Outfit of The Day – OOTD

Just a simple OOTD post.

male ootd outfit of the day uniqlo padini tomaz

Top - Andy Warhol red tee by Uniqlo
Bottom - Grey cropped pants by Padini
Shoes - Black loafers by Tomaz

The red tee of Andy Warhol is one of my favourites, a good buy from Uniqlo. My cropped pants is slightly baggy on the top part and getting skinnier from knees down below.

Nice comfortable loafers from Tomaz, can be worn with or without socks.

CNY Day 3 & OOTD

On CNY Day 3, my sister joined me to go to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with some friends for lunch at Dragon-i.

We just had to snap in front of those big mirrors in front of the lifts, it’s my new obligatory Outfit of the Day (OOTD) post.

uniqlo flanel check shirt padini chino pants tomaz suede loafers

Top – Navy blue checks with red borderline flanel check shirt by Uniqlo
Bottom – Chino pants by Padini
Socks – Stripe socks by Uniqlo
Shoes – Red suede loafers by Tomaz

Now, some people thought flanel shirts would be very hot for Malaysian weather. I would say it’s fine if you are 90% to be indoor.

I’m beginning to get the hang of wearing shirts during day time, I mean, besides attending events in the evening and stuff.

Flanel check shirts are making its way back into the fashion trend cycle, more popularly known during the 90′s where most alternative rock bands usually wore them, namely Nirvana, Silverchair, Third Eye Blind, and many others.

CNY Day 2 & OOTD

So it’s CNY Day 2 on 11th February 2013, and with my new obligatory Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post.

uniqlo oxford shirt, padini cropped slim fit pants, suede loafers

Top – Light purple Oxford shirt by Uniqlo
Bottom – Skinny-fit cropped pants by Padini
Shoes – Red suede loafers by Tomaz

I love my Uniqlo Oxford shirts because it’s not hot even though it’s kinda thick. And like any Oxford should be, it’s easier to take care, wrinkle-wise.

I could never imagined that I would like this cropped pants so much. It’s slightly baggy on the crotch area but it’s skinny-fit on the legs, which I had to get one size bigger of my usual size.

My red loafers are comfortable as ever, nuff said!

Introducing the Yat’s family – my dad, my younger sisters, and my adorable few months old nephew.

This Michelin-kid brings a lot of laughter in the family. Get a kid to brighten up your family, especially on CNYs! :D

CNY Day 1 & Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

It’s first day of Chinese New Year and it’s always the same thing happened in Kuala Lumpur.

Woke up around noon, went out to the Chinese coffee shop nearby my house for lunch. The shop has never failed open for business every year during CNY from day 1 til 15th.

Being a true KL-ian who have no ‘hometown’ to head back, CNY is just another holiday for me, and probably the same to a lot of other KL-ians as well, apart from receiving angpows.

Anyhow, I think I’ll randomly start this girly stuff called Outfit Of The Day, shortformed OOTD. From what I see, not many guys, or probably very few guys, who would do this.

I guess I will do this just for the sake of showcasing my Uniqlo indulgence. For your information, guys do love shopping, too.

So here’s my first OOTD post.

*My sister and I*

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