3rd Nuffnang Cheque In 4 Years

It’s the third time I clicked on the “Cashout” button and I’ve only waited for about 6 weeks, the most..

I got my first ever Nuffnang cheque in early May 2009 and my second cheque of almost the same amount as the first one few weeks before CNY 2010, which I didn’t blog about..

This time, clicked on 29th September 2010, waited for about 5 weeks I guess, an envelope reached my doorsteps on 2nd November 2010..

*Mail to : Yat dot dot*

Having received 2 cheques before, I could recognize the envelope and the weight of it, roughly..

I tore the envelope like Conan The Barbarian did to his enemy or any predator would do to its prey..

*My cheque*

I know the amount is not as much as my previous 2 cheques due to the drastic drop of traffic on my blog so that’s the reality..

And I would even say some newbies are probably earning more than me who has blogged since 2004..

Well it’s okay, it’s just a side income that I ripped off from my past-time anyway..

But of course, who would say no to more and more earnings, right?

*Money monay*

Now that I’ve got my money, it’s time to pay off my debts! My webhost and my domain other things of course..

Hopefully the remaining few tens could be used in Uniqlo at Fahrenheit 88 :P

Maybe not these few days as it’s still superbly crowded..Should hit it during the weekdays :D

Happy blogging everyone!

Paramore Live In Kuala Lumpur @ National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Malaysia

On 19th October 2010, I got a pair of tickets for Paramore Live In Kuala Lumpur at National Stadium Bukit Jalil and it’s all thanks to Tune Talk and Nuffnang for the Rock Zone tickets..

Most of all, want to thank Ginny for passing me her pair of tickets and it’s the second time in this year already! She gave me her Stereophonics “This Feeling” Live Gig at KL Live tickets too! :D Now everyone go give her some hits :P

Okay back to the topic..I’ve never really been a fan of Paramore, having only listened to 3 songs on the radio..

But being a rock fan me (or whoever it is), I wouldn’t say no to free tickets! Thanks again Ginny..My treat next time :D

*L>R – Yours truly, Daphne, Derryk, Lisan, Joshua*

Bumped into Lisan and Derryk while staring at the long queue for the numbered seats..

*Long queue*

Lucky for Rock Zone revelers, the entrance is on the other side and we didn’t have to queue at all! Also thanks to Michelle for passing the tickets to me :D

By the way, all photos with my watermark and Youtube videos are all snapped and recorded using Blackberry Torch 9800..

Sorry for the bad quality as I’m still trying to explore its functions and was trying to get the best out of it..

*Crowd at 7.30pm*

We were treated with local acts for the opening, Y2K, their songs are pretty unique I would say, a combo of Slipknot and Paramore style..Yeah, you tell me..

Paramore went on stage at about 8.30pm and they were readied to rock!

Their opening set, “Ignorance” was energy-filled and I started to get into the mood already..


Like I said I wasn’t a true fan of Paramore bu I must say, their opening set has had got me into them and was asking for more from them..I just smirked as a sign to agree to myself..

Hayley Williams the lead vocalist, was very energetic throughout the whole concert..She was running to the left and to the right of the stage without sounding exhausted on the mic!

You want more I know..Just continue to read on with 3 more videos waiting for you :D

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Nuffnang Ogawa @ Pavillion

Last week on 12th August 2009, Ogawa brought about a group of bloggers for a get-together dinner to introduce its new massage chair..

First we were treated with dinner at TGI Friday’s in Pavillion, buffet style..

A brief introduction by Robb and Ogawa rep about what can be expected on that night..Sounds fun..

*Thomas sharing his thoughts*

After the dinner, the whole bunch was split into 2 groups..One group headed to the Ogawa shop and another stayed to play some games, which I was in the second group..

*Ogawa EyeTune*

The two eventual winners, Pamsong and JunJun-Riko, walked home with an Ogawa EyeTune, an eye massager with a built-in MP3 player..

Then it’s our group’s turn to try out the massage chairs! Wooo hooo..

*That’s me trying out Smart Mate and Jun trying out Sensual*

The one I’m trying, Ogawa Smart Mate, has Dual Action Massage Mode, which combines kneading and tapping actions together with simultaneous rolling actions to work on the body’s main reflex points..

It also has Air Bag Massage, a total of 10 air bags concentrated on the calve and leg areas and 2 on the seats to relieve aches and tiredness on the lower body and legs..The Vibration Mode also gives almost the same function as the Air Bag Massage..

Ogawa Sensual, is a massage chair that is targeted on patients suffering from myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism..

The massage chair has the benefits of prevents computer-related ophthalmic diseases, soothes osteoarthritis, and restrains neurasthenia, helps improve sleep quality..

Move along to see the newest massage chair in their product-line..

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Nuffnang Standout Party With Tiger @ HQNine

Two weeks ago, Nuffnang once again organized another party, after the recent Maxis Music Bash and the joint collaboration of LG Party, came Standout with Tiger Beer..

