porkball noodle, fried rice, spicy chicken rice, and such..

*Spot the signboard*

*Jason and his friend..That’s the boss standing there*

*Kelvin “Wetwetwater a.k.a Sapsap Sui” Leong*

This entry I’m going to teach those who have not tried chilli pan mee before on how to eat chilli pan mee..

Move on to know if you don’t know..Jen jen jeng..

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Kin Kin Pan Mee @ Jalan Tunku Adbul Rahman-Dang Wangi Area, KL

PAN MEE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Well, I had been doing numerous Pan Mee entries before this, and now it’s Kin Kin Pan Mee time..

Went there with my colleagues, with Timothy, Nicholas, Skyler, Firdauz, Esther, Vivian, and Janice..

Been reviewed by lots of bloggers already..I don’t really know how to go by car..

If you are from Bulatan Pahang (the General Hospital, Tawakal Hospital, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa that one) heading to Sogo-Pertama Complex, it’s somehwere on the way..

Of course, it’s way before Sogo, it’s even before Maju Junction..So it’s before the Maju Junction traffic light, behind the shoplots on the left side..

Shit..My direction is so messed up..I only know how to go if I’m walking over from Heritage Row..Hahaha..I know it isn’t funny at all *head down and pats on back*

So umm, what-evaaaa~..Let’s proceed to pics and my review..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*Restoran Kin Kin Pan Mee, and nothing but Pan Mee*
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*L>R – Nicholas, Skyler, and Janice*
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*L>R – Janice, Vivian, Esther, and Firdauz wtf*
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*And the boss, Boss itself*

8 of us had this chilli pan mee..And so, the pan mee is here..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*The pan mee*
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*With Mata Kerbau as topping*

Okay, these pics I actually haven’t added the chilli in..So I scooped 3 spoons of chilli and mixed it around equally..

Then it looked so yummy that I didn’t snap a pic of the after-mix, I just helped myself on the pan mee ferociously *buurp*..

It definitely tasted different from the usual pan mee..And the thing is if you can’t stand spicy and hot, you’ll not feel the tastiness of this pan mee..

It’s the chilli that goes well with the mee..Although the egg looks kinda odd in the serving, it’s not that bad after all..

And umm, the portion is quite small and it serve with 1 standard size only..No big no small..

The price, I think it’s somewhere around RM4-RM5..Yeah, a bit expensive for a small portion of pan mee, but it’s worth to try la coz damn nice..

This pan mee is a must try if you can handle spicy and hot food..

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