Aaron’s Birthday Cum 2008 NYE Celebration – Finale, Crazy Games And Aftermath

I’m still in CNY mood now but I have yet to receive photos from my friend’s cam..So yeah, I have to turn back time and update my blog on some old stuff..

After all, it’s my journal and it’s my record..I can write anything and whatever at anytime..But of course, I want those photos from my friend’s cam badly :(

Well, a little bit of recap..We had a joint celebration of Aaron‘s birthday and 2008 New Year’s Eve celebration at Duta Vista, in Jalan Duta..

It’s a time sharing service apartment so it’s quite a private place to hang out with your group of friends..

We played games and all where you can check them out in Part 1, 2, and 3..

At about 2am or so, some people got tipsied and some had to leave because it’s getting late or whatever..

Then the 2 special surprise guests arrived, Earl Ku and Wan Shen..

As expected, with the presence of Earl Ku, things would’nt turn out to be simple and easy..Things got kinky and a bit nasty..

So to make the drinking game more challenging and nasty, we played truth or dare..

Photos thanks to David..

*Wan Shen and birthday boy downing the Black Label*

Aaron was being dared to down the Black Label for 5 seconds and he did it more than that, like about 7 seconds..You’re da man..

*Aaron get kissed by Wan Shen and Earl Ku with the porn*

Then we dared Wan Shen to give Aaron a peck on the cheek..

Then we were running out of ideas, we just dared Earl Ku to carry the laptop around, with porn being shown, put it beside the ear of those people who were sleeping..

*I’m forced to let off my hair to be a girl and ambush by Earl Ku when I am pee-ing*

Being a bit tipsy, I was forced to let off my hair and pretended like a girl just for the sake of taking this photo wtf..

Then when I was in the toilet wee wee-ing, I definitely locked the door and god knows why, the lock is spoilt..

Earl Ku was able to unlock it without effort and pulled my pants down while I was wee wee-ing..

Check out the video of Wan Shen taking off her bra, Joshua drawing out the shape of his dick, and more of the aftermath..

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Aaron’s Birthday Cum 2008 NYE Celebration – Part 3, Countdown

So here comes the counting down part, where we played games and had lotsa fun before the needle stroked 12-midnight..

After cutting the cake we played Bing Bang Wah till I joined in, as I was enjoying my KFC before midnight..

Mind you, I had 4-5 pieces of KFC in less than an hour..LOL..

*Me stalking from the stairs to get some nice views*

Well I was hungry when I reached the place so I savoured myself on the KFCs and other foods..

It’s not good to drink with empty stomach..Always always eat before you drink or, eat while you are drinking..

*We play Bing Bang Wah*

*Everyone having fun~!!*

Here’s how we played Bing Bang Wah and get tipsy shit..Do take note that Zeo didn’t drink a single sip of alcohol at all..


When the needle stroked 11.55pm, we stopped playing and regain consciousness before the countdown begun..

*A toast for new year 2009*

Here’s a short clip that I’ve video recorded the moment when we were counting down..


After that, we continued with our games and everyone got high and dry..

*Some gets really tipsy, and some gets really high*

They were setting up each other to get them to drink..It got a bit havoc at times, it was funny though..

The moment of high and tipsiness got one into blurriness thus making them lagged in their movements..

That’s the time where we can laugh at each other without embarrassment at all..

*Faces of the people before they KO*

We had so much fun but most of them can’t really take it anymore..

Most of them left the place before 2am and that’s the time when I was just about to get energized..

That’s all for second round of games, where the first round was before the cutting cake session..

Next up would be the third round of games where mystery guests arrived..

Aaron’s Birthday Cum 2008 NYE Celebration – Part 2, Aaron’s Birthday

Okay, a bit of recap to continue my New Year’s Eve celebration..Yeah I know it’s like damn late as the Lunar New Year is already here..

Anyway, after half of the people got tipsy, we proceeded to celebrate Aaron’s birthday before the clock strikes 12-midnight to celebrate the New Year..

*Aaron’s birthday and the paparazzi*

That’s his birthday cake from Baker’s Cottage and I didn’t get to try it coz while everyone was eating the cake, I was busy eating KFC..LOL~!!

*Some of the people*

*Birthday boy make a Toyota wish*

Here’s a video that I’ve recorded during the birthday song and some crappy birthday bash..


More photos ahead..

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Aaron’s Birthday Cum 2008 NYE Celebration – Part 1, Pre-Party

Okay I know this is a super delayed entry but what the heck..I’m just sharing my moments in my blog so it doesn’t matter when I post it right?

After all, my schedule is a bit packed now..No thanks to the new sem in my uni..All things screwed up..Sigh..

Anyway, here’s a bit intro of my 2008 New Year’s Eve celebration party..It’s a joint-celebration of NYE and Aaron’s birthday, which falls on 31st of December..

Like in 2007, Aaron rented a room in Duta Vista and it was quite a havoc..

In 2008, it was quite a different crowd but things were still happening..LOL~!! We are all crazy bunch wtf..

A little of preview what we had in Duta Vista before the havoc began..

*A duplex apartment*

*The many many things before havoc starts*

*Lots of food for cravings*

Now, for about 30 plus people, we had 4 barrels of KFC, don’t know how many sticks of satay, don’t know how many pairs of chicken wings, a whole big bowl of fried linguini, a plate of sandwiches, a plate of cocktail sausages, and some junk food..

Drinks, we had around 10 bottles of Coke, more than 5 bottles of Sprite, about 3 bottles of Kickapoo, more than 1 carton of mineral water, and about 10 packs of ice cubes from 7-11..

Alcohol wise, whole carton of Heineken beers, , 2 bottles of Black Label, 1 bottle of Chivas, 1 bottle of Smirnoff, 1 bottle of Bacardi Apple, 1 bottle of Absolut Kurant, 1 bottle of Absolut Vanilla, and about 3 more bottles which I’ve forgotten what are them, and a bottle of red wine..

*Eat and play games*

*Chor Tai Di*

As usual, we played drinking games and few of them got tipsy-ed at about 11pm, and I reached that place at about 10.30pm..

But of course, I held myself back to not get drunk THAT fast this time, after a bad experience on Xmas’ Eve at Sri Cempaka..

I kept on eating KFC until about midnight, and I had a total of 4-5 pieces in just one hour..And yes, I had my dinner at home before i went there..

*The shuffler*

*Mini electronic Domo-kun*

*Me and newly wed couple Zeo and wife*

The newly wed husband and wife were more anticipated this in 2008, compared to 2007..LOL~!!

But of course, they didn’t had any alcohol in the games..All they had was just mineral water and soft drinks..Very resistive I must say :P

Anyway, more to come on Part 2..