The theme was quite easy, but it’s really hard if you planned to win some prizes and all coz standout is very blunt and has a vast option of being standout among the standouts..

Again, not having enough time to get some really standout costume, I’ve just decided to play with my long hair a bit..

I donned a double ponytail with my hair and I guess I was already standout among the guys..How often do you find a guy with double ponytail?

Liang again was the emcee for the party, but this time he has a co-emcee, that is Jojo Struys, the host, singer, actor, whatever..

*Liang and Jojo*

I must say they made quite a partnership emcee-ing together..One, who is already very familiar with Nuffnang events, another one who is very experienced in hosting shows and all..

*Jojo Struys and I*

Being a newbie as a Nuffnanger, I must say Jojo made quite an effort to talk around with other people despite her celebrity status..

Something I’m quite surprised and actually looking forward to..LOL~!!

*Vivien and I*

Vivien was there with the boyfriend, Dexter..I want to applaud her for her bravery in telling the other fella to buzz off, or something like that..Nice~~..

*Su Ann a.k.a Pinkpau*

Su Ann is back in Malaysia and wil be staying for 3 months then head back to The States to resume her study..

It’s been quite some time since our last supper at Steven’s Corner eh..Shall we? LOL~!!

*Flora and Kristine*

I don’t know why but people seemed to be amazed with my double ponytail..

I know right, not many guys have double ponytail..I’m just standout wtf..

*Kimberlycun, Mellissa, and KY*

That’s Kimberlycun, my biao jie giving me lessons on how to pick up gwai lous..Unfortunately, there was only one gwai lou in the party..

Mellissa, came back from Melbourne and KY will be busier than ever..LOL~!!!

I shall skip all the stories which I bet you’d already read them somewhere else..I’ll just share the pics I’ve snapped on that night..Continue for more random pics..

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My First Ever Nuffnang Cheque In 2 Years

I’d pressed the “Cash Out” button in 28th March 2009 in my Nuffnang account..

It’s my first time ever doing so in 2-years time, since I joined Nuffnang back in 28th February 2007..

Yes, I’m Nuffnang’s first few tens members, now that they have more than few tens of thousands members, or maybe blogs registered under their umbrella..


I’m a proud Gliterrati, the name for a so-called exclusive Nuffnang member (without putting in any other local or SEA ads in your blogs), for so many years..

Okay, I lied..I did joined the “dark side” for quite some time before I decided to become exclusive, because the “dark side” had been conning people, I mean, bloggers..

And my decision proved me right and no regrets at all..I enjoyed wonderful privileges by becoming Gliterrati, and I don’t see any reason for any blogger out there would want to join, or even try to join the “dark side” for few days..

Okay, about my first ever Nuffnang cheque..I wouldn’t say it’s a very big amount, since it stretched back to February 2007, but I must say it took a lot of effort to reach that amount..

A lot of newbie bloggers thought that earning side incomes by blogging is very easy and some even thought that should be paid at least half, if not as much, as the so-called pro-bloggers earned..

Honestly, making money through blogging is much easier now compared to few years back..

But then again, it depends on how much effort you put in and how patient you are in making money through blogging..

Some people got so frustrated when they earn nothing after joining Nuffnang (or even the “dark side”) for say, 3-4 months..

Or maybe some said they earn peanuts after putting in the effort and all after so many months..

Sit down and think again..Does your blog has HIGH traffic like kennysia.com? Does your blog has UNIQUE or ORIGINAL content like some pro-bloggers out there?

I’m sorry to say that if you plan to start up a blog JUST to make money, NO, you won’t have that much of readership or original content..

Because you are blinded by the monetization concept and all you do is copy and paste other people’s content, and complain you are earning peanuts..

Reality check, you might just have slightly more than 10 unique visitors daily..Okay I’ll give you more, but not more than 40-50 unique visitors daily..

How can you complain that you are earning peanuts, if you want to compare with the likes of kennysia.com or many other so-called pro-bloggers?

But then again, I know, it’s actually a win-win situation where you give the advertisers a space for the ads, and of course the advertisers have to pay back (royalty) the bloggers for lending out the space..

It depends how much effort you put in and all coz logically, advertisers would want to advertise in a space that has more readers than the one that has none..

Even if for you, if you are an advertiser, for sure you want your product to be advertised in a space that has high readership..

But then, I would say you didn’t lose anything when you get to go to so many movie premiere screenings and events, all for FREE~!!

Okay, back to my cheque again..I knew it’s about time for my cheque to arrive my mailbox anytime now coz it needs slightly more than 1-month for the cheque to arrive, provided that you cash out at the end of the month (applies to Gliterrati ONLY), where in my case, I cashed out on 28th March..

So by calculation and assuming that the cheque won’t get lost while it’s on its way here from Pos Malaysia, it’s right about now..

