Peranakan Platter @ D’Cuisine, Plaza 33

Had a scrumptious lunch the other day at D’Cuisine at somewhat new office building, Plaza 33 at Petaling Jaya. It’s located just beside Jaya 33.

D’ Cuisine is a fusion restaurant, featuring Malaysian unique dishes in a modern way, such as your local Nyonya curry noodles with salmon, and mustard and herb crusted baked chicken among others.

I ordered the Peranakan Platter aka nasi lemak Peranakan that comes with steamed coconut rice, chicken thigh, and prawn in their very own sambal sauce.

dcuisine peranakan platter

The steamed coconut rice is very fragrant that I can eat the rice alone without any condiment or dishes.

The chicken thigh is pretty crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The sambal prawn is another flavourful condiment that goes very well with the coconut rice.

Price wise, D’Cuisine is slightly on the high side where this plate is RM25. I wouldn’t mind returning for other stuff but maybe restricted to celebration meals only. That’s just me.

Jalan 223 Nasi Lemak Panas With Luncheon Meat

Normally I played futsal at Section 14, PJ on Thursday nights..

In recent months I’ve been skipping games and only turned up for an average once a month :P

After burning all the calories and what not, I’ll add in some protein and some carbs from Jalan 223..

Yes, you read that right, it’s none other than the famous Jalan 223 Nasi Lemak Panas..

Take away or bungkus is an option but I don’t want to sit there all alone, unless I have company..

This is the delicious nasi lemak panas bungkus from Jalan 223, RM1,20 per pack..

There is a slight ‘advantage’ eating it at home..

At the Medan Selera you can have otak-otak to go with the nasi lemak..When it’s at home..

I get to add few slices of pork luncheon meat to go with the nasi lemak!

It was some leftovers from the dinner I’ve had before I went to futsal..

Who’s up for another round of 223 Nasi Lemak Panas? :D

Nasi Lemak @ San Peng

I’ve been eating supper for almost everyday for the past 2-3 weeks and the food has been great..

One night, being a bit adventurous, Joshua (from Kepong), Ren (nearby my house), and I went to Jalan San Peng for the night Nasi Lemak..

A non-halal nasi lemak..Yes you read me, non-halal, operated by Chinese..

A bit on the history, the nasi lemak stall has been there for around 20 years if not mistaken..Or maybe longer..

The fame of this Chinese nasi lemak has stretched back to the days of my primary school..

It’s situated in the middle of some old shoplots in Jalan San Peng..You know Jalan Loke Yew’s Hung Kee wantan mee?

This nasi lemak is just behind the shoplots on the opposite of Hung Kee, nearby Tsun Jin Independent High School..Just turn in from the Shell station and head to the back alleys..

It only opens in the evening, until around 2-3am..

*The nasi lemak stall and us*

Lots of varieties of dishes have to offer to its customers, from pork luncheon meat, to curry chicken, egg, long beans, cuttlefish, and few more to choose..

The most important thing about this nasi lemak stall is the sambal..The sambal is to die for!

But if you cannot handle hot and spicy food, do handle this sambal with care..

*Joshua’s nasi lemak*

Nasi lemak with egg, luncheon meat, curry potato, and the usual ikan bilis (anchovies) and sambal..

This plate alone costs Joshua about RM3.70 is not mistaken..

*Ren’s nasi lemak*

Curry chicken drumstick, chicken liver (or something), egg, long beans, and the usual ikan bilis (anchovies) and sambal..

This plate costs Ren about RM7-8..The expensive thing is the chicken drumstick..

*My nasi lemak*

Nasi lemak with an egg, luncheon meat, long beans, and sambal..It costs me about RM3.70..

That night I wasn’t really hungry but after finished the plate of nasi lemak with the hot “stimming” sambal, I felt like having another plate..

But I held back because it was already 1.30am at that time..

Now I feel like going there to eat again..Hungry~~..