Converse Get Loud Competition

Converse Malaysia has recently launched an online campaign and music video competition across their social media platforms.

Keeping true to the spirit of rock n’ roll music which is in line with the global campaign of Sneakers Get Loud, Converse will be allowing the new talents to be heard throughout the nation on top of giving away up to RM20,000 in cash and prizes through the “How Loud Can You Get” video competition which requires bands and musicians alike to submit their videos to Converse which will be voted by the community.

The highest voted bands will be playing live at the Get Loud Tour Finale on October 6th.

The local rock scene is nothing but quiet these days with bands coming out of all around the country making it to international concerts and festivals.

None of these would’ve happened without the hard work and determination of the Malaysian rock community that kept it real and getting loud through the airwaves and rock shows.

This year, Converse Malaysia celebrates such talents by hosting a music series across 3 major cities in the Peninsular along with some well-known lineups in the rock scene.

The full list of dates and lineups are:

14 Sept 2013, Sky Terrace @ Penang Hill – Tres Empre, Maddthelin, Hello, Is This the Band?, Second Whisper, Sepatu 69 and Memoirs of Veronica

21 Sept 2013, Cheers Bar & Grill @ Danga Bay, Johor Bahru – Tres Empre, Maddthelin, Classmates, Priceless Stupid Box, Never Ending Threats and Medinee

6 Oct 2013, Laundry Bar@ The Curve, KL – Massacre Conspiracy, Subculture, Azure for Jane, The Padangs and special appearance from 3 Get Loud video contenstant finalists

Details about the “How Do You Get Loud” video competition can be found on Converse Malaysia Facebook Page and the competition runs from now until 30th September 2013.

Kings of Leon – Come Around Sundown

Kings of Leon, one of the alternative rock bands that is still going strong, IMHO..

Kings of Leon have existed since 1999 where the band of families, 3 siblings and a cousin, released their first album, Youth and Young Manhood in 2003..

*Taken from Google Images*

Their major breakthrough success was in 2008 with their 4th album Only By The Night with tracks like “Sex of Fire” and “Use Somebody”..

They have changed much on their image from the old-school long haired rock band into something clean and neat but still can rock the house down!

Recently they have released their 5th album called Come Around Sundown, it definitely relieved my inner side of a rock-lover when pop-rock and pop-punk is regular on the airwaves in the past couple of years..

First single of the album, “Radioactive” is a tune that reflects Kings of Leon‘s style from Only By The Night album..I love this track very much..

Other tracks which have the similar rhythm of that such as “The End”, “The Immortals”, and “Pyro” might interest you as well before you venture into something else in the album..

A bit of country influenced in “Back Down South” and “Birthday”, which are pretty good nevertheless..

On something slow, “Pickup Truck”, “The Face”, and “Mi Amigo” are kinda enjoyable too..

I think one of their main attractions is the voice of the lead vocalist, Anthony Caleb Followill..

Their music style is no doubt an attraction in its own rights, which of course not all might agree to it..

Others like “Mary”, “Beach Side”, “Pony Up”, and “No Money” make up the remaining tracks for the album that consists of 13 tracks..

Overall it’s a good album if you wish for something that isn’t too radio-friendly..

I would give it a decent 7.5/10 for the 90′s reminiscence..

DiGi Music Unlimited – All-American Rejects

In 2009, the international artistes in the local music scene have been tremendously improved in terms of line-ups, as compared to previous years..

Take a look at the line-ups in 2009 music highlights, Jamiroquai at F1 After-Party, DJs of Armin van Buuren at Zouk KL, Ferry Corsten at Freedom, and the recent Hennessy Artistry’s Fatman Scoop and Ying Yang..

*I was at
Zouk KL for Armin van Buuren*

That’s not all, Black Eyed Peas and Akon are scheduled to perform at Sunway Lagoon as well..

Music has never been enough in our daily life, what’s more that the most iconic singer on earth, Michael Jackson has passed away on 26th June 2009..

Now that music has become a part of our life, fret no more..

DiGi Music offers an unlimited music download via its phone or PC ..What’s offered and how to get it started?


With just RM5/month with first 30 days trial for FREE, you get to download unlimited songs every song!

Not only that, every month you get to keep 5 Digital Rights Management (DRM) free songs for unlimited time! Yes! Forever! You can check out songs available HERE..

Now that’s like at least a quarter of what I have to pay for a CD~!! And most importantly, it is LEGAL~!!!


Furthermore, you can download the songs in 2-ways, that is either to your phone or to your PC..You can listen to your favourite songs either on your powerful small ear-plug or blasting it on your surround speaker..

And to make it work, you can get it started via Web (PC) or SMS (Phone)..

For PC, just log on to and subscribe to Unlimited Music, while for the phone, SMS ON MUSIC to 2000 and click on the WAP Link received..

Now that suits me very much..I can listen to my phone when I’m out, and also on my PC when I’m home..I guess I’ll listen to it more on my PC as I face my PC more..

I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night..That tonight’s gonna be a good good night~~~

That’s not all..I have some Dirty Little Secret for you guys..

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