MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010 @ Sunway Lagoon

Two weeks ago on 31st July 2010, MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia is back!

Was there with Daphne, Joshua, and Satkuru..Found our way to meet up with Ginny, Vivien, and Natalie..

We got our passes courtesy of Nuffnang yay!

We reached Sunway at about 5-ish-6pm and it’s freaking packed already..The queue was pretty long and we managed to slip in at the front row, cutting our queuing time by approximately of at least 1 hour..

When we were about to show the security our passes, the sky started to give us a heavy downpour, really heavy one..

The organiser was pretty smart to provide the party-goers disposable ponchos..So I kept a few just in case..

So we entered with the poncho on and the party was about to begin with Asia’s VJs taking the control of the stage..

Namely VJ Utt (Thai), VJ Juju (China), and 2 more others whom I can’t really remember coz I don’t have cable TV so yeah, I don’t really watch MTV :P

All the following photos are taken from MTV World Stage Official Website, unless stated..

*The crowd with their ponchos*

The event kickstarted with our very own local pop-rock outfit, Bunkface..

Although some might be bored (people like me :P ) of their songs and antics but it’s undeniable that Bunkface has got the talent to get the crowd moving and a good warm-up before international acts kick in..

*Bunkface getting energetic*

Another thing getting the crowd moving is because of the songs..Bunkface‘s songs are kinda “household” to any music lover who supports local music..


The crowd started to sing along as their songs are pretty familiar to any Malaysian due to its wide publicity and catchy tune and lyrics..


After Bunkface, the crowd took some rest before the Korean girls group Wonder Girls came on stage with their sexy outfits..

IMHO, they speak pretty good English as compared to many other Korean artistes..


Honestly, I don’t know any of their songs other than “Nobody”, but I was pretty entertained with other songs as well..

They were in their signature “Nobody” golden outfit and the crowd started to clap hands, lift up one of their legs, and pointing the person in front of them, you get the drift..

*Singing “Nobody”*

After the Wonder Girls, the event was going down the drain for a while, no pun intended..

It took slightly more than an hour for Tokio Hotel to perform due to “technical difficulties” and the non-stop rain..

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