And I was right..

*My letter*

I’m not sure whether the letter is from Nuffnang but the possibility is very, very high..

So I opened the letter..

By the way, for those who didn’t know, Yat is my surname :)

*Cheque statement*

As expected, my first ever Nuffnang cheque is here..Wheeeeeee~~!!!!

Okay, this is just the statement..The real cheque is here..

*Money money money*

Yes that’s right, RM1,107.89..

Like I said, the amount might not be a lot since it’s a duration of 2-years earnings, but it’s the effort that pays..

Really, some people thought I earn a lot and making fast money..I can honestly tell you that I put in a lot of effort and patience..

Don’t believe me? Right-click on the image below to view the larger image..That’s my entire earning of RM1,107.89..

*My 2-years long effort pays off*

To see my patience, see the bottom part when I first joined Nuffnang..See how much I got paid..

Few cents or even RM1-2 for the first month or so? I didn’t even write complaint mail..

No ads appeared in my blog? I didn’t even write complaint mail..

Why I know? Because I’ve heard it from few acquaintances and friends that they actually HAVE friend(s) whom wrote a complaint mail and were sent into Nuffnang’s helpdesk..I was like wtf???

The problem with money-minded bloggers nowadays, is they think that Nuffnang MUST pay them after they have registered with Nuffnang..

IMHO, I must say that Nuffnang doesn’t owe you anything, coz you are signing up for free..

BUT, Nuffnang does owe you your cash-out cheque IF you are able to press that “Cash Out” button..

And I must say that Nuffnang WILL pay the bloggers, albeit how much they cash out..

If the cheque doesn’t arrive your mailbox, it’s not Nuffnang’s problem..It’s either the bank, or Pos Malaysia problem..

You cash out, they gaodim the procedure and all, the delivery part is the responsibilities of the bank (HSBC) and Pos Malaysia..

Yes you can write in INQUIRY mail to get Nuffnang check your cheque status, should the cheque not reach your mailbox in say, 2-months time (provided you are Gliterrati)..

Hope more people understand this and also, if there’s no ads or so-called business, it’s not because Nuffnang is having a hard time to survive..

But it’s all depends on advertisers..Nuffnang is just another advertising agency..If advertisers decided to cut down on cost, it’s not even Nuffnang’s fault..

Blame the global economic crisis, will ya?

That’s when you seldom see ads appearing in your blog..Open up your mind and think..You are not only study to pass the exam but also to make you think logically..

Last but not least, THANK YOU NUFFNANG~!!!!!

Nuffnang Music Bash 09 Powered By Maxis Broadband @ Maison – Contests & Games

Make love, not war..Check out Red Carpet if you have not..

Okay, here’s what we got from the games and contests..

By the way, I went as John Lennon okay..Some came up to and asked, “Who are you ah?”..I stared cock at them..How can you not recognise the hippy style?!?!

Okay fine..One came up to me and said to me, “Are you a Red Indian??”..I stared cock him as well..I mean, which part of me look like Red Indian, other than the head band..

Then, Germaine asked me, “Are you Pocahontas??”..I was like WTF~?!?!! Which part of me look like Pocahontas and which of Pocahontas looks like music celebrity to you??? =_______=

Photos credit to Aaron, by using Andrew‘s Nikon D300..

Not any great games as compared to previous events but I must say that it’s relatively relevant to its theme, Music Bash..

So everything that we’ve played, we’ve done, we’ve enjoyed, we’ve laughed, all based on music thingy..

So first off, Liang picked up 6 contestants, 3 girls and 3 guys, to compete in the sing-your-lung-out contest wtf..

*The participants and Liang the funny guy*

Well, not that I know who are they, I only know Bryan and Zach, and the eventual winner for guys was Bryan and the winner for female was Natalie..

They won a pair of sunglasses from…..I don’t know what brand is that..Ask them yourself..

Then, another game went on..Another 4 participants went up the stage..

They were Jeffro, Jason, Hitomi, and, the girl in that sexy dress, I’ve forgotten her name..Yvonne or something? LOL wtf..

*Jason and Jeffro showing their thang*

Okay, the catch was, they have to follow the dance or the moves in the MTV of Single Ladies by Beyonce..See the screen on the background..

*Hitomi and the other girl, is it name Yvonne?*

Even Hitomi couldn’t resist laughter and all coz it was so funny and hilarious that the whole club laughed at it..

*Liang doing it..Then Evelyn and Ben went on stage*

The Liang gave another chance to other bloggers and it was Evelyn and Ben’s luck to win an Armani belt..Is it Armani? Or CK? Forgotten..Bummer..

Okay, it proves that Evelyn did better than the other two and Jeffro still kicked ass..Ben, apa la luuuu..

More about The Nuffnang All Stars, Jai Ho dance, and most rationale reason why I got nominated for Best Impersonator..

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